Remnant 2 guide: How to farm Blood Moon Essences and get the Summoner Archetype class

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Discover how to unlock the power of the Summoner Achetype (Image credit: Windows Central / Gearbox Publishing)

The dark world of Remnant 2 is filled to the brim with all manner of secrets. These range from weapons and armor buried beneath the depths of ancient ruins, or even secret bosses hiding in the shadows waiting to pounce on unsuspecting players.

One of the more elusive secrets of Remnant 2 is the unlockable Archetypes. Archetypes are classes that grant players new abilities or passive perks that aid them in battle. Some of these Archetypes are available to you at the start of the game while others are hidden in dungeons and require special methods to unlock.

Today, we will be discussing one of the more difficult Remnant 2 Archetypes to obtain — the Summoner. The process to obtain this Archetype is cryptic, time-consuming, and relies heavily on luck. Fortunately for you, we at Windows Central have some tips to help you unlock the Summoner faster and make the task more efficient than if you were blindly on your own.

What is the Summoner?

One of the strengths of the Summoner Archetype is calling forth minions to help even the odds in fights. (Image credit: Windows Central / Gearbox Publishing)

To provide motivation for taking on the upcoming ordeal ahead of you, let's discuss what the Summoner Archetype actually does. The Summoner Archetype allows you to summon forth and command grotesque wood-based monsters called The Root to attack enemies. 

This is a fun DPS-focused Archetype where you can sit back and have your minions do most of the heavy lifting. If you pair it up with the Handler Arcthetype, you can have your Root monsters team up with the Handler's dog to overrun enemies, which can be especially helpful for solo players.

Where and how do I unlock the Summoner?

Travel to The Far Woods of Yaesha and find the Bloodmoon Alter to locate the crafting materials for the Summoner Archetype. (Image credit: Windows Central / Gearbox Publishing)

To unlock the Summoner Archetype, you will need to have the NPC known as Wallace in Ward 13 craft you an Engram item called the Tome of the Bringer. The crafting materials needed for this item are:

  • 1x Faded Grimoire
  • 10x Lumenite Crystals
  • 1000x Scrap

Scrap can be found randomly in chests and breaking pots or dropped by fallen enemies. Lumenite Crystals can be bought in Ward 13 from an NPC called Cass, who sells them for 300 Scrap per crystal. Lumenite Crystals can also be found as a drop from killing Aberrations or Elite enemies. 

The most important crafting material is the Faded Grimoire, which can only be found in a world called Yaesha. The Faded Grimoire is located in the deepest parts of an area in Yaesha called The Far Woods held within an altar called the Bloodmoon Altar. Along with the Faded Grimoire, the altar contains a ton of armor pieces, weapons, and other accessories made for the Summoner Archetype.

However, there is a catch — the Bloodmoon Altar will only relinquish the Faded Grimoire and the other items to you if you offer it Scrap, Lumenite Crystals, and Blood Moon Essences. Blood Moon Essences are crafting materials that drop from Root Wisps, which only spawn during an extremely rare event when a Blood Moon has risen. 

This event can occur anywhere in Yaesha and you can tell when it happens by looking up to see the sky turning red and witnessing the Blood Moon eclipse the sun. The Blood Moon lasts until you leave the planet via fast travel or if you enter or exit an area/dungeon on Yaesha too many times.

Shoot Root Wisps during a Blood Moon event to collect the materials needed to unlock the Summoner Archetype. (Image credit: Gunfire Games)

When a Blood Moon happens, scour the area you're in to find Root Wisps (which look like flying red Will O' Wisps) and shoot them for the Blood Moon Essences. Don't worry about rushing to grab them as the Blood Moon Essences will automatically gravitate towards you like a metal being attracted to a magnet.

The amount of Blood Moon Essences and other materials you will need to get items from the Blood Moon Altar are:

  • Faded Grimoire: 15x Blood Moon Essences, 5x Lumenite Crystals, and 1,500x Scrap.
  • Knotted Helm (Helmet): 5x Blood Moon Essences and 300x Scrap.
  • Knotted Cage (Body Armor): 10x Blood Moon Essences and 800x Scrap.
  • Knotted Greaves (Leg Armor): 7x Blood Moon Essences and 600x Scrap.
  • Knotted Gloves (Gloves): 3x Blood Moon Essences and 250x Scrap.
  • Soul Anchor (Amulet): 10x Blood Moon Essences, 3x Lumenite Crystals, and 1,000x Scrap.
  • Soul Guard (Ring): 5x Blood Moon Essences, 2x Lumenite Crystals, and 750x Scrap.
  • Blade of Gul (Melee Weapon): 10x Blood Moon Essences and 1,250x Scrap.
  • Sanguine Vapor (Concoction): 1x Blood Moon Essences and 500x Scrap.

Methods of farming Blood Moon Essences

In addition to the Faded Grimoire, there are other items beneficial for Summoners available at the Bloodmoon Altar. (Image credit: Windows Central / Gearbox Publishing)

The goal sounds simple enough but the problem is that the Blood Moon event has a slim, random chance to occur and when you clear out an area of Root Wisps, it takes forever for them to respawn, if at all. What makes it worse is that resting at checkpoints doesn't seem to make them respawn, the Root Wisps have their own respawn cycle. Although you can enter and exit a dungeon (make sure you use the fog doors when you do it as fast-traveling doesn't work) to make the Root Wisps have a guaranteed chance to respawn but then you run the risk of canceling the Blood Moon event.

Fortunately, there is a way to manually force a Blood Moon event to trigger. It involves going to a checkpoint in the Far Woods and then fast-traveling to another world (except Ward 13 as traveling there cancels any chance of a Blood Moon happening) and then coming back to see if the sky has turned. If the sky looks normal, I repeat the process then until the sky turns red.

Then I just run around an area killing every Root Wisp I see. Once an area has been cleared out, I return to a checkpoint to rest and comb the area for Root Wisps again. This personal method of mine is admittingly slow and grindy, but it doesn't have the risk of canceling the Blood Moon event.

Granted you can do the other method of entering and exiting areas via fog doors on Yeasha to make the Root Wisps respawn faster at the risk of canceling the Blood Moon event. Then when it's canceled, fast-travel between planets to restart the Blood Moon event on Yaesha. This method is faster but it can also be slower as fast-traveling between planets to force a Blood Moon event can up take to two or thirty runs.

Are you willing to make a deal with the vile Ravager to obtain the Summoner Archetype faster? (Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

If neither of these methods sounds fast enough, there is a way to increase the chance of a Blood Moon triggering and that is by making a deal with the Corrupted Ravager boss in the Ravager's Lair. If you kill the Doe at the Ravager's request, it will cause a Red Moon event to spawn immediately and subsequent visits to Yaesha will have an increased chance to trigger it. 

Once you have gathered Blood Moon Essences to make the Faded Grimoire, take it to Wallace in Ward 13 to craft it into the Tome of the Bringer. Once you have it, equip it to your character in the main menu and voila, you have unlocked the Summoner Archetype.

The rewards are worth the effort on this Blood Moon-lit journey.

After all that hard work, the Summoner Archetype and all the power and traits that come with it are now yours. (Image credit: Windows Central / Gearbox Publishing)

The path to unlocking the Summoner Archetype is a long, tedious task that, at points, will test your resolve. However, I can say, without a doubt, that your hard work will be well-rewarded as the Summoner Archetype is a fun and powerful Archetype that can potentially lay waste to even the toughest bosses in the game.

Hopefully, this guide will help you unlock the Summoner Archetype so you can summon a horde of minions and give enemies a cathartic taste of what it's like to get ganged up on in one of the best Xbox games released this year. If there are other Archetypes you want to try or combine with the Summoner Archetype, check out our guide on how to unlock every Archetype in Remnant 2.

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