Grounded guide: How to find and collect Raw Science, and what it's for

Grounded Raw Science Image
Grounded Raw Science Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

Surviving in Obsidian Entertainment's latest game, Grounded, requires certain knowledge, and lots of Grounded beginner tips and tricks, but it also asks for players to accumulate a special currency-like resource known as Raw Science. This bizarre, floating substance can be turned around and spent to unlock new upgrades and technologies, like floors and stairs for your multi-story base. Where to find this stuff and what it does isn't always clear, however, so we've compiled everything we know in this Grounded guide.

Here's how to find and collect Raw Science in Grounded, and what Raw Science is used for:

What is Raw Science in Grounded?

Grounded Raw Science Image

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Raw Science is an amorphous resource that's usually pink in hue, takes the general shape of a shaky orb, and is filled with a variety of strange geometric shapes and designs. It's definitely... strange, and not at all-natural. Raw Science may have something to do with Grounded's growing story, and maybe even how the players were shrunk in the first place, but there's not enough information to be certain. All we know is that Raw Science can be collected by players, and then spent on upgrades and other perks.

Raw Science is absolutely necessary to progress through the game in certain ways, allowing you to unlock things like superior torches, floors, and stairs to build sturdier and multi-story bases, and upgraded walls and defenses to turn your home into a fortress. That's not the full list, and more will undoubtedly be added to the game as Grounded's Early Access and Game Preview progresses over time. However, Raw Science can also be a little hard to get your hands on in any significant amount.

Here's how to find and collect Raw Science in Grounded:

How can I find and collect Raw Science in Grounded?

Grounded Raw Science Image

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Right now, there are three ways of finding and collecting Raw Science in Grounded, each with varying degrees of ease and amounts. Players can either: analyze resources and materials at certain lab locations; speak to BURG.L, a key NPC in Grounded, about accepting missions and quests; and find Raw Science scattered throughout the world in ponds, caves, labs, and more. As far as the difficulty of each method is concerned:

  • Analyze resources. This method is the easiest to do, as it requires nothing more than to find one of these lab locations and select the resource or material you have on you that you wish to analyze (as long as you haven't analyzed it before). Each lab location with an analyze machine will let you analyze up to three resources or materials a day, but there are multiple locations you can do this at in the world. This method nets you small amounts of Raw Science, but it can add up over time.
  • Complete BURG.L quests. If you speak to BURG.L, the primary NPC in Grounded that gives you information, challenges, and allows you to purchase upgrades with your Raw Science, you can take on certain missions that give you Raw Science as a reward. The rewards for these quests varies depending on the difficulty of the quest, and of course, this means you have to accomplish specific goals to gain your reward. This is a great long term method of continuing to gain Raw Science, however, as BURG.L will keep gaining new quests every day.
  • Find Raw Science in the world. Finally, Raw Science can exist "naturally" in the world, and players can touch the Raw Science to collect it. They'll appear as floating orbs, and can be pretty much anywhere. You might find them underwater, deep in caves or tunnels, attached to roots or around landmarks, and much more. The amounts of Raw Science you gain depends on the size of the orb, but some Raw Science orbs can give lots of Raw Science if the player finds them. There's a set amount in the world, however, meaning there's a set amount of Raw Science to be gained this way. And you have to find them first.

Every player should use a combination of these methods to find and collect Raw Science, especially since these methods usually have other benefits. Analyzing resources and materials can give you additional uses for those resources or materials, like crafting recipes. Search for Raw Science orbs gives you a reason to explore the world, leading to opportunities to discover other labs and new landmarks. And BURG.L's quests offer a way to continue gaining Raw Science even if you've analyzed all your resources and materials, and you can no longer find new sources in the world. But once you have Raw Science, how do you use it?

Here's how to use Raw Science in Grounded to purchase upgrades:

How do I use Raw Science in Grounded?

Grounded Raw Science Image

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If you're interested in what kinds of things you can spend your Raw Science on in Grounded, you'll first need to gain access to BURG.L. This means completing the first few story missions in Grounded like fixing the mysterious device and investigating the subsequent explosion at the base of the Oak Tree. Here's how to use Raw Science in Grounded:

  1. Find and speak to BURG.L inside the Oak Tree Lab. He'll be knocked over when you first meet him, so you'll have to right him first.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  1. If you look on the ground near BURG.L, you should spy the Grasslands BURG.L chip. You'll want to pick this up.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  1. Speak to BURG.L and select the "I found a BURG.L chip" option. BURG.L will instantly install the new chip, and thank you.

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  1. Speak to BURG.L again, but this time choose the "I'll trade you some Raw Science" option. BURG.L will open a new screen for you.

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  1. This upgrade screen is all of the Raw Science upgrades currently available to you. You can check how much Raw Science you have in the corner and the costs of each upgrade.
  2. Other upgrades are also available, but you'll have to find other BURG.L chips and bring them to BURG.L to unlock additional upgrades.
  3. If there's an upgrade you want, and you've collected enough Raw Science for it, just select that upgrade from this menu to trade with BURG.L.

Once you have the hang of it, using Raw Science in Grounded is pretty straightforward. Never pass up an opportunity to collect more Raw Science, even if you think you've unlocked all the upgrades because you never know when the team at Obsidian Entertainment may add another BURG.L chip to Grounded, or even if there's one just around the next corner that you haven't found yet! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep adding to your Raw Science savings account.



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