Many people use torrenting services for completely legal purposes, but there are still the same risks involved, malware included. Not only that, torrenting can seriously slow down your internet, making it frustrating for anyone also connected to your network.

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Learn more has come up with a cloud torrent downloader that removes the risk of torrenting and also frees up your bandwidth for other things. Instead of downloading straight to your hard drive and risking malware, you simply link a torrent to your cloud account and the torrent downloads directly to it. has a subscription service that is understandably quite expensive for one- and two-year plans. Right now, however, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on both. Instead of $360, a two-year plan will cost just $49. That's a savings of 86%. Likewise, a one-year plan costs just $29 instead of the regular $108.

This service lets you set up torrent downloads from multiple devices, and you don't have to leave any devices on for your torrents to download.

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