Lies of P will soon receive free crossover DLC inspired by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lies of P x Wo Long collaboration
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What you need to know

  • Lies of P will receive free DLC on February 14, 2024, where players will use a weapon and armor taken from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 
  • Team Ninja announces that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Complete Edition, including the base game, its post-launch updates, and DLC content, will launch on February 14, 2024.
  • Lies of P and Wo Long; Fallen Dynasty are hardcore Soulslike action-RPGs. Lies of P was created by NEOWIZ, while Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was created by Team Ninja, the creators of modern Ninja Gaiden games, and Nioh.

Last year, in September 2023, NEOWIZ and Team Ninja announced a collaboration between two of their latest Soulslike action RPGs, Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

The collaboration in question was free DLC for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, granting
players two weapons from Lies of P – the Puppet's Saber and the Etiquette umbrella. 

On February 6, 2024, NEOWIZ and Team Ninja announced the second part of their Lies of P/Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty collaboration. This time, Lies of P will receive free DLC, and it will be gear inspired by Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. 

The free DLC will be a weapon called the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive, an armor set called the Armor of the Honorable, and a cosmetic item called the Bandana of the Honorable. These items will be added to Lies of P on February 14, 2024. 

Two of my favorite Xbox Soulslikes unite for cool, free DLC

As a fan of both games, it feels nice to see Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty still get attention and content updates. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one of Team Ninja's best action games in a long time, with deep and in-depth melee combat, a considerable amount of weapon variety, tough-as-nails bosses, and fun and intuitive multiplayer.

Lies of P was one of my favorite Xbox Games of 2023 and won our "Best Game Pass Addition" award during Windows Central's Best Game Awards 2023. It was an enthralling game that reimagined the tale of Pinnochio into a gritty Soulslike action-RPG adventure featuring an intricate combat system, layers upon layers of character-build customization, haunting locales dripping with atmosphere, and towering foes that are satisfying to fight and conquer.

If you're a fan of Soulslikes and haven't had a chance to check Lies of P or Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, I highly recommend picking them up when you can, as they are some of 2023's best Xbox games that are worth your time and money. You can also check out our review of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and our review of Lies of P to learn more about these and see if they suit your interests.

Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Game Pass. In addition, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Complete Edition has just been released, which bundles together the base game's content and all its post-launch updates and DLC into one definitive package.

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