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Grab all Liquid Daffodil apps for less with ✿+☮=❥ for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

We previously looked at ✿+☮=❥, or better referred to as "Liquify", an app that enables fans of Liquid Daffodil to download Windows and Windows Phone apps by the developer at a reduced cost. We're now pleased to announce the app is now available on the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.

The idea is to offer subscriptions that are one-time purchases and each unlock apps across Windows 8, Windows Phone or both. For those who don't know, Liquid Daffodil is the developer behind such titles as glƏƏk!Add to Contactsflyby! and JamTiles.

Since some of the apps produced by Liquid Daffodil share similar features and / or functionality, this provides consumers an option to choose which app they prefer without forking out for apps you won't use. Here's a quick overview of the new apps and subscriptions:

Users of either the Windows or Windows Phone Liquify apps will be able to purchase any of the available subscriptions (you don't have to use the Windows Phone app to unlock all the Liquid Daffodil Windows Phone apps). Unfortunately this doesn't include Windows Phone 7 owners as the software doesn't support in-app purchases - you'll have to use the Windows 8 app. Here are the available subscriptions:

  • Unlimited Liquid for Windows Phone - Unlock all current and future Liquid Daffodil apps for Windows Phone
  • Unlimited Liquid for Windows - Unlock all current and future Liquid Daffodil apps for Windows
  • Unlimited Liquid Gold - Unlock all current and future Liquid Daffodil apps for both Windows and Windows Phone

We're looking at more than $50 worth of apps on offer here. Access to all Liquid Daffodil apps can be found within the app itself so be sure to check out the listing for more details and links. You can download ✿+☮=❥ on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (we'll update the post when the Windows Store link finally works - not long to go now).

QR: ✿+☮=❥

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Too bad none of Liquid Daffodil's apps have yet interested me..
  • Same.
  • +1
  • "Calendar Search" adds a much-needed function.
  • +9001
  • +1
  • That name is so stupid. Its so stupid I'm getting angry thinking about how stupid it is. Please stop talking about them because their apps suck unless they are paying you to. Then is money
  • Agreed
  • I like some of there apps like jamtiles unification gleek cowlick outsider its just they are very pro metro to everything sometimes it looks like too much that's why u customize how ud like
  • Not really a fan of any of their apps, but this is cool.
  • Redundant post
  • Why, app like whatsap, line, wechat & youtube official & more not update since a long time... ?
  • Because its Windows Phone, the developers either make a working app then abandon it or don't bother making one at all.
  • Wat is store link for windows 8?
  • Another day, another post about one of liquid daffodil's (IMO, quite useless) apps
  • How are their apps useless? When the official twitter app was broken to hell, gleek become the go-to app. Add to contacts puts any place you search for into a contact easier than having to type everything yourself. That's just 2 examples.
  • This. Add to Contacts is a very underrated app. Extremely useful. I've added lots of local businesses to my address book thanks to this app.
  • Twitter isn't "broken" anymore and its free.
  • Its not broken now but at the time I purchased gleek it was. And since I've already paid for and like the UI of it, that's what I use.
  • I appreciate LD works and have all their apps, they help WP to evolve.
  • Don't forget about yourself. There are a decent amount of developers who post here. They help a lot.
  • I wonder why people have to come out and express so much negativity to a dev who's working hard to bring apps to the platform we all use. If you don't like LD's apps, you are free to not use them. If you dislike reading articles about LD, you are free to not read them. Why so much hate? Do you rant, in tantamount magnitude, in other articles that you think promote useless apps (them being useless would be *your* opinion of course)? The community is much bigger than what we might think. LD's apps are quite highly rated, and for a good reason of course.
    Expressing so much negativity for no obvious reasons just sheds bad light upon the community, in general. And I know, from my experience here, that this community is much better than this.
  • "tantamount magnitude". Tip of the hat to you sir or miss.
  • Thanks :) and you'd be tipping the hat to a sir ;)
  • Haters gonna hate! A bunch of sissy Lalas here complaining about the dev for no good reason.
  • This is proof that people will complain about anything even when someone is doing them a favor. I really appreciate LD's work and I like that the apps are whimsical but highly functional at the same time. Please keep up the good work.
  • Even if you don't have a use case for them, LD apps can be held up as an example of microsofts design language in practice. Apps that have strong metro design and yet they also maintain a strong individual personality.
  • It seems to come from frustrations with the notifications system and an app that is trying but can't really do it.
    ...and then, the WPC post everytime LD sneezes. Most people here don't seem impressed with any of their apps.