Groove Music app update for Windows 10 includes Live Tile desktop changes and more

The Goove Music app for Windows 10 has received an update. It includes some changes on the desktop side for Live Tiles, along with some new features for the Windows 10 Mobile version.

Groove Music

The Windows 10 desktop app has the new version number of 3.6.1513.0. Here is what users can expect for its Live Tile changes.

  • Showing the Groove logo when artwork is displayed
  • Showing album art
  • Removing the black half gradient
  • Shuffling the metadata around to be more useful

Windows 10 Mobile Groove

The new version number for Groove Music on Windows 10 Mobile is 3.6.1517.0. Here are its features:

  • Read album reviews
  • Update to Playlist header
  • Remove things from Recent Plays

Download Groove Music on the Windows Store

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham