When does Season 3 of Diablo 2: Resurrected start? We have everything you need to know

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What you need to know

  • Diablo 2: Resurrected Season 2 will end on February 16, 2023 and Season 3 will begin with a restart to the ladder.
  • The third ladder will feature 8 new Rune Words to help players climb the leaderboards, changes to Sunder Charms and new Horadric Cube recipes.
  • Terror Zones have also been added to offline play for the first time.

Hot on the heels of new Diablo 3 Season 28 news, we've also had official confirmation of the new season start and ladder reset for Diablo 2: Resurrected. It's a great start to the year for Diablo fans!

In a blog post on the Blizzard forums last week, Diablo 2: Resurrected Community Manager PezRadar confirmed that the current season and subsequent start of Season 3 will commence on February 16, 2023. Today, following the testing of the patch in PTR, we have the details of all changes coming to Season 3 of Diablo 2: Resurrected, and the times you can expect it to start in your region. 

What is the Diablo 2 ladder?

The Diablo 2: Resurrected 'ladder' is simply a reset of the leaderboards for ranked play. You start the ladder with a fresh character and empty inventory and try to climb the leaderboards, not unlike Diablo 3 Season resets. Each new ladder comes with new runewords and tweaks to class skills which attract players new and old to the game. Runes and rune words are specific to Diablo 2 only and the mechanic was not carried over to Diablo 3 much to the disappointment of a lot of fans of the game series. 

When Ladder 2 ends, all ladder characters will be transferred to non-ladder play. All items in that character's stash go into a withdraw-only shared tab and you have until the end of the current Ladder 3 to withdraw them, or lose those items forever. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected gameplay

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Eight new Rune Words

Rune Words are powerful combinations of runes that drop in Diablo 2: Resurrected, that can be socketed into your items to grant abilities. In Player Test Realm (PTR) 2.6 players have been hard at work testing out eight new rune words which are now rolling out to the community in Patch 2.6 and are listed below as per the patch notes.

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RunewordRunes requiredBase ItemEffects
BulwarkShael + lo + SolHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery+4-6% Life stolen per hit+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Replenish Life +30Damage Reduced by 7Physical Damage Received Reduced by 10-15%
CureShael + lo + TalHelmLevel 1 Cleansing Aura when Equipped+20% Faster Hit Recovery+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Poison Resist +40-60%Poison Length Reduced by 50%
GroundShael + lo + OrtHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery +75-100% Enhanced Defense +10 to Vitality Increase Maximum Life 5% Lightning Resist +40-60% Lightning Absorb +10-15%
HearthShael + lo + ThulHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery+75-100% Enhanced Defense+10 to VitalityIncrease Maximum Life 5%Cold Resist +40-60%Cold Absorb +10-15%Cannot be Frozen
TemperShael + lo + RalHelm+20% Faster Hit Recovery +75-100% Enhanced Defense +10 to Vitality Increase Maximum Life 5% Fire Resist +40-60% Fire Absorb +10-15%
HustleShael + Ko + EldAny Weapon or ArmorArmor:+65% Faster Run/Walk+40% Increased Attack Speed+20% Faster Hit Recovery+6 to Evade+10 to Dexterity50% Slower Stamina Drain+All Resistances +10Weapon:5% Chance to cast level 1 Burst of Speed on strikingLevel 1 Fanaticism Aura+30% Increased Attack Speed+180-200% Enhanced Damage+75% Damage to Undead+50 to Attack Rating against Undead+10 to Dexterity
MosaicMal + Gul + ThulClaw+50% chance for finishing moves to not consume chargesWhen a finisher is executed this way, it now refreshes the expiration timer of the stack+2 to Martial Arts (Assassin only)+20% Increased Attack Speed+200-250% Enhanced Damage+20% Bonus to Attack Rating7% Life Steal+8-15% to Cold Skill Damage+8-15% to Lightning Skill Damage+8-15% to Fire Skill DamagePrevent Monster Heal
Metamorphosislo + Cham + FalHelmWerewolf strikes grant Mark for 180 secondsMark of the Wolf:+30% Bonus to Attack RatingIncrease Maximum Life 40%Werebear strikes grant Mark for 180 secondsMark of the Bear:+25% Attack SpeedPhysical Damage Received Reduced by 20%+5 to Shape Shifting Skills (Druid only)+25% Chance of Crushing Blow (No longer attached to Mark of the Bear)+50-80% Enhanced Defense+10 to Strength+10 to VitalityAll Resistances +10Cannot be Frozen

The rune words above will be available in Ladder and offline single-player mode. The majority of them concentrate on resistances following the addition of Sundering Charms in Patch 2.5. Hustle is a cheaper, earlier mobility rune word to build than the popular late-game Enigma, with the caveat that it does not include Teleport. Mosaic provides a buff specifically for martial arts Assassins, and Metamorphosis is a new runeword for shapeshifting Druid builds.

In addition to the above rune words, seven words that were introduced in Ladder Season 1 have now been added to non-ladder online play for the first time. These words are: Flickering Flame, Mist, Obsession, Patter, Plague, Unbending Will and Wisdom. We have a comprehensive list of existing rune words here

Horadric Cube Recipes

Horadric Cube recipes that were previously only available in Ladder play, have now been added to non-ladder online game modes. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
1 Ral Rune + 1 Sol Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + Normal Set WeaponExceptional Version of Set Weapon
1 Ral Rune + 1 Sol Rune + 1 Perfect Emerald + Normal Set WeaponElite Version of Set Weapon
1 Tal Rune + 1 Shael Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Normal Set ArmorExceptional Version of Set Armor
1 Ko Rune + 1 Lem Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Exceptional Set ArmorElite Version of Set Armor

Sundering Charms and Terror Zones

Sundering Charms, a powerful tool to break down resistances in your foes, will now be available in all non-classic game modes. In addition to this, the Terror Zones where Sundering Charms drop will now be available to all offline players for the first time. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Terror Zone

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Terror Zones are areas in game that spawn a higher number of foes, at a higher level than the player and as a result, a higher level of loot and XP and are great for farming. Patch 2.6 has added even more Terror Zones to the game. The new areas are as follows

  • Act 1 - Underground Passage, Black Marsh, The Hole and Barracks
  • Act 2 - Ancient Tunnels
  • Act 3 - Great Marsh (Kurast Sewers has been removed as a Terror Zone)
  • Act 5 - Frigid Highlands, Abbadon, Drifter Cavern and Pit of Acheron

When will Season 3 of Diablo 2: Resurrected start? 

Season 3 will officially go live on February 16 at 5 p.m. PST. On February 17 it will launch at 2 a.m. CET in Europe, and 10 a.m. KST in Asia.

If you are new to Diablo 2: Resurrected we have a number of guides to get you started in your journey across the world of Sanctuary. Check out our complete guide to current runes and runewords and everything you need to know about the Horadric cube and its potential. You can play Diablo 2: Resurrected and enjoy cross-save and cross-progression on Xbox and Windows PC.

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