New details revealed about The Division 2's new Textiles vendor ahead of his imminent arrival

An agent stood by the Theater settlement vendor in The Division 2
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What you need to know

  • Promised in the Season 3 Vanguard reveal stream, The Division 2 will be getting a new  vendor with Title Update 20.1 (TU 20.1), expected to drop on February 20. 
  • Danny Weaver will deal in Textiles, finally giving players a new outlet to spend their amassed currency, given when opening Apparel Caches if you already have the item inside. 
  • According to an in-game update, Danny Weaver will be a wandering vendor that will also sell "new patches." 

Alongside the big reveal of Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard in The Division 2, was a smaller, but not insignificant, piece of news regarding a new vendor coming to the game. 

While not ready for launch, Danny Weaver, the Textiles vendor, is set to arrive with Title Update 20.1 (TU 20.1) which is slated for this upcoming Tuesday, February 20. Ahead of the arrival, further details have been revealed about what we can expect. 

It's all thanks to an in-game update that all players can see if they know to look for it. A tip of the hat to YouTuber Kamikazevondoom for noticing it. To save you loading up the game, I've embedded it below. 

In an updated season primer, details on the new Textiles vendor have been added.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The first thing we learn is that Danny Weaver will be a "wandering vendor." This isn't entirely surprising, so we can expect a situation similar to that of Cassie Mendoza, the Gun Runner, who changes location every week. So there'll be a chase on to find the location. 

Perhaps more interestingly is a detail that wasn't revealed initially, and that's regarding patches. Currently, you can buy some cosmetics using Textiles in the in-game store, such as weapon skins. 

But it appears Danny Weaver is also going to sell patches, giving us some additional arm flair for our agents. This is alongside the mysterious addition of arm patches to the crafting station. 

It doesn't do anything yet, but it looks like we'll be able to make our own patches.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Patches, of course, aren't the only thing we'll be able to buy from the new vendor. As already revealed, each week we'll be able to buy a limited quantity of item caches, covering named items, exotic gear and optimization materials, all in exchange for Textiles. 

So, come Tuesday, we should have our first look at the new vendor and potentially some new cosmetic items. Once we find him, of course. 

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