Forza Motorsport Update 4 adds the legendary Daytona to its roster just in time for the Rolex 24

Pit road at the famous Daytona speedway in Forza Motorsport
(Image credit: Xbox / Turn10)

What you need to know

  • Forza Motorsport Update 4 is ready and brings with it a new circuit alongside new events, cars and a bunch of fixes. 
  • The legendary Daytona is added to the game, with both the tri-oval and road circuit configurations available. 
  • New career and multiplayer events, alongside new reward, spotlight and car pass cars. 
  • Fixes include a number of bugs being squashed across circuits and cars. 

Forza Motorsport is getting its fourth update, simply titled Update 4.0, with some new goodies for players alongside a whole host of bugs being squashed. 

Despite some criticisms over the progression model in Forza Motorsport (of which I was certainly one of said critics), the game still sets the standard for circuit racers on Xbox, and this latest update gives us some new shiny things to play with. 

Top of the list is the addition of the legendary Daytona circuit, in both tri-oval and road course layouts. It's fitting to get Daytona added just now, with the season-opening Rolex 24 hour race kicking off there next week. 

I love Daytona, I mean, who doesn't? The fast, high banks on the oval, insane speed, and the road course layout isn't too challenging to get the hang of. I can't wait to hit the asphalt and see what the new generation Daytona looks like on the Xbox Series X. 

In addition, to celebrate the addition of the circuit, there's a special playlist in featured multiplayer beginning on January 25, to coincide with the Rolex 24 that will mimic as best it can the real-life action. Every few hours the car class will cycle, and we're promised natural time of day progression like the real thing. Sign me up. 

Update 4.0 will also see Daytona, along with Yas Marina and Hockenheim, added to the career mode for select events. 

(Image credit: Xbox / Turn10)

In addition, there are new career mode races, new multiplayer and spotlight series to take on, and for players with and without the car pass, a host of new wheels to get your hands on. 

Update 4.0 is also pushing out a number of important fixes covering all aspects of the game, including issues specific to certain cars and circuits. A couple that stand out to me are a fix on Laguna Seca where an invisible collision on the track would cause you to spin out, while the surface on Yas Marina has been updated to be less bumpy and overall much smoother to drive on. 

Update 4.0 is available now on Xbox and PC, and I recommend you check out the full changelog to see everything it includes. It's a long one!

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