If you're interested in building with Arduino, you might have already heard of Codebender, the world's largest Arduino playground. It's a place where you can code, compile, store, collaborate, and share ideas based on Arduino. Even if you're new to Arduino, having access to this kind of resource is an incredible starting point.

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Gaining access to this community of like-minded builders isn't free, however, and a lifetime subscription is quite pricey. Windows Central Digital Offers does have a deal on right now, where instead of paying $1,200 for a lifetime subscription, you'll instead pay just $39. That's 96 percent off the regular price.

Codebender contains an editor, more than 607 built-in libraries, and more than 312,000 sketches, giving you plenty of inspiration. Share your own sketches to help out others, and receive feedback from engineers to help you get better.

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Whether Arduino is already your thing or if you're just getting starting, access to Codebender is an incredible boon. At this price, what are you waiting for?