Goat Simulator among the many indie games coming to Xbox One

Microsoft will be launching a ton of indie games for the Xbox One in the near future and today, the company showed off a number of them as part of its Gamescom press event, including a port of one of the most unlikely PC game sales success of all time, Goat Simulator.

The game, from developer Coffee Stain Studios, was released April 1 on the PC as a kind of April Fools joke, but it has since sold nearly one million copies. There's no word on when the Xbox One version will be released.

Microsoft also showed off a ton of other ID@Xbox games during their Gamescom press event, including ports of hit PC games such as the MOBA title Smite and the upcoming and very impressive first person shooter SUPERHOT. What do you think of Microsoft increasing its support for indie games for the Xbox One?

Source: Xbox UK on YouTube

John Callaham