Palworld Black Marketeer NPC locations and how to buy Pals

Palworld Black Marketeer at Secret Mine.
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One of the most unique and useful Palworld NPCs is the Black Marketeer, a large imposing man in a mask and cape who buys and sells black market goods. You can get some very helpful things from this man, but there are only so many places that the Black Marketeer can be found on the map. 

This page will show you Black Marketeer NPC locations as well as what you can get from him. Plus, I'll explain a trick for how to make him easier to interact with at your base going forward. 

Palworld Black Marketeer locations

  1. Abandoned Mine at Windswept Hills: Go to the Desolate Church fast travel statue and then drop down the cliff where the world around you is full of grass and large rock. Keep following the path north until you see a large overhanging rock. You'll find the Abandoned Mine under the overhang with torches set up near the entrance. Wander through the mine to get to the Black Marketeer. (Mine entrance: 35, -418)
  2. Fort Ruins hillside: Go to the Fort Ruins fast travel statue and then head down the stairs and head west. Cross over the larger wooden bridge going over the river and head right along the water. When the stone on your left turns to shorter mossy cliffs, head up. Pass the dungeon cavern on your right and you'll find the Black Marketeer standing on a green hillside. (142, -360) 
  3. Duneshelter: Head to the Duneshelter fast travel statue and then walk north of the large building. You'll find the Black Marketeer standing and staring at the cliff drop before him.  (350, 367)
  4. Secret Mineshaft in the desert: From Duneshelter fast travel point, run east across the desert and into the canyon created by the massive cliffs. Take a right at the fork and you'll find the mine with torches around it against the eastern cliff face. Wind your way through the mine and you'll find the  Black Marketeer stationed within. (Mine entrance: 494, 343)
  5. End of the Beach: Go to the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel statue and then head south until you can drop down onto a beach. The Black Marketeer is standing next to a big rock with his back to the ocean. (-795, -630)

What to do with the Black Marketeer

You can purchase or sell Pals at a Black Marketeer. (Image credit: Windows Central)

As his name implies, this NPC buys and sells contraband on the black market. In other words, you can buy and sell Pals from him. His prices are usually pretty steep, but it can be an easier alternative than combing the map for a specific creature. It's also worth noting that his prices can differ from day to day, so you might get a better deal one day over another.

Though controversial, if you have managed to catch a human NPC, you can also sell them to the Black Marketeer. So what does the Black Marketeer do with the things you sell him? From the things he says, it seems likely that he eats them. 

If you are high enough level, you can catch a Black Marketeer. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Now, if you find yourself wanting to interact with a Black Marketeer often, then you might just want to catch one. Black Marketeers are typically either Level 40 or Level 50, so if you are high enough level yourself, you can attempt to catch one and bring them back to your base where they will continue to sell Pals to you. 

If this is something you want to do, I suggesting fighting the Black Marketeer first to get his health low. Then throw your highest-ranked Pal Spheres at him until he is caught. Remember. If you are too low level, you won't have any chance of catching him.

Palworld Black Marketeering

The Black Marketeer in the desert Secret Mine.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

We've left kiddie land and ended up in a more challenging creature collecting game that's all about survival. A big part of Palworld is catching different creatures and attempting to get enough Gold and resources to keep yourself safe, but this isn't always the easiest task. But with the help of our creepy neighborhood Black Marketeer, you can do these things faster. 

The Black Marketeer is a shady character, that's for sure. He doesn't really seem to care what you sell him as long as it is alive. Human and Pal alike are of interest to him. But so far, we haven't seen him selling any humans during our playthroughs. 

Still, if you happen to be running around collecting a bunch of different Pals that you don't care to keep then selling them to the Black Marketeer could help you make a decent amount of money. Each Pal has a different value, so you might just want to hunt down those who are worth more and then turn a bunch into him at once. It provides yet another reason to dive back into boss battles and dungeons since you can turn your latest catches into the Black Marketeer and line your pockets with ill-gotten gold. 

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