Gigantic gets a new life with Perfect World deal, expands to all Windows 64-bit platforms

Developer Motiga has announced that its upcoming MOBA shooter Gigantic will be published by Perfect World Entertainment. It will also be released for all Windows 64-bit PC platforms, such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, in addition to Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

Motiga recently had to lay off a number of its team members and delay the launch of Gigantic, but this new deal with Perfect World will give both the studio and the game a new lease on life. Motiga says (opens in new tab):

This partnership is a huge step for Motiga, as it allows us to continue working towards realizing the vision the development team had for Gigantic – a great competitive online game. Even more so, it accelerates opportunities for Gigantic by having more resources available to us. One of the biggest is being worked on already: an opportunity to bring Gigantic to as many versions of Windows as possible. That's right; we're developing a version of the game that will be playable on every 64-bit Windows operating system. This version will be made available through Perfect World's Arc games platform, which is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Furthermore, the 64-bit version of Gigantic will be released on the same day as the Xbox One and Windows 10 App Store versions. This will help us introduce Gigantic to a larger audience much quicker than we originally anticipated!

A new release date for Gigantic has not been announced.

  • Why wasn't MS publishing this to begin with? They want this for their UWP cross play portfolio but weren't putting any money into it when it was having trouble.
  • They are, just for Xbox One and Windows 10 store versions only.
  • Don't think MS was publish those, seemed to me it was self published. I think coip below me may be on to something.
  • Purely speculation, of course, but I get the hunch that Motiga wanted to remain independent with Gigantic, but then things started getting complicated (as always happens in the development process), resulting in endless delays, staff layoffs, etc, which also took away the biggest advantage Gigantic was supposed to have over similar titles like Overwatch--that is, first to market. As money was drying up and Motiga realized they needed more capital, they probably had a limited pool of prospective publishers to choose from--most of which were probably hesitant to jump into the publishing role for a game that was already in beta but had beend delayed a bunch of times and was currently limited to just two storefronts. Microsoft would be unlikely to want to publish the game on any platform besides the Xbox One and Windows 10 Stores, and Motiga needed a wider audience. That's my guess.
  • And the managment of this game becomes worse and worse. anyway the games sucks becasue new players ruin the experience and that's why everyone ends up leaving a match. That's why I gave up on this game.   But really putting this game on "64-platform" was the solution and part of the partnership? sounds dumb, especially when it was easy to make a party on xbox one and talk to people thanks to xbox app, yeah the xbox app process could be easier but it worked pretty well, people thought I was on xbox all the time. They talk about "large audience" yet they were hard on releasing keys to people, and people weren't patient enough to go twitch and keep playing. also many people I knew stopped playing because it was only available couple days on xbox and it wasn't that great since they felt they sucked against other group for the same first reason I said, just one person who is not good at the class they pick, will ruin the experience. So blaming on being windows 10 only sounds another excuse to grab the money and keep managing the game worse and worse, like I said, it was stupid they didn't even have an art director, yet designers had to do that job but they were happy on laying down some people off. Doesn't even make sense to be honest. I don't even play it anymore, the game was fun for few weeks but not anymore especially when classes are so unbalanced, and people who get the keys are not many and not good. it seems like it will fail and nobody will play it much. games have to be fun, and this game probably won't be since most people don't care about "team work" anymore, and this is not a fps where one person can kill the other team alone.   Oh and Perfect World sucks, they are not a good company. they are from china anyway, and their games turned to be crappy after a while or were already crappy. I don't even know how PW helped to publish a game like Torchlight for example, it was an okay game, but then it was forgotten more and more by everyone, so I don't know if PW will help, at least Microsoft gave an E3 presentation and all which thousands watched and they could have gotten the same on this E3, what would PW do? who knows but if they do the same they did with "forgotten" torchlight I am not sure what's going to happen.
  • So you only play a game that's being played by 'seasoned pros?' How shallow. Games are supposed to be fun. Looks like you lost sight of that.
  • Unless the mathmaking is top notch, being matched with people of wildly varying skill levels IS NOT fun.
  • @Zybch. Everyone was / is a newbie once.
  • That's why you don't solo-queue..... :P
  • Hopefully we can see an update at some point.
  • Reading between the lines a little bit, by stating they are publishing for 64-bit Windows platforms, that effectively takes Windows Mobile out of the loop. While Microsoft is working on a 64-bit version of its mobile OS, that means at least in the short term that Gigantic won't be on any of our current generation phones.  That said, I am still happy to see UWP being taken advantage of for the Xbox One / Windows 10 platform.  Pretty cool stuff there.
  • Uhhh... Gigantic won't be on *any* generation phones for a while yet.
  • Good for them, geting it funded. I worry about it, since PWE tends to lean heavily into the microtransaction and pay-to-win stuff with Neverwinter. Hopefully they keep the monetization cosmetic.