General RAAM comes to Gears of War 4's latest Gear Pack alongside larger Mega Packs

Gears of War 4 fans are in for a treat with the latest gear pack to hit the game, the RAAM Emergence Pack. Inside, you'll get access to RAAM, the leader of the Locust, along with Kantus and Savage Kantus. The pack also introduces some RAAM and Corpser weapon skins and more.

On top of the RAAM pack, Gears is also introducing new Mega Packs, which offer up more cards than the standard 5-card pack. The packs contain a larger pool of 10 cards, the Mega Packs (starting with the RAAM Emergence Mega Pack) contain the following:

  • A guaranteed Character from the Pack Collection (in this case, the RAAM Emergence Collection)
  • A chance of finding up to three Characters from the collection in one Mega Pack
  • Less chance for duplicate weapons or characters compared to opening two individual Gear Packs
  • A bonus RAAM Emergence Weapon Skin card or early access to Bernie Mataki on top of the 10 Cards you find in the Mega Pack

Both new packs are available now, with the standard RAAM Emergence pack coming in at 2000 credits or $5. The RAAM Emergence Mega Pack, on the other hand, fetches $10 or $25 for a bundle of three.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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