Minecraft Legends resource locations: How to get Iron, Redstone, Diamond, and more

Minecraft Legends
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Whether you're building defensive fortifications or spawning a battalion of mobs to lead into battle, you'll need plenty of resources to fuel your war effort against the piglins. Thankfully, the Overworld has plenty of materials that you can collect. However, some of these resources are harder to find than others, and some can only be found in specific biomes.

To help you in your quest to thwart the invaders from the Nether, we've gone over everything you need to know about getting your hands on every Minecraft Legends resource in this handy guide. This includes every region each material can be found in, as well as where you'll be able to get large quantities of it quickly.

Minecraft Legends: Wood biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Structures, mob spawners, Plank Golems
  • Biomes: All, especially Jungles and Forests

Wood is the most basic resource in Minecraft Legends, as it's a required material for every buildable structure and mob spawner in the game. Thankfully, in addition to being the most used resource, it's also the most common. You can find trees in almost every single biome, making Wood very easy to collect.

With that said, some biomes have more or larger trees than others, making them the best places to harvest the resource. In our experience, both the Jungle and Forest are the ideal regions to visit if you're in need of some Wood.

Minecraft Legends: Stone biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Structures, mob spawners, improvements, Cobblestone Golems
  • Biome: All, especially Fatelands and Dry Savannahs

Stone is like Wood in that it's used for nearly all structures and mob spawners. Also like Wood, Stone is extremely common, though it's slightly harder to find in large quantities since most biomes only have small boulders to break down.

We recommend heading to the Fatelands area around the Well of Fate for all your Stone needs. This is because this region has tons of gigantic stone structures, and you only need to collect a few of them to max out your Stone capacity. Another great biome to get Stone in is the Dry Savannah, which is often dotted with strange tree-shaped Stone formations.

Minecraft Legends: Iron biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Masonries, Mossy Golems, Grindstone Golems
  • Requires: Collect Iron improvement (100 Stone, 100 Prismarine)
  • Biomes: Forests, Dry Savannahs

Iron is the first "advanced" resource you can get in Minecraft Legends, as purchasing its required Collect Iron improvement at the Well of Fate is part of the game's tutorial. It's needed for the Masonry, a powerful defensive structure that upgrades your wooden structures into stone ones, and also Mossy and Grindstone Golems. The former is arguably the best Minecraft Legends mob unit in the game since it provides strong healing to your other troops, so you should always have a decent amount of Iron available so you can create them.

Iron can be distinguished from other ores by its beige color. It's mainly found in the Forest biome, where you'll often be able to find pockets of it next to rivers and between clumps of trees. It can also sometimes be found in the Dry Savannah biome, so keep an eye out for it there.

Minecraft Legends: Coal biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Kaboomeries, Scatter Towers, Creepers
  • Requires: Collect Coal improvement (100 Stone, 100 Prismarine)
  • Biomes: All (very rarely), especially Badlands and Meadows

While Coal isn't quite as important as Iron, building the Collect Coal improvement and harvesting a lot of it does give you access to some powerful explosive utility in both offensive and defensive situations. When attacking bases, using a few Creeper mobs to blow through structures or dish out heavy damage to Nether Portals is a very effective strategy. Meanwhile, on defense, the Kaboomery structure can be used to buff your fortifications with high-damage explosive projectiles, and Scatter Towers are effective close-range towers that excel when placed in front of your walls or inside your bases as a last line of defense.

Coal can be identified by its black color, and while it's technically possible to find it in every biome, Coal deposits are most commonly located in the Badlands and Meadows regions. The former is the arid desert-like biome where the Creeper Homestead is found, while the latter is a flat and grassy region with trees scattered around the landscape.

Minecraft Legends: Redstone biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Battle Drums, Redstone Launchers, Zombies
  • Requires: Collect Redstone improvement (100 Stone, 100 Prismarine)
  • Biomes: Jungles

Redstone is one of the rarest resources in Minecraft Legends, but it's also incredibly valuable. It can be used to create the Battle Drum building that buffs the attack speed of nearby Arrow and Scatter Towers, as well as the Redstone Launcher that enables you to bombard Piglin infantry and structures with explosive artillery. It's also the material you need to spawn Zombies, which are the best overall melee unit thanks to their effective damage output and large health pool. All of these assets become available once you get the Collect Redstone improvement and gain the ability to collect Redstone.

Most materials can be found in at least two or more biomes, but Redstone is exclusively located in Jungles. Therefore, if you're looking for some, stick to this region specifically.

Minecraft Legends: Diamond biomes and where to get it

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  • Used for: Spyglass Overlooks, Ice Traps, Skeletons
  • Requires: Collect Diamond improvement (100 Stone, 100 Prismarine)
  • Biomes: Tundra, Jagged Peaks

Like Redstone, Diamond is pretty rare, but it's worth getting the Collect Diamond improvement and hunting the resource down if you plan on adopting a very defensive playstyle. It's needed to make Spyglass Overlook structures that significantly extend the range of Arrow and Scatter Towers as well as Redstone Launchers, and it's also used to make Ice Traps that freeze Piglins and make them easier for your other defenses to pick off. Diamonds are also needed to spawn Skeletons, excellent ranged mobs that can fire volleys of arrows over your walls while staying safe behind them.

You'll mainly find Diamond deposits in Tundra biomes, distinguished by its bright blue color. Like Iron in Forests, it seems most commonly located near bodies of water. You can also come across Diamonds in the mountainous Jagged Peaks regions, too. 

Minecraft Legends: Where and how to get Lapis

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  • Used for: Spawning mobs
  • Found by: Killing Piglins

While most materials are used for both building and spawning mobs, Lapis is exclusively used for the latter. Without Lapis, you won't be able to create new units, which will significantly limit your ability to attack Piglin bases or defend Villages from raids.

Lapis is unique in that it isn't something you can harvest from the Overworld. Instead, the only way to get it is by defeating enemy Piglins in combat. If you're running low on it and don't have enough units under your command to take on tougher foes, find some low-tier Piglin infantry to fight and give them a good beating. Village chests can also give you Lapis if your army has been decimated.

Minecraft Legends: Other resources

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Minecraft Legends also has two special types of resources: Gold and Prismarine. Our guides on how to get Gold and how to get Prismarine go into the process of collecting them in-depth, but we'll briefly go over how to get them here as well.

Gold is a rare resource that's important if you plan on using Power Towers and the First Golems, and you'll also need small amounts of it to purchase several improvements at the Well of Fate, too. You'll mainly get it by destroying Piglin structures, but you can also find it when opening the Piglin Chests that sometimes appear after you successfully raid a base or outpost.

Large quantities of Prismarine are needed to get improvement upgrades, making it one of the most important materials in Minecraft Legends. Like Gold, it drops when destroying Piglin buildings and has a chance to drop from Piglin Chests. Additionally, Prismarine is one of the possible rewards from Allay Chests in the open world or Village Chests in friendly settlements.

Minecraft Legends is now available on Xbox, Windows PCs, PlayStation systems, and Nintendo Switch. It's one of the best Xbox games for fans of action-strategy, as it blends base building and unit coordination with hack-and-slash combat and the unique Minecraft charm that players know and love. It fully supports cross-play between every platform, too, and is also accessible through every tier of Xbox Game Pass.


Minecraft Legends

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