Save an incredible $700 on this Skytech Shiva gaming PC with an RTX 3080 GPU

Skytech Shiva gaming pc
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Get the Skytech Shiva prebuilt desktop gaming PC on sale for just $1,699.99 at Amazon for Cyber Monday. Building your own PC can be a hassle. If you aren't an expert on optimizing what you've built you're really leaving behind a lot of your computer's power, even if you buy the best components. Save yourself time, money, and knowledge and just get one put together by experts. This PC normally sells for around $2,400 and it has never gone this low, so you're getting a ton of value.

Skytech Shiva desktop PC $2,400 $1,699.99 at Amazon

Skytech Shiva desktop PC $2,400 $1,699.99 at Amazon

The prebuilt gaming PC from Skytech has a ton of great features including RGB fans, a case with tempered glass, multiple USB ports, and even a free mouse and keyboard so you can get going right out of the box.

The internal specifications for the Shiva include an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor with up to 4.6GHz Turbo speeds, a 1TB solid state drive with NVMe tech so it has fast read/write speeds and plenty of storage for your games and apps, and 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM for multitasking. It's also powered by a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 10GB graphics card, which is awesome for gaming. 

You'll get plenty of ports for connecting your peripherals and connecting to monitors as well, including at least one HDMI and DisplayPort. You get multiple USB-A 2.0 and 3.0 ports and spots for HD audio and a mic. Other features include three RGB fans, tempered glass on the case so you can admire the work, and a lifetime of free technical support. 

Since it comes with a free mouse and keyboard, you'll be able to start gaming basically as soon as the PC arrives. The only thing you'll be missing is a great monitor. Here's a roundup of some great Cyber Monday monitor deals if you want to grab one before your new PC arrives.

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