The Blessed Mother comes to your Xbox in this killer Diablo 4 dynamic background

The Diablo 4 dynamic background on the Xbox home screen
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What you need to know

  • Xbox Series X|S owners who also happen to be Diablo 4 fans have a new treat in store. 
  • The latest dynamic background puts the Blessed Mother herself, Lilith, right on your console. 
  • Diablo 4 is now generally available to all after the early access period ended. 

Can't get enough Diablo 4 in your life? If you're playing on Xbox Series X or Series S, then you're probably going to want this latest dynamic background filling your eyeballs. 

The theme? Who else but the Blessed Mother herself, Lilith. Calm down. 

Unfortunately, like all other official dynamic backgrounds, only owners of the latest generation consoles need apply. Sorry, Xbox One. It does look amazing though, and if you've never applied a dynamic background before here's how to get this one. 

(Image credit: Windows Central)

There's nothing to download and install, everything you need is already on the console. Just follow these steps to set it as your background. 

1. Open Settings.
2. Select General.
3. Open the Personalisation menu.
4. Select My background.
5. Choose Dynamic backgrounds.  

All the available backgrounds are found in this same menu, so just select the Diablo 4 option and you're good to go. Now, when you go back to your home screen Lilith will be staring back at you in all her demonic glory.

It couldn't come at a better time, either. As we hit 6/6 (6) Diablo 4 is now out of its early access period and is live for everyone on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. It's been a long time coming but if you're not yet convinced (somehow) then our full Diablo 4 review should help. It's truly one of the best games launched in recent years, and something you'll lose countless hours to.

The design, the execution, the cutscenes, the story, everything is absolutely incredible and it's one of the finest examples of how to do a big budget AAA game. Now though, back to Sanctuary.


Diablo 4

Jump into Diablo 4 enjoy it at a high framerate on Microsoft's latest gaming consoles. Right now though, you'll have to use a controller in order to play it.

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