Where to find The Hoarder loot goblin in The Division 2 and easily farm for Oh Carol, Sleigher, Festive Delivery, and Chill Out

The Sleigher seasonal SMG in The Division 2
The Sleigher is one of three seasonal items The Hoarder will drop. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The holiday season is well underway in The Division 2 and there are a number of festive treats to be had. Besides the Winter Project chain that will lead to a holiday-themed named backpack, you can also encounter our favorite seasonal loot goblin, The Hoarder. 

He's back for another holiday and has a selection of named items with festive flare for you to grab from his oversized backpack of goodies. 

But first, you have to find The Hoarder, despatch him and make him drop his loot. Fortunately, there are at least a couple of places you can find him fairly easily, and one that seems to be a great farming spot. 

The items you can get from The Hoarder

The Oh Carol is one of two weapons the Hoarder will drop. (Image credit: Windows Central)

You'll get a bunch of different loot dropping from The Hoarder, but there are three that you're going to want to target him for. These are named items with a little seasonal twist, with two weapons, one backpack, and one mask to acquire. These are:

  • Sleigher (SMG)
  • Oh Carol (Marksman Rifle)
  • Chill Out (Mask)
  • Festive Delivery (Backpack - after completion of the Winter Project chain)

The Festive Delivery is the fourth item available from The Hoarder upon completion of the Winter Project chain. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Every time you find this little loot goblin and take him out, he'll drop one of those items along with a selection of random gear. In my experience, Oh Carol was the most common to drop, with the Sleigher SMG the least. But it could turn out differently for you. 

It's also worth highlighting that world difficulty doesn't seem to affect the quality of the named items. I spent half an hour farming on hard and in that time four of the Oh Carol's that dropped for me were at max roll. It's worth getting a few, though, because the attributes aren't locked, and DMG to armor is always better than health damage!

The Festive Delivery is only available from The Hoarder once you've completed the Winter Project chain and unlocked it for the first time. Once you get your first one, it'll be added into the loot pool, and it has a chance of dropping with different rolls. 

Spot 1: Find The Hoarder outside Jefferson Trade Center 

The Hoarder will regularly emerge from this manhole near Jefferson Trade Center.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

At first, my go to for finding The Hoarder was at Jefferson Trade Center. While I've been there trying to solve one of the Winter Projects to get the Santa Jacket, before I made any moves he'd spawn from under a manhole just outside. 

Fast travel to the Jefferson Trade Center mission and immediately turn around and go right. There's a manhole cover in the road and The Hoarder will climb out of it. 

This isn't a particularly great farming spot, though. While I had a lot of success encountering our festive loot goblin friend while figuring out the Winter Project, it does seem to be random. He won't always spawn, and there's no apparent pattern. Being day or night doesn't affect it either. 

Still, if you're in the area, it doesn't hurt to look. 

Spot 2: Parking lot near the DZ South main entrance

If you want to farm, this is the place to do it.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

Credit for this location goes to Flawless GaminG on YouTube, but if you want to farm The Hoarder rather than just hope he appears, this is the place to do it. Fast travel to the DZ South main entrance, go left immediately, and then as you come to a building go left again into the parking lot. 

There are three possible manholes The Hoarder will spawn from here, but in my own testing, it's legit. You can expect to find him every time, as long as you follow these steps.  

  • Fast travel to DZ South main entrance. 
  • Go left, run towards the building and go left into the parking lot. 
  • The Hoarder will spawn either from the first manhole, one at the back of the parking lot, or from a third just outside by a bus. In each case he'll run towards you. 
  • Kill The Hoarder and collect the loot. 
  • Fast travel back to a Settlement.
  • Log out of the game. 
  • Log back in. 
  • Follow the steps again, rinse and repeat until you have the items you need. 

(Image credit: Windows Central)

Again, world difficulty doesn't seem to impact the quality of the named seasonal items. This is a really quick way to keep farming until you have everything you need, too. I spent 30 minutes doing this and acquired multiple versions of each item with different stats and rolls. Each run only takes about 30 seconds, so it doesn't take long to get what you're looking for.

Returning to a settlement before you log out seems to be important, too. The one time I didn't do this, The Hoarder didn't spawn when I logged back in. But by following those steps exactly in order, he appeared every single time. Make sure not to have Fog of War enabled, too, since the easiest way to know The Hoarder has spawned is the red blips on your mini map. 

If you want to see it in action, then check out Flawless GaminG's video for a run through. 

After about half an hour, though, you can expect to have an inventory filled with festive gear to do with as you please. Though, firing snowballs from the Sleigher will never get old. 

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