Fortnite players will go WILD over this collaboration with Razer, it's now my favorite design EVER

Fortnite x Razer complete collection
There's a mouse, headset, mouse pad, and keyboard all with special Fortnite designs. (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Razer has collaborated with Epic Games and its smash hit, Fortnite, to produce a new range of themed accessories for PC gamers. 
  • The range includes the Kraken V3 X headset, DeathAdder V3 Pro mouse, BlackWidow V4 X keyboard, and the Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse pad. 
  • All are adorned with special Fortnite-themed paint jobs that look incredible, and each contains a code for an in-game cosmetic item. 

There once was a time I played a lot of Fortnite. That has long since passed, but it's still one of the most popular games on the planet, and I'm actually surprised it took as long as it has for this collaboration to come to life. 

Razer has partnered with Epic Games to launch a new collaboration of Fortnite themed PC gaming accessories. And let me tell you, they are HOT. I may not play Fortnite anymore, but this is easily my favorite design on any of Razer's hardware to date. 

Hardware wise there's nothing different to the regular models of the Kraken V3 X, DeathAdder V3 Pro, Goliathus Extended Chroma, and BlackWidow V4 X. What's new is the paint scheme, and my word, did they ever knock it out of the park on this one. 

10/10 Razer 👏

This headset looks amazing, and as it's a Kraken, is super comfortable, too.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

All four follow the same color scheme, a blue base with yellow accents. But what really sets is off is the worn, weathered look applied. That is very much my jam. It works so well, and the addition of details such as worn metal and hazard tape just finishes off the look beautifully. 

Sadly, Xbox gamers won't be able to make use of this stuff, since it's all designed for PC. The USB-powered Kraken V3 X does also support PlayStation though, which is a nice bonus if you have one of those. The headset has a little added bonus flare on the ear cups, with Fortnite's infamous Llama glowing in glorious RGB. 

It's the Llama, and it glows! (Image credit: Windows Central)

Where I'm also impressed is that Razer has included some of its top tier products in this collaboration. The DeathAdder V3 Pro is the latest and greatest version of the finest gaming mouse ever made, and a personal favorite of mine. When I game, I always use a DeathAdder. It's been that way for many years, and it'll stay that way until such a time Razer doesn't make it anymore. 

The DeathAdder V3 Pro Fortnite edition is adorned with the blue base, yellow highlights, and that stunning worn metal trimmed with hazard tape look. It's just the business, it really is. 

The best looking version of the best gaming mouse ever made.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The BlackWidow V4 X is a keyboard we rate highly, having most recently raved about the 75% version of the BlackWidow V4 in our review. This is the full-sized BlackWidow V4 X, so you get the numberpad on the side, and it's a wired-only affair. The one I was sent had Razer's yellow switches, which are linear, and probably a good choice for serious gaming. 

I haven't yet used the latest generation BlackWidow, but as a long-term user of the previous generations, it's still one of the absolute best you can get. And in blue, with the trademark Razer Chroma RGB backlighting, it's never looked better. 

The BlackWidow V4 has had a glow up thanks to Fortnite.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

And a little shout-out to the Goliathus Extended Chroma. Already a very good mousepad, and quite large, it'll now certainly stand out against everything else on your desk. 

Pretty striking, no?  (Image credit: Windows Central)

As an additional bonus, each of the items comes with a code in the box for a cosmetic to add to your collection in the game. Don't worry, from what I can tell these aren't Razer exclusive items, they all seem to be cosmetics previously sold in the Fortnite in-game store for V-Bucks. 

So don't get FOMO, and certainly don't go hunting for people to give/sell you the codes. 

So, what about availability and pricing? All of the four Fortnite x Razer accessories will be available to order from today, June 27, with prices as below: 

As you can probably tell, I really like what Razer has done here. But more so that it isn't limited to just it's most affordable products or its most expensive. The range on offer here covers all-round good gear for gamers of all ages, budgets and requirements. 

Sure, getting the full set will still cost a bit, but if you're a Fortnite fiend, there's nothing better. 

Richard Devine
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