The custom Bluey Xbox Series X looks amazing and will be going to one lucky winner

Bluey: The Video Game
(Image credit: Outright Games)

What you need to know

  • A video game based on the popular kids show, Bluey, launched today, Nov. 17, 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.
  • To celebrate the launch of the game, Xbox Wire announced a sweepstakes for a custom Bluey Xbox Series X. 
  • In order to enter, players must follow @Xbox on X (formerly Twitter) and retweet one of the promotional tweets. 
  • Bluey: The Video Game is currently available for purchase at a wide range of retailers.

This morning, Xbox Wire announced a sweepstakes that gives fans a chance to win a custom Bluey Xbox Series X. This console features the titular Bluey's face near the top front with arms depicted on the sides of the casing, echoing the blocky shape of the beloved cartoon dog. This custom console also comes with a blue controller that matches Bluey's color scheme while featuring Bluey on one side and her sister Bingo on the other. 

The custom Bluey Xbox Series X console comes with a matching Xbox controller.  (Image credit: Xbox)

Only one person will walk away the winner and new owner of this fun Xbox Series X and Xbox controller combo, which together are valued at $499.99 USD. 

In order to enter the Bluey Xbox Series X sweepstakes, people must use their X account (formerly Twitter) to follow @Xbox and then retweet one of the promotional posts that specifically has the #BlueyXboxSweepstakes on it (without altering it in any way). After doing so, X account users will receive a Sweepstakes entry. The entry period is open now and goes until 8:00 p.m. PT on Dec. 13, 2023.

You can learn more about this event by reading the official sweepstakes terms and conditions.

The announcement of this sweepstakes coincides with the launch date for Bluey: The Video Game, which released today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Outright Games' adventure is marketed as something that "won't be trifficult, just a lot of fun" as you spend time experiencing a new story with the Heeler family that spans four "interactive adventures."

Bluey: The Video Game sells for $39.99 and you can purchase it now at a number of different retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

Bluey: The Video Game

Bluey: The Video Game

Spend time with the Heeler family including Bingo, Bandit, Chilli, and Bluey and explore the same locations seen in the popular kids show. This is a chill game to share with the whole family and can be played in local multiplayer. 

Windows Central's take

As someone who loves the Bluey TV show and spends lots of time collecting video game memorabilia, it's great to see that this fun sweepstakes is available. Of course, there can only be one lucky winner, but they'll have a truly unique console on their hands when they win. 

I also love how well Bluey fits on the Xbox Series X console. Given that she and her family are all relatively boxy characters, the shape of the Xbox Series X is absolutely fitting and works really well to show her off in a real-life setting. I'd be tempted to 3D print some ears to set on top of the console if I managed to be the lucky winner.  

If you're at all interested in getting this sweet console then take some time to retweet a promotional tweet from the @Xbox account. Good luck to you!

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  • fjtorres5591
    Why aren't these designs wraps bundled with the game in a premium edition?
    Or at least sold as limited editions?
    A lot of the recent game promos would've sold nicely. They have the sales numbers for Starfield and that sold out fast. Other games would, too.