Groove Music app update for Windows 10 includes Live Tile desktop changes and more

The Goove Music app for Windows 10 has received an update. It includes some changes on the desktop side for Live Tiles, along with some new features for the Windows 10 Mobile version.

Groove Music

The Windows 10 desktop app has the new version number of 3.6.1513.0. Here is what users can expect for its Live Tile changes.

  • Showing the Groove logo when artwork is displayed
  • Showing album art
  • Removing the black half gradient
  • Shuffling the metadata around to be more useful

Windows 10 Mobile Groove

The new version number for Groove Music on Windows 10 Mobile is 3.6.1517.0. Here are its features:

  • Read album reviews
  • Update to Playlist header
  • Remove things from Recent Plays

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John Callaham
  • Wow
  • Nice but still not fast enough.
  • Not fast enough? You gest? Things pops instantly on my PC. In fact the UWP Univeral apps all start and run really fast, such as the modern apps for Word etc.
  • I guess it depends on the capabilities of your PC. I'm running an older laptop at the moment and some of the universal apps such as Groove are a little inconsisten with their speed. Toying around with a Surface Pro 3 though, I have found that it's relatively flawless.
  • troll detected
  • Btw Windows Insider updated!
  • What wow? This app basically breaks a feature every update. Now I can't hold and press a song in mobile build. SMH
  • That need to be free like Pandora one free other premium
  • Pandora is old school. People prefer Spotify now
  • ...which also has a free tier.
  • Got stats to back that up?
  • I just need them to remember what song I played and where I was at in that song when I resume it. Most of the time I am signed out and it doesnt remember it was even playing anything... But I still like it over anything else out right now...
  • Agree with you one hundred percent 100%
  • Recent builds have been much better. I at least have the last played album still in my Now Playing screen, and more often than not it remembers the track. I agree that it still needs further improvement, in my opinion this would be unforgivable for listening to audiobook MP3s but is merely an annoyance with normal music.
  • @scabrat I agree totally.
  • Yeah it's ridiculous that it doesn't resume. Crazy.
  • Yeah, also they have to improve the performance too. Everytime I open Groove on W10M, it takes few seconds before Now Playing is even ready.
  • The app is really getting better everyday! Much ahead of xbox music.
  • It is way better.. I agree..
    We just need it to be TOTALLY synced to the desktop, and Xbox, apps... I want to be able to pick up EXACTLY where I left off when moving from device - device... SMDH. That would be awesome.. I'd even settle for picking up with the last song, and continuing a mix, album, or playlists.....
  • Better? Before this update, the app can't play a single song stored on my phone in a single try. I had to restart the app and try some times.
  • Not available on 10240 yert. Not that it would matter at this point in time, though.
  • One more reason upgrade to windows is groove music. I'm impressed, actually. It's way too smoother than Xbox music on PCs
  • It's still crap compared to Zune... :(
  • Stop living in the past Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Zune is still awesome. It had soul. This is very cold.
  • That's a silly argument, people will stop saying Zune is better when groove reaches that quality.
    Though Groove has improved much,but there are a few things Zune has over it and vise versa.
  • Yeah, Groove Music is fine but there are still some things why Zune is still way better when in comes to desktop, even WMP. Aesthetic-wise, Zune is still superior as compared to Groove Music which is still bland and cold feeling, worst is its not hat even polished, means layout is still barren and odd in some places. On mobile, well bigger advantage of Zune is mainly for its aesthetics when it compares it from Zune player. Zune from WP7, not so much in terms of functionality but still Groove Music is missing several few things like better Lockscreen integration like showing artist images, Better lively Live Tiles from WP8, Heart Rating, Artist Bio, Related Artist, Music Videos and Music Store Integration. I will give to credit that Groove Music on mobile is quite better now than Xbox Music app though on other areas. Still Groove Music lacks character and aesthetics from Zune. Some functionality is also missing in Groove Music which is taken for granted from Xbox Music and Zune.
  • Zune was good for it's time but I prefer the current Groove as things like wireless transfer is useless now I can sync music everywhere from adding to just one device. If you select now playing and expand, again I prefer this to the multi-artist Zune display, which I always hated anyway. Groove has a lot of info and choice on, for example, select artist and all the info on this page is ideal for me. Groove is constantly improving and I do send feedback, as I'm sure you do, to gain an even better experience.
  • Speak for yourself...wireless transfer is a very used feature among professionals musicians. Which is why more and more musicians are switching to Android and WP from the iPhone.
  • I agree Shohruh. When I upgraded to Win10, it was the first time I didn't install bother to install WinAMP, which I had used since for 15 years or so.
  • Someone here in Mountain View had a fake cemetery in his front yard for Halloween and one of the tombstones was for Zune.
  • Zune. Da best. Installed it on win10 tablet for my car.
  • I stopped using this POS a few months back. Is it any good now?
  • Man YES!
  • It was released a few months back... What did you expect?
  • Hmm jeez I don't know, maybe releasing an app with the features of the old app instead of removing them and adding them back later? (That's what you call a Beta)
  • There was nothing to remove.  This is a NEW app.  Features are added to new apps.
  • You know what he meant. This is a replacement for Xbox Music, which was a replacement for Zune. He (and many others) would expect a replacement to at least be on parity with features of its predecessor.
  • Yes, but I do see comments on here, for example "it won't repeat tracks", when it actually does. So give it a try but explore and see what it does - you may like?
  • I would like to pause a song on my phone and resume on my Xbox and/or pc.
  • That would be awesome! I hope they are working towards that.
  • Make sure you voice your opinion in the Feedback app! I would love to see this as well.
  • I would love this too - on my SP3 and phone - I will feedback this too :)
  • They can't even make it resume on the same device!
  • I'd really like Recent Plays to be added to the desktop Groove app
  • I agree josh and as this is a Universal App and this function is on the phone, they should be adding this.
  • Sorry, ruined chunks of my library once, never again. I'll stick with MusicBee.
  • Microsoft contacts and windows insider update it too
  • Why the albuns inside an Artist Page are not Most Recent (Released Date) ordered?? This is pretty basic for every music player in every platform! And, another update and another two weeks without know what are the recently added musics to my colection! I can't order my colection by Released Date or Added Date! This is ridiculous! I am a Pass user since 2011 and every week that I simple cant acess my most recent music make me more regretful for keeping paying for this servisse.
  • That live tile never worked for me. It's blank all the time. Does it depend on OS build number? I'm on 10240.
  • Works on 581 mobile.
  • Your music metadata needs to match the metadata on the Groove music servers.
    You can do it by checking the metadata in the Store and then add it to your music. SFMBE
  • I still like to use Zune for Desktop.
  • I can't get this mobile update, still in version 3.6.1382.0. Anyone help?
  • Lol, I was wondering if the black gradiant was a bug. Glad they changed it...
  • Yeah it really looked like someone put it there by mistake lol
  • Not seen this before but so glad it has been removed :)
  • Ive been having problem with the store on my pc lately..i have 5 updates but they're won't download them..i tried a few fix found on the internet but still can I fix it? Is anyone having the same issue?
  • Same kind of wide tile needed for Groove on mobile. But the album art shouldn't be boxed.
  • Windows Insider also got an update
  • Windows insider also gets an update...Sm new build cmng
  • Wow..... METADATA edit for this and the video app. Someone please actually listen.
  • Does the last played artist stay on the tile now? Even if you're not listening to the music. I miss that from 7.0
  • It only remains for a time and then disappears, but I would like it to remain until you select another track - and remain across all devices we own!
  • I'm trying to download the app but msn weather is stuck in the middle of the installation, what can I do to solve this?
  • Restart the store app
  • Restarted the entire system and forced powershell command to uninstall it, none worked
  • My biggest gripe with Groove on PC is the thing that matters the most. Sound quality! There's a lot of lost detail in the mid frequencies because they've sculpted the sound too much and there's also some pretty awful pitch distortion at high volumes. They've also removed the Dolby Theatre Hi-fi option which was just exquisite! I use very high end cans & I'm anal about these kind of things.
  • Interesting. What headphones are you using? I'm guessing they are not Beats because you mentioned high quality. I haven't tried to listen at too high of a volume, but I'm oly using somebsony studio headphones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • LOL! Yeah . . . definitely not Beats. Can't stand the sloppy, wooly bass on their headphones. I have a couple but I use my Sennheiser HD598s or Audio Technica M50Xs for casual listening. It may well be a problem with my hardware since no one else has said anything.
  • I actually agree with you. They need to improve the sound quality, even on FLAC it sound a bit underwhelming. I have a Hi-Fi system and sometimes I find the the music quality a little bit underwhelming where it used to be way better. This is difficult to judge though since unfortunately only few of us have high-quality gear to test.
  • Well at least someone else out there understands the struggle. Sometimes it just seems like I'm crazy or I make these things up. #AudiophileProblems
  • Add the album art stuff to the drop down music stuff
  • Is anyone else having problems downloading music for free through the music pass?
  • Also, on mobile, I want it to show the album art when an album is playing, not some crappy old black and white cropped artist picture from two decades ago that might not even have current band members.
  • Ugh, yet another minor release. Boy, would I love 15 minutes with the product manager.
  • LOL
  • I would support you.
  • Still forced to see artist photos instead of album art while playing songs on the mobile app. So lame. Dealbreaker for me.
  • Aw I hope they remake the similar Live Tile used in WP8. It was better and looked way better. It just needs to show Album art when no Artist Image is present.
  • I dont have artist pics they are just blank no update fixed it.When i use wlc player artist pics are there.Dont know whats the problem maybe cause we cant use groove music sign in here but i doubt it.
  • I'd like to know if they are going to include a sync feature for windows phones just like windows media player. I think it's the best way to sync music to my phone.
  • I'm not thrilled with the way they incorporated the review section, but at least it's there. Why not have it as a pivot section when you swipe on the album cover? Oh wait... I guess they're not doing pivots anymore. :/ For some positive feedback, on mobile: The new Sort By, Filter, and Genre selections are much better! Instead of being in a submenu and selections just listed as a string on top of the screen, they are dropdown boxes there, which makes much more sense. A welcome change.  
  • It stinks because that was one of my favorite features on WP... Now it seems Android has it where WP is abandoning it. So strange...
  • It was an excellent way to navigate. No need to reach for anything, no need to hit an exact spot on the screen. They got rid of it infavor of the hamburger menus so they could make it easier for developers to port their apps and make consistent UIs across platforms - ironic that now other developers on Android are seeing the benefits of the pivot menus (also, Android has the swipe-from-left alternative to the hamburger menu).
  • Have they done the following find/replace on their codebase yet? '.OrderBy(track=>track.TrackNumber)' to '.OrderBy(track=>track.DiscNumber).ThenBy(track=>track.TrackNumber)' seems not :(.
  • Yes they have, actually.
  • I love the comparison screenshots between versions. Thanks Windows Central for continuing to do that where possible.
  • There's a typo in the first sentence of the article * Groove Music
  • No, this is the generic knock-off version, Goove.
  • Just waiting for the update where they show album art instead of artist picture during playback. It can't be that hard. The artist picture is useless when you are playing an album
  • I wish the live tile of other Windows and third party apps were also updated.
  • Really nice update... Now I can resume from where I left
  • Once updated, it's not playing my playlist, keeps skipping the songs #frustrated
  • the need to work on live tile look at the font placement in wide and large tiles
  • The app doesn't matter if they won't change the name.
  • Still Can't see the albums downloaded from Nokia music. They are listed under unknown album.