Grab this Dell 27-inch IPS monitor on sale for 50% off its normal price

S2721hn 1080p
S2721hn 1080p

A lot of the time when you're looking for the best monitors for your battlestation, you end up looking at the price tag and feeling a little sad about it. Computer displays can be crazy expensive, and the prices jump exponentionally when you start looking at the sort of features gamers are into. Today, though, Dell's S2721HN 27-inch screen is down to just $129.99 through the Dell website. That's 50% off what Dell normally sells it for, which is a crazy discount. It's only $30 more than the 24-inch version, and the jump to 27 inches is usually one of those huge price jumps mentioned above. Grab this while you can because it's not going to last at this price very long.


Dell S2721HN 27-inch FreeSync monitor

The S2721HN uses an IPS panel, which gives it great viewing angles and color accuracy. It has a 1080p pixel resolution with a 75Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, all good for work and play. It also supports AMD FreeSync and has dual HDMI ports.

The screen size alone is worth the price since 27 inches is a ton of real estate. Add onto that, this computer uses an IPS panel. That gives it great 178-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. That means the picture won't fade or disappear just because you're looking at it from an angle. The other nice thing about being IPS is the color accuracy. You'll get some great visuals from the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

For the gamers among you, this screen does support AMD FreeSync, which can help reduce screen tearing if it's synced with an AMD graphics card. It also has a 75Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response time. Both are good for anyone who wants to do a little bit more with their monitor, including games or other creative work.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, you need to protect yourself. Luckily this monitor uses ComfortView, which gives you a flicker-free experience and reduces harmful blue light. You won't feel the strain on your eyes that would come from a lesser monitor.

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