Grab an Xbox Series S for $50 off or bundle and save even more

Xbox Series S
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Remember the days when just finding the latest-gen Xbox consoles in stock was a nice surprise? Seems like it was just yesterday, but now here we are looking at in-stock consoles that are actually on sale. Crazy. Grab the Xbox Series S for just $249.99 at Adorama, $50 off its regular price. This is listed as a "Deal of the Day," and that DOTD was yesterday. However, the console is still available and in stock at this discounted price so grab it while there's time. It could go at any minute. 

We've got a couple of great ways to save on the Xbox Series S today. First off, you can just get the console at a $50 discount over at Adorama where it's going for $249.99. This is a deal that has stuck around for a couple of weeks now, but it's still the single best savings on the Xbox Series S these days.

If you need some extras to go with your new console, then check out this bundle from Antonline, a popular and trusted eBay seller. The deal includes the Xbox Series S with controller, an extra Robot White wireless controller, the EVGA XR1 Lite capture card, and a month of Game Pass Ultimate all for just $309.99. The regular price of the console is $300, and the prices of all these things individually would add up to around $425. So you're getting all the extras basically for just $10 over the console's normal price. 

Xbox Series S gaming console $300 $249.99 at Adorama

Xbox Series S gaming console $300 $249.99 at Adorama

The more budget-friendly console just got a bit more budget friendlier. Hard to tell how long this deal will last, though, so grab it while you can.

Xbox Series S + Extra Controller & more $425 $309.99 at Antonline

Xbox Series S + Extra Controller & more $425 $309.99 at Antonline

This bundle from the trusted eBay seller, antonline, includes an extra Robot White wireless controller, an EVGA XR1 Lite capture card, and a month of Game Pass Ultimate all for just $10 above the console's regular price.

Obviously this is one of our favorite consoles, second only to big brother the Xbox Series X, but you can read all about our opinion in this review. Matt Brown said, "It packs some welcome improvements throughout, speeding up load times and everyday tasks while also providing a little headroom for new features like ray tracing and 120 FPS support."

This is the all-digital Xbox console, too, which means there's no optical drive for physical discs. That's fine because I haven't bought a physical game in years, so it's definitely possible to keep a healthy gaming habit without that aspect. Of course if you really want access to all of your favorite games on the Series S, you'll most likely want to invest in Xbox Game Pass. This pass is essentially the Netflix of gaming and puts hundreds of games at your fingertips. Play Halo Infinite the same day you get your console or jump into some indie games like Nobody Saves the World. Plus, since many of Microsoft's original titles are released on Game Pass the same day they come out, you'll be ready for new titles, too. The second bundle available on sale here today includes a month of Game Pass Ultimate to get you started.

Don't forget the Xbox Series S can be your all-in-one media center, too. It's not just about playing games. Use the console to stream from your favorite apps, watch the best shows in 4K, or even take a trip down memory lane and play older-generation games thanks to backwards compatibility. 

If you want to read more about the EVGA XR1 Lite capture card included in the antonline bundle, we have written about it before and you can read our review of the regular XR1 as well. 

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