Are you a huge fan of video games? What about video games for VR? Can you imagine designing your own video games for a living? It would hardly seem like work at all! You've watched behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube that show what it's like to work at some of the game studios that bring you your favorite games. Don't they all look like amazing places to work?

So how do you get started down the road of video game design? You have to learn the basics! You need a course that teaches you how to build games. You need a course that teaches you the fundamentals of virtual reality. You need a course that's flexible, a course that you can access at any time.

Enter Windows Central Offers; right now we're offering three full courses (about 107 hours of learning) with instructor Ben Tristem for only $24.99. That's 94% off the retail price of $491. This is almost too good to pass up, especially because the offer never expires. Not quite ready to take the plunge yet? No problem! You can cash in on these courses any time you want.

Get a Virtual Reality, Unity, and 3D Game Developer Bundle for only $24.99!

You're getting three courses for one price, and each course could lead to a separate career avenue. This is a great deal for anyone interested in video games and programming, even if you don't take anything out of an amateur level. The courses include:

  • 295 Unity game engine lectures; you get to create eight fully functioning video games!
  • C# programming language instruction
  • Over 93 lectures on the emerging world of virtual reality
  • Opportunity to create a Google Cardboard VR game
  • Blender graphics and animation software instruction
  • Instruction on creating 3D models

Let's say you've always wanted to create video games — your imagination is bursting with ideas that you think others would love to play. Let's say you're interested in virtual reality — why not blend the two interests together and make some money while you do it?

VR is, as mentioned, an emerging market. There is huge demand for quality games. Sounds like a great opportunity, doesn't it? These courses are a great first step in the direction of your new career, and they've never been cheaper. Snag this bundle fast; the sale doesn't last long.

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