New Overwatch 2 bug basically gives Sigma Minecraft Creative Mode [Update]

Overwatch 2
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What you need to know

  • A new Overwatch 2 quality-of-life feature auto-casts Sigma's Gravitic Flux Ultimate if enemies are caught in it when its timer runs out.
  • Players have discovered a bug with this mechanic that allows Sigma to fly around the map indefinitely, in a way that's very similar to Minecraft's Creative Mode.
  • The glitch works by aiming a Gravitic Flux outside of a map's playable space and letting its timer run down after using the new auto-cast mechanic with the Ultimate at least once.
  • While it's hilarious, we recommend that you don't use this bug in matchmaking since exploiting bugs violates Blizzard's EULA. Stick to custom games with friends!

Update 5/10/23 at 8:26 p.m. PT / 11:26 p.m. ET: While the developers work to fix this bug, Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller has announced that Sigma has been disabled in Competitive modes.

"Due to a bug caused by our recent patch, we’re disabling Sigma temporarily in Competitive modes," wrote Keller. "We’ll provide an update as soon as we're able."

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Original article:

Recently, developer Blizzard introduced an Overwatch 2 feature that auto-casts Sigma's Gravitic Flux Ultimate if enemy players are caught in its radius when its timer ends. It's a nice quality-of-life feature for fans of the tank hero, as it helps ensure that you'll get value out of the ability even if you're only able to catch someone at the last second. Hilariously, though, players have discovered a bizarre bug with this new mechanic that allows Sigma to infinitely fly around the map.

To perform it, you'll first need to use Gravitic Flux and use this auto-cast on at least one opponent. Then, the next time you have the Ultimate available, aim it outside of the playable space of the map you're on (both the sky and death zones will work). Once the timer runs down, you'll be able to float around forever as if you were perpetually getting ready to cast Gravitic Flux's slam attack. While flying, you can use Hypersphere projectiles, though you won't be able to use any of Sigma's other abilities. The video below by Overwatch 2 content creator Flats shows the glitch in action.

The bug persists even if you get stunned by abilities like Ana's Sleep Dart or an enemy Sigma's Accretion rock, though you'll be unable to control your flight until the stun wears off. Notably, death will cancel the infinite flight effect, though you can restart it after you respawn by once again aiming a Gravitic Flux outside of the map.

Many fans have pointed out that this glitch bears a comical resemblance to Creative Mode from Minecraft, Mojang Studios' best-selling sandbox survival game. After all, it allows Sigma to — like Minecraft Steve in Creative — hover around without animations and go anywhere that isn't blocked off by kill barriers, invisible walls, or skybox limits.

While this is a pretty humorous Gravitic Flux malfunction, I strongly suggest you don't use it in an actual match. Blizzard's EULA states that it may punish players that intentionally use bugs, and even if the banhammer doesn't come down, it's arguably not a very practical exploit anyway. Sure, you can rain down Hyperspheres from ridiculous angles, but the inability to use your Experimental Barrier, Accretion, and Kinetic Grasp means you can't effectively protect yourself or your team. If you're going to use it, it's best to stick to custom games with friends.

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