Grab one of 2024's best PC indie games at a kingly discount for a limited-time

PC Gaming has seen all kinds of new expected titles rocket up the sales charts and concurrent player records from Palworld to Helldivers 2. Another of these breakout hits is Manor Lords, an early-access indie city-building strategy game that's quickly risen as one of the best-selling titles on Steam, and it's currently on sale at CDKeys for a 29% discount, reducing its MSRP down from $30.19 to $21.39.

Manor Lords | was $30.19 now $21.39 at CDKeys

Manor Lords | was $30.19 now $21.39 at CDKeys

Become a Medieval lord and defend your lands from invading nations and economic crises in the medieval city-builder strategy game, Manor Lords.

💰Price Check: $39.99 on Steam | $29.99 on GOG

Perfect for: Gamers who love complex city-builder/strategy game hybrids that simulate what it is like to be the ruler of a nation, managing resources and fighting off rival countries.

Avoid it if: You're not a fan of this sub-genre and prefer action games, or if you prefer real-time strategy games that focus purely on combat without any city-building management elements.

Become a Manor Lord and conquer the realms

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Manor Lords is an indie title that's been in development for several years, made by a single guy from Slavic Magic named Greg Styczeń. After many years of anticipation and hard work, Greg's labors finally paid off in spades when Manor Lords launched on Steam, Windows, and PC Game Pass in April 2024, quickly becoming one of the best-selling games on the platform with over 170,000 concurrent players.

It is a feat well-deserved, as Manor Lords is one of the best PC games for 2024 we reviewed so far. In this game, you assume the role of Medieval Lord tasked with raising your humble little village into a mighty kingdom that will last through the ages. 

What kind of empire you will create is up to you. You can create a trade-focused nation, trading resources with neighboring kingdoms and defending your people from foreign invaders. Conversely, you can create a full-blown tyrannical empire bent on conquering the realm through warfare.

This game will allow you to do that and more, thanks to its wealth of complex and addictive city-building management systems that will ensure that no two playthroughs are the same. In addition, this game features a simple yet entertaining combat system similar to the Total War franchise, where you will command armies of militia soldiers and engage enemies in epic large-scale battles for control of the land.

This game may be in Early Access, but it already feels like a complete package with its mountain of gameplay content and polished performance. Not to mention, there will be more gameplay systems planned to be added in the future, such as full-fledged diplomacy mechanics.

If you're a fan of city-builders, then there's no better to get Manor Lords than right now as CDKeys is offering a special 29% discount for the game, reducing its MSRP from $30.19 now $21.39 at CDKeys. This deal will only be available for a short time, so take advantage of it to grab one of the best PC games of 2024 while it lasts.

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