Tango Gameworks' best action game of 2023 is on sale for less than $23

In 2023, Tango Gameworks shadow-dropped their latest action game that nobody saw coming, called Hi-Fi Rush. This rhythm/action game hybrid wowed the gaming industry with its colorful presentation, over-the-top and likable characters, and addicting rhythm-based combat system.

The deluxe edition of Hi-Rush usually runs for an MSRP of $45.69 but with this deal from CDKeys, you can get it on PC (via Steam) for a reduced price of $22.89.

Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition | was $45.69 now $22.89 at CDKeys

Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition | was $45.69 now $22.89 at CDKeys

Feel the beat and beat-down killer robots and evil corporate villains in the critically acclaimed action/rhythm game, Hi-Fi Rush. The Deluxe Edition contains the base game, cosmetic DLC packs, in-game music tracks, and the game's original soundtrack.

💰Price check: $45.69 at GreenManGaming (Steam)

Perfect for: Fans of challenging character-action games like Devil May Cry and fast-paced action-rhythm games with a rock soundtrack like Metal: Hellsinger.

Avoid if: You prefer traditional action games without rhythm game elements getting in the way, or if the light-hearted comic-book tone doesn't gel with your tastes.

Why you should buy Hi-Fi Rush

When Microsoft announced the closure of Tango Gameworks along with Arkane Austin and Alpha Dog Games, the world wept for this tragic loss. Tango Gameworks during its time had produced high-quality titles that were loved by critics and gamers alike such as the Resident Evil-like The Evil Within series, the spooky action-adventure title Ghostwire: Tokyo, and today's spotlight deal – Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush is an action-game with rhythm game elements where you play as Chai, a college dropout who dreams of being a rockstar but is unable to due to his disabled arm. He decides to fix this problem by getting his arm replaced with a cybernetic one at Vandaley Technologies, but the procedure goes awry when a music player accidentally gets implanted into Chai.

Now labeled a 'defect' and marked for extermination by Vandaley Technologies' security robots, Chai gets pulled into a crazy adventure where he must fight for his life and join a group of rebels working to uncover the evil megacorp's secrets.

Hi-Fi Rush is considered by many to be one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of this gaming generation for a multitude of reasons. It's got a gorgeous cel-shaded presentation that makes you feel like you're living in a comic-book world, a cast of fun characters with witty and endearing personalities, and an engrossing, in-depth combat system with a gigantic move-set of awesome rockstar-themed attacks and rhythm-based mechanics to master.

Not to mention, Hi-Fi Rush has a stellar rock soundtrack that dynamically changes as you time your attacks to the beat during gameplay and get the highest scores during combat. Whether it is the collection of licensed music or Tango Gameworks' in-house developed music, this game will get you pumped up to improve your skills so you can listen to the full tracks as you beat down enemies.

So, if you're a fan of action and rhythm games and want to see how this game won the hearts of many, then today is no better to do it. CDKeys is offering a special 49% discount for the Deluxe Edition of Hi-Rush on PC, reducing its MSRP from $45.69 to $22.89.

By purchasing Hi-Rush Deluxe Edition through this deal, you will be able to acquire the base game, all of its cosmetic costume DLC packs, and the game's original soundtrack, while saving $22.80 in the process. This deal won't last forever, however, so get on it while you can before it goes away.

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