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While standard base fortifications can accomplish a lot in Minecraft Legends, particularly vicious piglin raids will inevitably break through some of them. This is unavoidable, but one thing you can do to bolster your defenses is build special Power Towers. These unique structures can effectively hinder even the strongest piglin assaults, so using them in critically important battles is a wise idea.

Power Towers aren't available to build right away, as there are a few things you need to do first before you can add them to your bases. Here's an overview of everything you need to know about finding and using Power Towers in Minecraft Legends, including what each ones does and how you can collect and construct them.

What are Power Towers in Minecraft Legends?

A Stun Tower in Minecraft Legends. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Power Towers are unique structures that complement regular base defenses with a variety of special effects depending on which one you choose to build. While they alone won't be capable of keeping the piglin horde at bay, they'll make it much easier for Arrow Towers and friendly mobs to pick enemies off.

Below, we've listed each of the three Power Towers, along with information about their capabilities and resource cost.

  • Stun Tower: Though this tower doesn't actually damage piglins, it periodically stuns them and prevents them from attacking. This makes them easier for your other defenses and troops to pick off. Costs 125 Stone, 100 Coal, and one collected Stun Tower Core.
  • Blast Tower: This tower explosively zaps piglins, heavily damaging them and momentarily stopping them in their tracks. Costs 125 Stone, 100 Redstone, and one collected Blast Tower Core.
  • Frost Tower: This tower slows and freezes piglins, slightly damaging them and significantly impairing their movement. Frost Towers are the most effective crowd control structure you can build. Costs 125 Stone, 100 Diamond, and one collected Frost Tower Core.

How to find and use Power Towers in Minecraft Legends

Yellow question marks like these indicate where you might be able to find Power Towers. (Image credit: Windows Central)

To find and use Power Towers, you'll first need to acquire the Collect Power Towers improvement at the Well of Fate. This upgrade costs 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine, and it does exactly what its name says it will: allow you to collect Power Towers and their cores.

Next, you'll need to search the Overworld for Stun, Blast, and Frost Towers to collect. In our experience, Stun Towers are generally found in biomes with lots of vegetation like Forests or Swamps, Blast Towers are often located in Badlands or Dry Savannah biomes, and Frost Towers are in cold regions such as Tundras. While searching in these areas, keep an eye out for a question mark on your compass or map (see above) and travel to it. There's a good chance that this will be a Power Tower, though it could also be one of the First Golems or the home of a mount you haven't discovered yet.

Once you find a Power Tower, you'll need to deconstruct and collect it with 100 Gold. Once your allays break the tower down, you'll receive its core, which is one of the things you'll need to rebuild it back at one of your bases.

Finally, go to the Structures tab of your Songbook and add Stun, Blast, or Frost Towers to your hotbar to build them. Note that in addition to the aforementioned tower cores, you'll also need some other resources to construct Power Towers (these resource costs are listed in the section above). Another thing to keep in mind is that each individual tower you build is lost permanently if it gets destroyed by piglins, so use and place them wisely.

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Minecraft Legends

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