Microsoft recently announced Web Tiles for Microsoft Band. They allow you to create simple Band apps using RSS feeds, and we've created one to display Windows Central headlines on your wrist!

To add the Windows Central Web Tile you need to have a supported device running the latest version of Microsoft Health (available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

To get started simply tap the link at the foot of this post in the web browser on your Microsoft Band connected smartphone. The link should then boot up inside Microsoft Health and add a nifty Windows Central tile to your band, providing you with our latest headlines. Web Tile apps are restricted by character limit, as such it only displays headlines for now. But as the feed for the site updates you'll be able to see the eight most recent headlines.

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With every update the Microsoft Band blurs the lines between smart watch and fitness band, and the addition of Web Tiles is no different.

Are you using a Microsoft Band? Waiting for the inevitable Microsoft Band 2? or simply not interested in wearables? Let us know in the comments.

Windows Central for Microsoft Band

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