If you have money to burn, Razer has a new Xbox controller for you

Razer Xbox Controller
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What you need to know

  • A new design of Xbox Series X|S controller has been revealed via the official Razer Twitter page, and is available for pre-order now. 
  • The controller comes with a magnetic quick charge stand, in the signature black and green Razer colors. 
  • The set releases officially on October 21 for $199 to US and Canadian markets only. 

The Xbox Series X|S accessory line-up has just received yet another controller to its ranks, along with a charging stand, from none other than gaming hardware specialists Razer. The controller was announced on October 7 in the following tweet from Razer with a link to pre-order for official release on October 21. 

The controller comes in Razer's signature green and black colorway with the triskelion logo and features a see-through design that is reminiscent of the Xbox  Phantom controllers.  

Last week we shared news of the Mineral Camo Special Edition which was leaked and subsequently confirmed by Microsoft and going up for purchase at $70. Following this was the leaked Lunar Shift controller which hasn't yet been confirmed for sale, but looks to be in a similar price bracket — so the pricing of this Razer release may come as a surprise at an eye-watering $199. 

While this Razer offering comes with a charging stand, when you compare it to the new white edition Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which is priced slightly below the typical asking price of an Elite Series 2, it's clear you are paying for the Razer branding. There's no denying though that Razer makes some slick-looking peripherals and are market leaders in their field, so we are sure this controller will still appeal to its core audience despite its high price. The advertising acknowledges this with its reference to its most hardcore of fans "the ones who bleed acid green." One might also infer if they are buying this controller that they also bleed money. 

(Image credit: Razer)
Razer Wireless Controller and Charge Stand | $200

Razer Wireless Controller and Charge Stand | $200

Available for preorder now, the Razer Wireless Controller for Xbox is pretty sexy, and the company's magnetic charge stands have become something of an industry standard. But for $200, you need to be a MAJOR Razer fan to want this Limited-Edition gamepad. 

The Razer Xbox Series X|S controller, which is officially licensed by Xbox, will have bluetooth connectivity like all the new generation controllers. The controller will be ready out of the box for console play, Xbox Cloud Gaming and PC — for Mac you will require the Xbox wireless adapter (sold separately). The controller uses impulse analog triggers that vibrate as you game and are pressure sensitive for precision gaming. Just like the other current generation Xbox Series X|S controller, the triggers, bumpers and back-case have a texture grip finish. Essentially, this is basically a regular Xbox controller, with a Razer shell on it, unlike the firm's own controllers like the Razer Wolverine V2.

The quick charge stand bundled with the controller claims to charge your Xbox Series X|S controller fully in under 3 hours and comes with overcharge protection. With a satisfying magnetic contact system, you may feel the $199 was money well spent when you dock this beauty on its stand to hear that gratifying click. Maybe not. Although, earlier in the year a Redditor claimed his Razer Kraken headphones saved his life with their bullet-proof design. If this controller turns out to have similar capabilities, perhaps it'll be worth the price-tag. 

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Razer Xbox Series X|S controller and charging stand, you can pre-order now via the Razer website if you live in the US or Canada. The controller is set to release on October 21. 

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