Minecraft's April Fools' joke was so good, people are angry that it isn't real content

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What you need to know

  • Minecraft, released in 2011, is what many consider to be the greatest sandbox game ever created.
  • Today, Minecraft received an April Fool's update, titled the Poisonous Potato Update.
  • Users are calling for the update to remain, while some wish the actual updates were better.
  • Gamers are split, with a few calling it a reskin and noting the upcoming of the 1.21 update as an example.

Minecraft is the most purchased game of all time. Many consider it to be the greatest sandbox game ever created, too. It's been a massive hit since its creation in 2011. Minecraft has been on gaming PCs, consoles, phones, and more for over a decade. Over that time, Minecraft has received quite a few updates. However, in recent years, fans have been faced with some disappointment. 

It's hard not to notice the lack of new content as of late. These letdowns include the unfulfilled promise of the RTX update, the absence of fresh biomes since 1.19, which was released two years ago, and the general consensus among fans that the last genuinely satisfying update was 1.18. With some going even further back to 1.16.

That brings us to today, the Poisonous Potato Update:

    • Poisonous potatoes – LOTS of poisonous potatoes! 
    • A few normal potatoes too! 
    • Added the Poisonous Potato Dimension
      • The homeland of all potato kind
      • Five spud-tastic biomes: fields, hash, arboretum, corruption, and wasteland 
      • Experience the life of a potato – from its inception as a raw potato picked from the fields, through cooked hash browns, to its eventual decay
      • Local weather with a-mashing effects 
    • Added the Colosseum, home to the lord of potato kind... 
    • A whole sack of a-peeling new blocks 
    • Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Niacin! 
    • No new mineral blocks. No need! The blocks themselves contain minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, and Iron! 
    • Added the frying table – everyone asked for it, so we added it. It fries potato things. It's a really nice model! 
    • Added functionality to the fletching table. You can now fletch toxic resin into more refined versions of the resin. 
    • Added impurities because purity is overrated 
    • Added a whole bunch new gadgets that will tune your poisonous potato game up to eleven! 
    • MOBS
    • You get it by now. They’re all poisonous potatoes... 

That's a lot of new content! Although much of it includes reskinned items, it's still awesome to see Mohjang unleash a bunch of cool stuff, however wacky it is. It's such a big hit that a user on X, renegaderelic0 made a post that went relatively viral on the platform. (Yes, I know, they also quoted another viral post!)

Now, there's obviously some split in the community over this. Many users, like Plumfadoodle, say things like, "It's a lot easier to make content for the game when you're just adding random unpolished [stuff], purely retextured things, using the exact same terrain generation, not having to go bug fixing everything, not make sure any of this fits the game and it doesn't need to be here forever." 

On the flip side, the original post has over 33,000 likes and the most liked reply shouting, "This would be so fun if it was in the actual game why do the April Fools' updates have more content than the actual updates that only come out once a year. It's so annoying seeing all this amazing content in an April Fools' update, but in the actual update, we get like one good feature." Referencing the Dimensional April Fools' update from 2021.

Where do you stand on the issue? I'm a little split, given that 1.20 wasn't much, but it's tough to argue with 1.21 around the corner looking absolutely fantastic. In recent years, Mahjong has somewhat earned a meme status with a failure to launch certain updates, or even do anything of significance with something like an Xbox Series X version. Let's hope we see that turning around in the next few updates 

Let us know what you think below or on our social media! As always, happy gaming!

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  • jonzie23
    What's in the update 1.21 that makes it so good though? I know that I can search for it myself, but it would be nice if you could just say it in here.