Remnant 2 Invader Guide: How to unlock, archetype skills list, and class tips

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Meet Remnant 2, the love child of Dark Souls mixed with the action of Gears of War. Blazoned with guns, outlandish boss fights, challenging underlings, and loot to boot, Remnant 2 is one of my favorite games this year.

One of the favored elements is the archetype system. Allowing players to play how they want to, they can pick and choose different classes, skills, and more to help defeat the worlds ahead of them. The Invader class is one of the strongest, featuring abilities that allow players more opportunities to negotiate damage and endure. So how the heck do you get it? Follow this guide to find out.

Perks and Skills

Prime Perk: Shadow

When placed in your first archetype slot, you'll receive the Invader class prime perk. Casting one of your Invader skills leaves a decoy for 3 seconds. This decoy will draw enemy attacks. Your attacks also deal an additional 5% damage to any enemy not targeting the Invader themselves.

Every archetype gets four perks that players will unlock and upgrade as they level said archetype. Starting at level 1, players will only have access to their first perk, which is noted as a damage perk. At level 2, players unlock their team perk, followed by a utility perk at level 3, and a relic perk at level 4.


These get upgraded versions as well. The damage, team, utility, and relic perk are upgraded at levels 6, 7, 8, and 9, respectively. These upgrades are more than a small tick, as they not only increase the original stat modifier significantly but add even more value. Let's look at the Invader perks to get a better understanding of exactly what it is I mean.

  • S.H.A.R.K.: This is the Invader's damage perk. Sprinting for 1 second or evading adds a stack of momentum which increases ranged and melee damage by 0.7% for 15 seconds. This effect stacks five times. 
    • The upgraded version of this perk is even better. Granting a better stack of momentum, which adds a 7% increase to ranged and melee damage when sprinting for 1 second or evading, as well as increasing your ranged and melee critical chance by 1% for 15 seconds. All of these effects can have a maximum of 5 stacks as well.
  • Loophole: The team perk grants 5% life steal to all ally ranged and melee damage against enemies distracted by the Invaders decoy. This perk is only useful when Invader is used in slot one, as the prime perk needs to be active.
    • When reaching level 7, this effect is increased to 7.5%. 
  • Circumvent: The utility perk offers a reduced cost to evade and combat slide by 10%.
    • At level 8, the cost is reduced by 15%. Perfect dodges also gain an additional 15% reduction.
  • Override: Using a relic reduces your threat generation by 25% for 10 seconds. When this perk is active, the next evade leaves an empowered decoy that lasts for 4 seconds.
    • When upgraded, the decoy lasts for 5.5 seconds.


  • Void Cloak: The beginning skills for Invaders. This allows players to automatically perfect dodge incoming direct damage for 60 seconds. This means Area of Effect damage, or indirect damage, won't trigger this effect. Every auto-evade that is triggered reduces the timer by 33%-100% based on the damage absorbed and also spawns a decoy for 3 seconds. 75-second cooldown.
  • Worm Hole: At level 5, players can now cast the Worm Hole skill; the next ranged or melee attack within 5 seconds will deal 300% increased damage. This skill is best paired alongside Hunter. Popping a critical skill with a high-damage, low-ammo weapon will give Worm Hole the best bang for your buck. 35-second cooldown.
  • Reboot: This skill initiates a data backup when used. The caster's current health, stamina, relic charges, ammo, and adverse status effects are stored for 30 seconds. While active, players also gain 15% increased movement speed and damage reduction by 10%. Reactivating the skill restores all saved values from the backup and spawns a decoy that lasts for 3 seconds. 55-second cooldown.

As you can see, the goal is to reach level 10. Reboot is absolutely busted and provides the player an extra life every 55 seconds. 


The trait for Invaders is called Untouchable. At level 1, players increase their invulnerability window by 3%. Each level roughly increases this by 3%, all the way to 30% at level 10.

What pairs well as a second archetype?

Invader enhances damage while creating room for survivability. Doubling down on one of these two is the way to go. 

When playing in a group, pairing Invader with Hunter or Gunslinger works best. Gunslinger is my personal favorite, as this increases your overall damage by a significant amount. Adding not only to your raw damage numbers but increasing reload speed and fire rate with the level 10 Bulletstorm skill. If you want to focus on the survivability aspect, then switch over to Medic, Challenger, or Summoner

I'm personally split between Medic and Summoner. While Medic provides a free heal or shield for allies every 30 seconds, Summoner also provides a constant regenerative healing effect. Pairing this with the decoy and throwing out one or two summons to deal damage while your run around evading and healing is excellent as well. I suggest Medic for group play and Summoner for solo.

How to obtain?

To get the Invader archetype involves one of the hardest quests to obtain it, second only to the Archon, which we'll cover in another guide. First, you'll need to acquire the Dreamcatcher weapon if you haven't already.

To get the Dreamcatcher, players will need to have Losomn unlocked. This area feels heavily inspired by Bloodborne and has some enemies to match it. You'll also need the Nightweaver questline. If you don't already have this, reroll the campaign.

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With the weapon in hand, proceed through the game until you reach Root Earth. Which is the final world you'll find in Remnant 2, no matter your path in the game. This world is entirely preset, so your playthrough won't be any different. This will be in the exact location every time.

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Keep on going until you've reached an area called Corrupted Harbor. It's here that you'll find a cargo bay area. In said area is a side passage the player can take that will lead to a somewhat larger opening. A stone with a glowing purple light is nestled in the middle of the zone. Approach it with the Dreamcatcher equipped and strike the area. You'll obtain the Walker's Dream.

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This item is consumable, so equip it on your hotbar. Use the object, and you'll be transported to a nightmarish version of the area with a monstrous boss before you. Buckle up, kid.

Boss Guide: Bane

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  • Like the taller versions you came across leading up to this area, he'll slowly approach the player. Keep your distance, and focus attack his eye.
  • A raised foot means a shockwave attack is incoming. Wait for the wave of the attack to approach you, then dodge.
  • Periodically, Bane will summon other enemies to fight you. The nastiest of the bunch is a somewhat ravenous shaman. Prioritize these enemies before turning your attention back to Bane.

After toppling this giant, you'll receive two items. One, will be the Supercharger mutator, which increases charge speed of bows and fusions rifles by 10%. The second item is the Wooden Shiv

Head back to Ward 13 and find Wallace. Turn in the Wooden Shiv for the Serrated Root Blade item. Congrats, as you've now unlocked the Invader archetype! Make sure to check out our other guides if you're struggling with anything in Remnant 2!

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