Groove updated for mobile with Radio and Explore, while Movies & TV gets default save to SD card

Windows 10 Mobile users can download new updates for both the Groove music and Movies and TV apps in the Windows Store. The big one is for Groove, whch has a number of features and improvements.

Groove screenshot 1

Here's what's included in the Groove update, which has the new version number of 3.6.1299.0:

  • With Groove Music Pass, radio creates instant playlists based on your favorite artists
  • Groove Music Pass lets you explore, search, and play our full music catalog, right in the app
  • Now playing always shows your last-played songs, so it's easier than ever to listen again
  • Improvements to the metadata displayed when using Bluetooth

Groove search

The Movies and TV app is a smaller update with some minor bug fixes and improvements, with the biggest new feature being that the app now defaults to SD cards for downloads. The new version number is 3.6.1299.0.

Thanks to Mathew for the tip!

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  • FINALLY!!! Now my music pass is worth something again.
  • How does Groove music service compare to the other music services out there?
  • try the free trial
  • It has access to more music than pretty much every other service with a music pass.
  • You can download every song or album you want, you can sync them and playlists through all your Windows devices and Xbox 360/One.
  • As with all things MSFT, it greatly depends on your location. If you are in the US or UK, I'm of the opinion it is right up there wining a few rounds with the best of them. However, if your in say South Africa, well, let's just say I'm thinking about using iTunes, or Apple music or whatever they call it. The Afrikaans catalouge on Groove is very very poor (I can't speak for other non-english languages), where iTunes has all of the best and even the not so good local tracks and artists. 
  • It's not social yet, like Spotify. But it has twice the number of songs. And the sound quality is generally better in my opinion.
  • ZUNE (Microsoft) had social.
  • I used Spotify for 6 years and moved to Groove a couple months ago and I love it. Groove is catching up I'd say, plus the mobile app is superb. Coming from Spotify though I do miss a few things. I hear the number of songs in total is about the same as on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer or Rdio, but I do feel like Groove is missing quite a lot of non-English artists (at least when I look for Spanish musicians). There's no social aspect (no sharing playlists, no collaborative playlists). The big selling points for me are OneDrive and Cortana integration. It feels great to simply tell Cortana to change songs while I'm cooking. The artist radio is good too. The way I see it, Spotify is great if you want to find music recommended by others or automatically tailored for you; Groove is great if you don't need that and would rather do the exploring yourself.
  • Actually no u go online jn the us we have about 10mil more songs, we have like 5mil more than iTunes whole catalog including songs only for purchase
  • Highly portable all things considered.  Quite like it.  If you're invested in the "Microsoft Stack" then I think you get the best value.  Why?  Simply due to the native capabilities that come with a Universal app.  Though accessible from browser, web apps are never the same.  I haven't bought an album in a long long long time.  The Groove (formerly XBOX Music) Pass has simplified my purchase/streaming/membership needs.  This update to Groove should fix a MAJOR pain point for us W10TP users.  Can't wait to try it out and make use of streaming on my phone again!
  • I like it a lot, just renewed for my second year and I don't see myself without it. The new app is a great improvement too, at least on Mobile. Give it a try.
  • FINALLY!!!! Music pass works!!
  • Hopping they add an duplicate song warning/finder along with family subscription
  • Thry have it on the desktop app already
  • Really?! Just checked again and nothing anywhere on any of the two?
  • Can finally download music to W10M devices with a music pass. Hallelujah!  
  • I'm still waiting for an update to groove where I'll be able to see my musics only - and not all my notifications and game-sounds with it
  • I reported this to them months ago and so far nothing yet.
  • Don't worry, ms will reply soon™ ....
  • Finally!! Great job Microsoft... :)
  • They need to bring ad supported playback like the other big players.
  • Big players being? None of the other big players have this apart from Spotify.
  • Slacker, Pandora....
  • Those are streaming services. You can't chose which song to play.
  • Google Play Music does.
  • That's not happening, they removed it from xbox music prior to the "launch" of Groove Music.
  • awesome, we've been very patient for this
  • My exact words said aloud: "It's about dang time."
  • In Spotiy, I can play playlists made by others and by Spotify themself. At every moment of the day I get playlists suggested. E.g. In the evening, I get calm lounge music suggested. I really like this feature, and Music Pass couldn't give me this. Has Groove improved now? Do I get suggestions or something? If so, thumbs up and I'll get my subscription for Music Pass again.
  • Why don't you just stick with Spotify if you love that feature so much?
  • Because the Spotify app is bleurgh en I like to get everything in the Microsoft ecosystem. Not to be a fanboy or something, but just easy of use.
  • Groove will never be easier than Spotify. It is simply a 'me too' MS service.
  • I hear you. Same here, the Spotify app just wont work for the life of me. Crashes, restarts, stops playing... Its a mess. What I do is I keep my Spotify account to get those playlists and then export the songs to my playlists on Groove. True, it takes a bit more time, but it's crafty!
  • can i finally manually sync my collection or....?
  • Yay!!!! I have been waiting forever to use my music pass instead of just wasting money
  • Do not sign up for music pass!!!! You will download all these songs, and when your subscription is up, YOU'RE SCREWED.  I had a Zune subscription years ago and still find songs that I can't play because I don't have rights to anymore.  Also, I purchased a couple albums a few weeks ago, and have discovered that I can't play them!  Even though I paid and downloaded them!  It says I've downloaded them too many times?  Even though the goddamn files are on my computer!   Bring back CDs.   
  • That's in the terms. They tell you that up front. You can download all the music you want and listen to anything as long as you have a subscription. That's the deal.
  • Yes, obviously... that's not what my complaint is.  What they don't tell you is that you're screwed with all the subscription only music, they infest your music library and stay there after the subscription is up.  
  • Isn't that obvious? You were expecting the files to disappear on their own when you cancelled the subscription? If you want everything to be clean, just stream the music and don't download it.
  • Yes, I WAS expecting that.  I don't want files infesting my directories that I can't use.  
  • What if someone accidentally lets their subscription end and when they re-up their subscription all their music is gone?  The way it's set up, the device will simply reauthenticate and all music will play again.
  • Zune had downloaded all files in seperste folder than the music I own I did a full delete off my old comps when I changed devices over
  • Well, yeah. All streaming services work that way. You can't offline music then stop paying and expect to keep it.
  • Ugh... that's not what my complaint is!  Forget it... 
  • done
  • I understand you. You won't get answers from people here...just snarky comments.
    Clearly this is just another glitchy MS service.
  • Then can you explain it to all of us?  Because it sounds like he's complaining about a SUBSCRIPTION service.
  • He is complaining because he PURCHASED the album/musics and than, after cancelled his subscription, he can't play these album/musics any longer.
  • If u own the songs u own them subscription has nothing to do with that, u have to delete it and redownload, my purchased songs get overwritten because metadata attached to it tied to the store
  • Of course you don't have access to a streaming service after you stop paying. It would be like complaining because Netflix doesn't let you watch House of Cards after your subscriptions lapsed.
  • Omfg people... for the 3rd time, this is not what I'm complaining about.  My issue is that the infest your music catalog! 
  • Zune had a button to delete all pass content...
  • Groove Music Pass, Xbox Music Pass and back in the day Zune Music Pass have always worked great for me.
    You should have read the terms bro. There is also a way to keep the songs forever, but it's illegal.
  • I actually signed up for Zune Music Pass for that illegal method you are discussing but I had a much better time with streaming music than hoarding it and I'm not a fan of piracy so gave up on that.
    As for deleting the music that you no longer want rld, try searching for the music files with a license attached. You should be able to arrange the folder view to show a field such as "license" or something like that. The one that says "Yes" or similar have DRM. Those are probably the ones you want to delete.
    I haven't done this in awhile but I believe it will solve your problem.
  • @wpn00b: Hey..tweeted you a few mins back abt a thread you created in the forums..let me know if you are actually that guy.. :P
  • I am.
  • Go to Groove Web Player >> Settings >> Remove all my Groove Music Subscriptions songs or tap at Choose what Remove and select Remove everything what I've add from Groove Music Pass. This?
  • CDs never left, you just stopped buying them.
  • When I went to download this, there are 21 other updates in the store. Microsoft is busy
  • I have this as well, with 26 updates. Except it's because every time it tries to download an update, it ends in a error 0x80073CF9. So none of my apps are updated i guess. Anyone know how to fix this?
  • People still moaning then? ;)
  • You new around here?! ;-)
  • Bwahahaha!
  • Haha if only Richard. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At 2.5% marketshare, people should be moaning so they get this platform competitive and growing, not running on the spot going nowhere.
  • If everybody keeps stumm how will MS know something is wrong?
  • if your country supported you will get radio and explore if not well there is nothing new to see
  • Kind of. Radio and Explore only appears if you have a Pass subscription (which only works on supported countries.)
  • Soon and very soon the Lumia 1520 will not be the only flagship with a SD card slot.
  • The HTC One M8 for Windows has an SD Card and it is a flagship phone.
  • You are correct. Often I forget about the HTC One M8 for Windows mostly because of the low coverage of the device and the underwhelming camera experience but it is indeed every bit a flagship. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hate mine att gave me this when I claimed insurance on my 32gb 1520 saying it was an upgrade...... Lack of Nokia apps and camera, and camera buttons are major turnoffs, thank god it has windows os on it
  • How can i remove music bar from top of my screen when i stop listening music ?
  • It goes away automatically or rather should after awhile or you need to download an app - one of the many "stop" the music apps out there. Personally I use stop+clear.
  • Give it less than 5 minutes and it will disappear. Worst feature in my opinion. You go on a bathroom break and the app "resets". What's so hard about giving us a stop button instead? Wouldn't that please more people?
  • Deezer
  • Good that you mention Deezer. Just installed it on my 630. Is it working well for you?
  • Good! I like default 'Save to SD Card'.
  • Yes, Finally.  I miss that feature. 
  • Maybe I'm misunderstanding the change log, but what new features have been added?
  • With Groove Music Pass, radio creates instant playlists based on your favorite artists Groove Music Pass lets you explore, search, and play our full music catalog, right in the app Now playing always shows your last-played songs, so it's easier than ever to listen again Improvements to the metadata displayed when using Bluetooth
  • In other words, They added everything that should have been there since day 1.
  • It's still a preview app, chill. 
  • I liked Extreme G 3. Amazing game for its time.
  • Hopefully they fixed and added the OneDrive sync capability.
  • Now that's what I'm talking about!  
  • The lists are also much cleaner, showing more albums on the screen at once. I like it.
  • My music pass still isn't working after update :(