Hack for T-Mobile Lumia 710: Flash Windows Phone OS 8107 + new firmware

Okay, in a way we really don't recommend you do this, on the other hand we just did so who are we to judge. In short, with a few tools and about 20 minutes of your time, you can flash the latest build of Windows Phone (8107 with the keyboard fix) and the latest firmware (12070) onto your T-Mobile branded Nokia Lumia 710.

The latest firmware fixes the end-call bug in addition to giving other "performance enhancements" e.g. powering on from standby seems faster to us now, whereas before there was delay. We haven't run it long enough to see if battery life has improved, though we presume since this matches the Lumia 800's new firmware that it has some of the same tricks (we're idling at about 135mAh, for what it's worth).

How is this done? The files come from Nokia's servers where you can download various ROM packages. In this case, Nokia has available three variants (by color) of their latest 710 ROMs for India available. That's right, you'll be installing a ROM for India on your US phone. No worries though as it's unbranded and heck, it even has two pics of the Taj Mahal as a bonus.

Downside? Evidently in India you can't give an option to disable the camera shutter sound, so you'll literally lose that option in Settings. This is also a full-on flash, meaning you'll wipe your device and backups won't work (new firmware). Finally, we lost our "4G" icon which makes us wonder if we lost our HSPA+ speeds. Our browser download tests (compared to a T-Mo Radar 4G) show that no loss in speed has occurred and from normal use, it feels just as fast as ever for data.

In order to do this you'll need two pieces of free software: Navifirm and Nokia Care Suite 5.0. The former downloads the ROMs from the server, the latter via the Product Support Tool For Store 5.0, allows you to flash your phone. (Honestly, it's really easy once you read some instructions).

Unfortunately we're not going to give a step-by-step because this is a little risky (although you can just flash back the T-Mobile release ROM). Still, if you want to know more about how this works, just head over to ye'old XDA where you can read the similar instructions on flashing the Lumia 800 (yes, it works on that too). Or you could just wait for the T-Mobile version, which we imagine will be here in a few weeks.

Thanks, Robert, for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I have the lumia 710, the keyboard issue is not a big problem compare it to my hd7.
    The only issue i noticed is the auto light screen it flickers when adjusting to the environment, but other than that i dont really have an issue.. I used this as my main phone now BC its faster than the hd7.. Oh yeah there's a delay on the standby
  • Cool!! Can you put up the pics of Taj Mahal on your Lumia 710? :-)
  • Can't really extract them as they're under Wallpapers and can't be shared. Nothing specially really, pretty generic shots.
  • Oh okay... :-)
  • Does it increase bass on audio heard thru headsets?  I know this was fixed in the latest update on the 800.
  • Daniel, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! Lol. Just joking...
  • You know, and one of the reasons I moved to Windows Phone was to have an up to date, reliable phone instead of having to constantly hack away at my phone to get it to work right.
    Here we go again.
    Why can't the carriers just get the hell out of the way and release updates?
  • Right!
  • In fairness, this ROM/Firmware was just released like within the last 48 hours. I think it's okay to give Nokia/T-Mobile a few weeks here before we get out the pitchforks.
  • It would be nice to imagine a world where we get updates, no matter what nature, fom Microsoft and not the carriers. 
  • Disagree. I think the landscape's changed, and carriers just need to get out of the way of updates. I think it's totally reasonable for new firmware to be released the same day as the manufacturer gets it done. This is how it works for Apple: the carriers have nothing to do with software updates. It's how it should be for everyone.
  • Because carriers are convinced that one of these updates is going to magically crash their network. Unless it's an iPhone update... Truthfully I think carriers are just afraid of the cede control they won't have an excuse for installing uninstall able apps on Android phones. Which would result in less "product differential" and possibly less money for them. Off topic, but if only Apple really profits from iPhones and only carriers profit from Android, where does Windows Phone stand?
  • Consumers profit from Windows Phone :-D
  • Does anybody know if it's possible to get the Beats Audio algorithms onto WP? Don't you guys think that would be a cool project?
  • I've been wondering about this too.
  • I would say if you are on the fence about flashing your ROM I say do not but... Use the same method to flash your firmware I do heartily recommend and this time its from Singapore although having said that it is very likely that this firmware will be rolled out globally over the next 2 weeks.
    You lose nothing you do not need to fiddle about with language packs or worry about a missing shutter function.
  • Does this update enable mobile hotspot?
  • Unforutnatley, no. Trust me, that'd be a seperate headline ;-)
  • In the middle of updating my Lumia 800 to the 8107 release - Bass enhancements or battery upgrade arnt mentioned in the update history?
  • Finished the update, tested the bass reponse (through Boss on ear headphones) and i can't notice anything different
  • Note: There's a difference between OS and firmware updates. The firmware is what controls bass response here, meaning you need to have the 12070 version to get this feature. The 8107 OS update is hardware neutral and won't have an effect on such matters.
  • I see, thank you. Do you know how I can update my firmware?
  • You could use cab sender from xda and just get the update from ms then get the firmware from Nokia that way it upgrades the rom no wipe they have a 7740 to 8107 its only a few mb
  • True, in theory. But AFAIK that file is not yet available as a .cab to install just yet using that method.
  • Well it is the links are on xda download from ms servers
  • Its just the direct builds from ms so it doesn't contain newer firmware so right now I have 8107 upgraded from 7740 but the original fw
  • Rogers updated their lumia 710. I did it for my brother today. Been bugging him with a notice since he bought 2 weeks ago. They should just give to everyone
  • Wheres the Hack?
  • How about T-Mobile launch the update for their Owners who bought the HD7. This keyboard disappearing act is pissing me off.
  • My NL710 is still not showing firmware update, in from India anyone else having same problem in India.
  • What's the purpose of doing this? Just wait in your update, and enjoy what you have.
  • Because the disappearing keyboard bug is absolutely maddenning.
  • How about getting the 8107 update on att anyone know anything?
  • I try the navifirm plus today, but the latest firmware for lumia 710 (rm-803) is no longer there. 
    Can somebody reupload it please..?? many thanks
  • The article mentions losing the "4G" status indicator. Does the standard "3G" indicator appear, or what does it otherwise display for HSPA+ connections? Also, would it be able to put the official T-Mobile version on if/when it is released?