Where to get Amber in Enshrouded

Enshrouded screenshot of player standing by Amber
(Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Enshrouded is by far my favorite game so far this year. While it's only February, and games such as Palworld have already launched, with Nightingale coming later this month, Enshrouded has cemented itself in my gaming library. I'll return for more than the 90 hours I've accumulated! In those early hours, it would have been nice to have some Enshrouded tips and tricks.

With that being said, we've dug through tons of content to find the answers to questions that players might have. Many resources can be extremely hard to find, from Metal Scraps, to Resin. Getting the hard part out of the way, Windows Central is here to present its guide on farming Amber!

Where to find Amber in Enshrouded

It's gorgeous (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Amber is only found in the Enshrouded; thus far, I've only seen it in a few places. Outside of that, I have yet to search for more locations than the ones I'll list, as these give me well over 100 pieces whenever my friends and I mine them. 

For both locations I show in this guide, make sure you're leaping from the Ancient Spire - Revelwood!

Location one

Toward the middle of the Enshrouded area pictured, players can find the Amber up against the wall. It winds in and out of the rockface quite a bit. You'll be here for a little bit if you want it all!

Location two

The bigger of the two locations, this place is located in the far back of the pictured Enshrouded area. It spans at least 30 meters of wall face and contains much more Amber than the previously mentioned location.

How to mine Amber in Enshrouded

Mining Amber with a Bronze Pickaxe makes it super easy (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

While you can mine Amber using a Stone Pickaxe, the better the pick, the faster you mine. During this guide, I took screenshots using a Bronze pickaxe, which was like mining butter.

I recommend that players use a Scrappy Pickaxe at minimum, with a Copper Pickaxe being the better option for low-level players.

What is Amber used for in Enshrouded?

Amber is used in many mid-level recipes, including armor, weapons, and, most importantly, spells. Players without Eternal Spells will need it most to create multiple one-time-use spells. Players can double-check this by going into the menu and checking the workshop page for all their recipes without having to go to each station or NPC.

That's our guide on mining Amber! If this works for you, or you find an easier method, let us know below in the comments or on our social media!

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