When is the Palworld Sakurajima Update release date?

Palworld Sakurajima Update: New armored Pal.
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At the start of the year, Palworld surprised just about everyone when it exploded into early access and managed to reach a peak of 2,101,867 concurrent players on Steam. Considering it wasn't even the full launch, the creature-collecting, survival game felt very polished overall, with plenty of Pokémon-like animals to catch, dozens of items to craft, decent weaponry, and a large world to explore. 

Now, we're getting even more features as explained with the Palworld Sakurajima Update announcement trailer. But when does this update launch?

Palworld | Sakurajima Update Trailer | Palnews | Pocketpair | Summer Game Fest 2024 - YouTube Palworld | Sakurajima Update Trailer | Palnews | Pocketpair | Summer Game Fest 2024 - YouTube
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When is the Palworld update coming?

The Sakurajima Update release date for Palworld is on June 27, 2024. It can be played on Xbox and PC (via Steam).

What new features are in the Palworld Sakurajima Update?

The Palworld Sakurajima Update is bringing us a new islands, new Pals, new subspecies of original Pals, Xbox dedicated servers, a new arena, new building options, a new level cap, a new raid, a new location called the Stronghold - Oil Rig, and a new faction and boss. 

When did Palworld come out?

Palworld released into early access on January 19, 2024 on Steam, Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass.

Is Palworld fully released?

No. Palworld released into early access at the start of 2024 and isn't, in fact, a fully released game. 

When will Palworld come out of early access?

Palworld is expected to fully launch sometime in 2025. Until then, it is still in early access. That said, it offers a very polished experience right now. 

Exciting new features to bring us back to Palworld

It was during Summer Game Fest 2024 that we learned about the Palworld Sakurajima Update and all of the new features it would be bringing with it. Now, we're just counting down the days until the update launches. 

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In the days following the official Sakurajima update trailer, Pocketpair released additional videos and information on social media that gave us the names of some of the new Pals headed to the game as well as some of the new subspecies. This includes the frog-like Croajiro (Paldeck No. 090), Chillet Ignis (No. 089), Frostallion Noct (No. 088), and Robinquill Terra (No. 087). I'm personally excited to jump back into the game and work on collecting all of the new creatures that come with the update. 

I'm also curious to see what the new island has in store. We were shown some beautiful locations in the trailer that included a dappled forest trail, a beautiful pogoda, and a marsh with massive mushrooms. I'm sure there are going to be some surprises in store for us as we explore these new areas. 

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