Stuck in the hospital? You can still game on your Xbox, just like Jeremy Sochan of the San Antonio Spurs. Here's how.

POGA Sly and Jeremy Sochan
(Image credit: POGA | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

What you need to know

  • Jeremy Sochan, power forward for the San Antonio Spurs, was spotted using a mobile Xbox setup.
  • This device and others are made by POGA, a German company that ships worldwide. It can also be found on Amazon.
  • With the Steam Deck and ROG Ally at the top, it is rumored that Xbox is exploring its own hardware for portable gaming, but no release date is in sight.

Handheld gaming has been on the rise lately. The Steam Deck, PlayStation Portal, ROG Ally, and now, talk of an Xbox handheld on the horizon are all devices aimed at consumers looking for a more portal device on the go. Heck, does anyone remember the xScreen? I still have mine!

Our managing editor, Jez Corden, just came across a slick-looking piece of tech from "some sports dude," as he put it. That sports dude is Jeremy Sochan, the starting power forward for the San Antonio Spurs, or at least, former. He's out for the season with an ankle injury. Don't worry, Jez. I don't blame you; I had no idea who this guy was, either. If it isn't Victor Wembanyama, then I have no idea because I don't know who else plays for the Spurs.

None of that matters; let's talk about the sick gaming setup he was on after the hospital visit. Also, congratulations to Jeremy on the successful surgery!

I immediately took the photo to Google Lens; I had to find out what it was. Did he build it himself, buy it outright, or commission someone to do it? I found the answer! It's a.. POGA?

I came across the POGA site devoted to turning your console into a mobile gaming station. Whether it's an Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or Xbox Series X|S, they've got a setup suitable for all current and last-gen consoles. The cases come fully equipped with their own screen and some with holders for accessories, although they're a little pricey.

The aluminum body backs that price. Plastic isn't good enough for these consoles! It also has a set of wheels and a handle like any ordinary piece of luggage. Not only is it dapper from a technical stance, but also aesthetically.

The first one I looked into was the POGA Arc. It only fits an Xbox Series S for Xbox players, but it can also fit any PlayStation 5 device. This might be the first instance where I've seen the overall smaller but broader size of the Xbox Series X not fit where a PS5 can. No matter what you're buying it for, it'll run upwards of $500. It has a screen like the others, but it's only 720p.

The POGA Sly with an Xbox Series S ready to game. (Image credit: POGA)

That's where the POGA Pro comes in. It powers a full 21" 1080p screen at 75Hz, adding another $240 to the price tag, totaling $740. It's neat, though, and comes with dedicated holders for controllers. You also won't be fitting a PS5 or an Xbox Series X in this, just the Series S.

The ultimate mobile gaming station we saw that sports dude playing on is the POGA Sly. The Sly upgrades the monitor to a 24" 1080p 144Hz screen and can finally fit a full Xbox Series X! This thing is beefy, too. It arrives decked out with its own wireless charging station for your phone, controller slots, and USB hub. All yours for $1185! Now I see why a professional basketball player has one.

Honestly, as much as they cost, things like this are pretty fricking incredible. As someone lucky enough to have a wife gift him a gaming laptop for his birthday, I've been all about migratory playing lately. I would love to add these kits to my newly started collection. Although, I'm out on the 720p one. Anything below 1080p is my ick.

What are everyone else's thoughts on the above tech? Do you love it? Hate it? Do you wish it was in your room right now, waiting for you to go on your next vacation? I'm a bit of everything. It would be chill if someone like POGA sent us a unit to review. Let us know in the comments below or on social media. As always, happy gaming!

POGA Sly gaming case | $1,186.00 at

POGA Sly gaming case | $1,186.00 at

The POGA SLY is a compact, high-quality gaming case for Xbox Series X fans on the move. Featuring durable materials and essential gaming features, this German-made solution ensures flexibility and protection for your console wherever you go.

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