How to get the Overlord exotic shotgun in The Division 2

Overlord exotic shotgun in The Division 2
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The Division 2 Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue is here and as always, that means new exotic items for Agents to get their hands on.  

Of those, one that we're getting this season is the Overlord. This shotgun is designed to slow enemies down every time you hit them, and with a critical hit damage mod already rolled onto it, it should hit hard, too. 

Like most recently added exotic items in The Division 2, the Overlord is fairly simple to get hold of. And for the first time, the new exotic items are available to all players, with the new combined endgame for everyone, regardless of owning the Warlords of New York expansion or not. 

How to get the Overlord in The Division 2

Overlord is your prize upon reaching level 90.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Overlord can be acquired from the First Rogue season pass on the free track. As already mentioned, you no longer have to own the Warlords of New York expansion in order to get access to the season pass. From Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue, it's available to everyone, alongside all the current endgame modes. 

To get the Overlord, you need to level up your season pass to level 90 out of the 100 levels available. Once you do, you'll be rewarded the item, it really is that simple. 

Once you have the Overlord, the next level on the Season Pass will grant you the blueprint so you can re-roll it as you see fit. It'll just get added to your collection, you won't need to go to the vendor in the Base of Operations to pick it up. 

After the season ends, it's assumed that, as with other exotic items, the Overlord will enter the general loot pool. Targeted farming for shotguns, especially on higher difficulty content, will give you your best shot. 

How to level up your Year 6 Season 1 First Rogue rewards track quicker

Keener's here to test us once again.  (Image credit: Ubisoft)

There’s no definitive correct or incorrect way to go about this, as the community would recommend numerous tactics. The success of a leveling technique depends greatly on your self-assurance and capacity to engage in tougher challenges, which yield greater XP rewards.

A strategy you might consider is engaging in open world activities. While these encounters are brief, ramping up the difficulty level can lead to more XP. It’s wise to avoid the heroic difficulty; sticking to challenging is advisable. This way, you can finish the activities more swiftly, potentially leading to greater overall XP gains over time. Enabling a few directives can further boost your XP without significantly increasing the difficulty of defeating enemies. 

The other method I like to employ is random matchmaking into heroic difficulty missions. You'll usually be dropped into a group of four, sometimes part or almost all of the way into the mission. If there are any directives activated, those will increase your XP gains, giving you a healthy chunk upon mission completion. Finishing heroic missions, even if you're a little lower powered, is pretty speedy in a group of four. Most players in The Division 2 that have been around a while want to get things finished as quickly as they can!

It's also worth keeping an eye on your projects, both daily and weekly, as each of these that is completed yields a sizeable XP reward. The easiest to complete is the weekly SHD requisition, which also rewards you with an exotic cache, simply for donating resources. There is a daily season pass mission, too, and daily rotations relating to locations and factions. Projects will give you basically enough XP to level up a single time, so they soon add up. 

The key is to find something you're comfortable with, that gives good XP and you can complete quickly. When you get into your rhythm, just stick with it, and watch the season pass levels tumble until you get your reward. 

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