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Minecraft Legends
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There are plenty of mobs in Minecraft Legends that you can spawn and command on the battlefield, but the legendary First Golems are in a class of their own. These hulking behemoths are incredibly durable and have unique powers that no other unit in the game can use, making them incredibly helpful whether you're launching a raid against a piglin base or defending a Village from one.

First Golems aren't available to use right away in Minecraft Legends, and you won't be able to call upon them until you find them and have the necessary requirements to add them to your ranks. In this guide, though, we'll go over everything you need to know about the First Golems, including what each of them do and how you can both find and use them.

What are the First Golems in Minecraft Legends?

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First Golems are some of the best Minecraft Legends mob units available in the game, with each one offering unique tactical utility. While they alone aren't capable of handling hordes of piglin troops, they're extremely effective when used to support an army of regular mobs. Since they each only take up one of your Banner's unit slots, there's no reason not to incorporate them into your forces.

There are four individual First Golems that can be found, all of which we've listed below along with each one's capabilities.

  • First of Brick: The First of Brick periodically provides nearby allied mobs with a damage-reducing shield. Useful in situations where you need your units to tank a lot of punishment.
  • First of Oak: The First of Oak is essentially a mobile artillery cannon capable of dealing lots of damage to piglin infantry from afar. Very effective against elite and boss piglins.
  • First of Stone: The First of Stone is capable of throwing massive boulders at piglin structures, dealing extreme damage to them. This makes it an excellent unit to take along when raiding fortified bases.
  • First of Diorite: The First of Diorite can't fight anything directly. However, it spawns a random assortment of friendly mobs periodically that help make up for casualties your army takes in battle.

How to find and use First Golems in Minecraft Legends

Yellow question marks on your map indicate where a First Golem may be located. (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are a few things you need to do before you can take the First Golems into battle. First, you'll need to get the Wake the Firsts improvement at the Well of Fate. This improvement costs 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine, but once it's placed, you'll be able to wake up First Golems you come across.

Now, you have to find the First Golems in the Overworld. While exploring, keep an eye on your compass and your map for a question mark symbol (see the image above) and travel to it. These won't always be dormant First Golems — they might be one of the three different Power Towers you can collect, for example — but there's a solid chance they will be. Question marks will not appear on the map unless you get somewhat close to them in the Overworld. 

When you've discovered a First Golem, the final step is to wake them with 100 Gold and some of Minecraft Legends' other resources like Wood or Stone. Once you've done so, the First Golem will immediately be available for you to command with your Banner.

Note that if one of your First Golems dies or isn't able to keep up with you for whatever reason, they'll instantly respawn at the next Village or Wellhouse that you travel to. If you fast travel to the Well of Fate, they'll also appear there as well.

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