Can I pet the dogs in Diablo 4?

This Twitter user got three dogs to follow him
(Image credit: Dxrk (@shrmn) Twitter user)

Can I pet the dogs in Diablo 4?

Woof woof! That means yes. Position your character in front of the dog and use the Hello Emoticon to pet it. This also works with cats!

Diablo 4 is set in a dark and brutal world of Sanctuary, where Angels of the High Heavens and Demons of the Burning Hells fight over the fate of humanity, monsters and demons roam the lands and threaten our heroes at every turn. Luckily for us, the creators of Diablo 4 know that between boss fights we need to unwind, we need therapy animals. I'm not crying, you're crying.

In various settlements across the game world, amidst the chaos and horror that await you, there are fluffy little cats and dogs and Diablo 4 lets you pet them with a simple emote. 

How do I find a dog or cat in Diablo 4?

Such a good boy (Image credit: N4 - Youtube)

There are dogs and cats all over the game world, but mostly in city hubs. After all, these cute little puppies and kittens won't last long in the harsh wild with goat men and cultists running amock.

There is at least one dog in Kyovashad, and one cat wandering around the inn where your Stash and Wardrobe are kept.

How do I pet my new furry companion?

Can I pet the dog and cat in Diablo 4

The emote wheel (Image credit: Youtube)

To pet your newfound pal, simply position your character directly in front of the cat or dog and access the Emote wheel by pressing E on PC or up on the D-pad if using a controller.

Use the Hello Emoticon, and feel joy as your furry friend responds to your pets. The cat in particular loves a tummy rub. 

Be warned though, because the dogs might get attached to you and follow you out of the city to their peril. This is what happened to this player, Twitter user Dxrk, who managed to have three dogs trailing behind them. Maybe they should have given them names like Diablo, Mephisto and Baal to scare off the wild beasts that awaited them in the desert?

This Twitter user got three dogs to follow him

The Prime Pups (Image credit: Dxrk (@shrmn) Twitter user)

Don't forget too, that if you played the Open Beta and reached level 20 on any character, you'll have a sweet little wolf pup waiting for you when the full game launches on June 6. This little guy will be carried on your back though as an in-game cosmetic and you'll be able to protect him to hell and back without too much concern.

Now if only Blizzard could just make these pets pick up our gold like in Diablo 3...

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