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While you won't need to use it nearly as much as the other resources in Minecraft Legends, Gold is still a very important material in Mojang Studios' new action-strategy spinoff. With Gold, you can get access to uniquely powerful mobs and structures, as well as some very beneficial upgrades for both your armies and fortifications. Unfortunately, though, the game glosses over the ways in which you can get Gold quickly, leaving some players unsure of how to acquire it.

In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Gold resource in Minecraft Legends. This includes each of the ways you can get it, as well as what you'll be able to use it for once you've gotten some.

Where and how to get Gold in Minecraft Legends

Opening Piglin Chests at the end of outpost raids is one of the two ways to obtain Gold. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Unlike Wood, Stone, Iron, and most other resources, there's no way to gather Gold from the Overworld's various biomes. Instead, stashes of Gold are the spoils of war that you'll collect from the Piglins when you attack their bases and outposts. That means to get Gold, you have to destroy Piglin structures. Note that structures in Piglin mining outposts tend to reward the most Gold, so target them first if your supply is low.

You can also get large sums of Gold as a reward from Piglin Chests. These chests have a chance to appear inside Piglin outposts, and appear on your compass as a chest icon. Note that some Piglin Chests are locked and require a Piglin Key to open, which you can sometimes find when defeating powerful Piglin units.

If you've maxed out your Gold reserves, you won't be able to collect any more until you use some of what you already have. The section below goes over the units and structures you can use your Gold to create. You can also expand your resource storage with Allay Storage improvements, each of which costs you 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, and 10 Gold. Among other things, these upgrades will improve your Gold capacity by 150.

What is Gold used for in Minecraft Legends?

A Blast Tower in the Overworld. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Gold is primarily used for three things in Minecraft Legends: awakening powerful First Golem units, acquiring valuable Power Tower structures, and unlocking a variety of valuable upgrades for certain buildings and your armies of mobs.

Once you've placed the Wake the Firsts and Collect Power Towers improvements at the Well of Fate, you'll get the ability to activate the First Golems and collect the Power Towers found throughout the Overworld. Each First Golem and Power Tower costs 100 Gold to unlock, but doing so is worth it. First Golems are durable super units that will significantly raise the power of your forces, while Power Towers are unique defensive structures that heavily damage or crowd control incoming Piglins with explosives, frost, and stunning shockwaves. Note that while individual Power Towers are lost forever if destroyed, First Golems will quickly respawn at the next Village the player travels to after they're killed.

Additionally, small amounts of Gold are needed for upgrading your Flames of Creation for a larger army of spawned mobs, as well as the max number of mobs you can rally to your side with your Banner and the number of Allays and resources you can have. You'll also need Gold for the Expert Carpentry and Expert Masonry improvements, which are upgrades that make your Carpenters repair buildings faster and your Masons upgrade them with Stone materials faster, respectively.

Minecraft Legends is now available on Xbox, Windows PCs, PlayStation systems, and Nintendo Switch. It's one of the best Xbox games for fans of action-strategy, as it blends base building and unit coordination with hack-and-slash combat and the unique Minecraft charm that players know and love. It fully supports cross-play between every platform, too, and is also accessible through every tier of Xbox Game Pass.


Minecraft Legends

The latest expansion to the Minecraft universe is an addicting blend of real-time strategy and hack-and-slash action, and it's arguably one of 2023's best games despite the way it's been overshadowed by other releases.

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