The next two weeks of Xbox Game Pass include Hi-Fi Rush, Inkulinati, and more

Image of Xbox Game Pass additions for Jan. 2023.
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What you need to know

  • Xbox just wrapped up its Developer_Direct show, which featured a number of upcoming first-party Xbox games.
  • After the show, Xbox shared all the games heading to Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks.
  • This includes Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm action brawler that surprise launched today.
  • Other notable additions include Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition on Xbox, Inkulinati, and more.

Following hot on the heels of the Xbox Developer_Direct show, the Xbox Game Pass team made some announcements of their own with a sneak peek at the next two weeks of game additions. From today until Feb. 7, 2023, Xbox Game Pass is enjoying nine new games across its breadth of services.

Xbox Game Pass already includes hundreds of great games from dozens of studios and genres, and the roster is about to get a little larger. Here are the nine games just announced for the gaming subscription service:

Jan. 25

  • Hi-Fi RUSH (Xbox Series X|S Optimized, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Jan. 27

  • Rare Replay — GoldenEye 007 (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Jan. 30

  • Roboquest — Game Preview (Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One)

Jan. 31

  • Age of Empires II Definitive Edition (Xbox Series X|S OptimizedXbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  • Inkulinati — Game Preview (Xbox Series X|S Optimized, Xbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R (Xbox Series X|S Optimized, Xbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Feb. 2

  • Darkest Dungeon (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  • GRID Legends (Xbox Series X|S Optimized, Xbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Feb. 7

  • HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED Game of the Year Edition (Xbox Series X|S Optimized, Xbox One, PC, & Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Of the announced games, a few certainly stand out. Hi-Fi Rush was a surprise release during the Xbox Developer_Direct show, for example, and hails from The Evil Within developers Tango Gameworks. This isn't a horror game, though. Instead, this is a first-party, Xbox exclusive rhythm action brawler, boasting a high octane soundtrack and plenty of incredible combat.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is also finally coming to Xbox consoles and the cloud later this month, complete with full controller support and UI optimizations. Many players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Inkulinati, as well, an exciting indie title with a truly unique art style.

Whatever your preference, there's a plethora of options coming to Xbox Game Pass soon, with several of these games possibly in the running to join our list of best Xbox Game Pass titles. It'll be interesting to see how gamers react to the arrival of Hi-Fi Rush, which essentially came out of nowhere and landed in the hands of millions of players simultaneously thanks to the easy access of Xbox Game Pass.

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