Typists everywhere are always looking for shortcuts to get things done. Whether you write a ton of emails, constantly use HTML formatting, or rewrite the same instructionals again and again, you might have a lot of little snippets floating around in a wide number of documents.

Alleviate your typing pains with TextExpander!

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To boost productivity and to manage those snippets easier, you need something that makes organizing your most-used text a breeze. That's where TextExpander comes in. Available on Windows 7 and later, MacOS, and iOS, you can easily share text across your devices.

Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a one-year subscription to TextExpander. Instead of paying the regular price of $50, you'll instead pay just $20. That's 60% off the regular price.

TextExpander lets you save and organize snippets of text in the cloud, making them easily accessible on a number of devices. Add custom fields for easy searching, watch it fix your typos, and even take advantage of its form-filling function.

Organize and utilize your most-used snippets of text with this one-year subscription to TextExpander!

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If you type a lot, especially if you type a lot of the same words over and over, TextExpander is a wonderful life hack that will make your life a lot less tedious. Right now, you can try it out for a full year for just $20.