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Newegg's new tool will help find your perfect gaming PC

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
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What you need to know

  • Newegg just launched its Gaming PC Finder.
  • The tool allows shoppers to find a gaming PC through Newegg's website based on which games they'd like to play.
  • Gaming PC Finder can show how different titles would perform on various pieces of hardware, helping shoppers make a decision.

Buying the best gaming PC isn't always about maxing out every spec. Savvy shoppers want to purchase a computer that delivers the desired gaming experience without being overkill. Newegg is here to achieve that goal with the launch of its Gaming PC Finder. As the name suggests, the tool helps people find a gaming PC that's right for them.

“Every PC game player wants the best experience possible but may not have the expertise to determine the optimal components,” said Oscar Wong, Senior Director, Product Management for Newegg. “Gaming PC Finder was developed to empower and educate shoppers to understand which components and budgets are needed to power their favorite games."

The interface is fairly straightforward. When you navigate to the Gaming PC Finder website (opens in new tab), you'll be presented with a list of some of the best PC games. You can pick up to four titles that you plan to play to help the tool determine which PC is right for you. There are also options for which resolution you'd like your PC to hit.

There's a search box on the page, but it only appears to search through the same games that already appear on the screen. For example, typing "Halo" only shows Halo Infinite, which is already an option when you load the site.

Newegg Gaming PC Finder Results

(Image credit: Future)

After selecting "view results," you're taken to a page with recommended PCs. You can filter those results by resolution. Below the main results section, there are granular controls that allow you to select PCs based on particular specs, such as CPU, GPU, and memory type. You can also apply price ranges and other limits to widdle results down.

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