Here are the rewards for the Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror event

Overwatch 2 Wrath of Junkenstein
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What you need to know

  • Overwatch 2's first seasonal event will start on October 25 and continue until November 9.
  • The Halloween event is titled Junkenstein's Revenge: Wrath of the Bride' and is a sequel to Overwatch's Halloween mode.
  • Players will return to Adlersbrunn with Sojourn, Kiriko, Junker Queen and Ashe to unlock new skins and rewards in the PvE game mode. 
  • There are new paid skins for Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Ashe, and a free werewolf Winston skin for watching Twitch streams.

Fans of the Overwatch annual Junkenstein event will be pleased to know that Junkenstein returns for this spooky season in Overwatch 2, with a ghoulish sequel and new game mode titled Junkenstein’s Revenge: The Wrath of the Bride. With Overwatch 2 promising more PvE content than its predecessor,, this should go some way to compensate the player base who are still waiting for the expected PvE modes. The official Overwatch Twitter page put out this teaser trailer today:

The kooky trailer teases some new items for players to collect in the game, and a blog post put out today has also teased some rewards, so far we have deduced at least two new skins, Witch Kiriko and Executioner Junker Queen. There will also be a Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn Name Card, Jack-o'-Lantern Weapon Charm, and the blog post has simply teased "other spine-tingling rewards." The rewards on offer certainly don't look as plentiful as previous holiday events for Overwatch 1, but this is merely a symptom of the game going free-to-play. In previous seasonal activities, it was possible to earn skins for weekly event challenges, it's not clear if that will be the case with Overwatch 2's first event. Though this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone following the change in the rewards model of Fall Guys when that went through a similar change in model.

What is positive though, is we are getting a new game mode. The previous wave defense mode on the Aldersbrunn map was a yearly event and Blizzard will do well to set Overwatch 2 apart as a new game by giving us some new unique challenges for this Halloween. The trailer shows a new team of creepy-crime fighters this season in Sojourn, Kiriko, Junker Queen and Ashe. The story follows the Bride of Junkenstein as she "seeks vengeance upon those responsible for the death of her creator".

The Werewolf Winston legendary skin and spray will also be making a return as a Twitch reward, so those who missed out in 2020 can tune into their favorite streamer to earn these cosmetics for free. Two hours of playtime watched throughout the event period will reward the spray, four hours watched will reward the skin.

Overwatch 2 Junkenstein’s Revenge: The Wrath of the Bride will commence on October 25 and run through until November 9. October will also see the return of Torbjorn and Bastion to competitive modes. Don't forget to check out our comprehensive guide to Overwatch 2 and everything you need to know about the FPS sequel. 


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