Halo Infinite Armor Lockers: How to unlock multiplayer rewards in Campaign

Halo Infinite
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There are tons of different collectibles available across the expansive Halo Infinite campaign, but for fans of the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience, the most important ones are the pieces of cosmetic rewards. These give players access to customization items that can be used during multiplayer gameplay, rewarding fans who purchased the campaign and explored the vast open world of Zeta Halo.

These rewards are available from containers called Armor Lockers. In this guide, we'll go over what Armor Lockers are, how you can find them, and what rewards they contain.

What are Halo Infinite Armor Lockers?

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Halo Infinite's Armor Lockers are containers that you can find in Halo Infinite's open world. When approached and opened, these containers will reward you with a cosmetic multiplayer item. Most of these rewards are armor coatings, weapon coatings, and vehicle coatings, but there are also several weapon charms and player emblems available as well.

Armor lockers appear in the open world as large olive green UNSC lockers that have a flashing green light and a holographic UNSC logo above them. They also have the UNSC logo painted in white on the front as well.

How to find Halo Infinite Armor Lockers

Source: Windows Central One of the FOBs that are spread out across Zeta Halo. (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

To find Armor Lockers, you'll need to retake each of Halo Infinite's FOBs from Banished forces in the open world. These small UNSC outposts reveal the locations of several different nearby collectibles when captured, including Armor Lockers. Once you've retaken all of the FOBs on the map, you'll be able to see where all of the Armor Lockers are located. On the map, they are represented by a locker icon.

All Halo Infinite campaign unlocks

There are 34 different Armor Lockers in Halo Infinite's campaign, and each one gives you a unique cosmetic item. Here's an overview of every unlock you can earn in the campaign by finding Armor Lockers:

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UnlockItem Type
Banished DeceptionArmor Coating
Dogfight MakovichArmor Coating
Scorpion HorvathArmor Coating
Wild KovanArmor Coating
Obelisk StoneArmor Coating
Crimson VettelArmor Coating
Shadow SorelArmor Coating
Midnight GriffinArmor Coating
Blood ShadowArmor Coating
Warmaster's PrizeWeapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
Warmaster's PrizeWeapon Coating (BR75 Battle Rifle)
Warmaster's PrizeWeapon Coating (VK78 Commando)
Warmaster's PrizeWeapon Coating (M41 SPNKr)
Warmaster's PrizeWeapon Coating (CQS48 Bulldog)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M12 Warthog)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M12R Rocket Hog)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M808 Scorpion)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M290 Mongoose)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M290-M Gungoose)
Banished DeceptionVehicle Coating (M15 Razorback)
Dogfight MakovichVehicle Coating (AV-49 Wasp)
InfinitySpartan Emblem
BanishedSpartan Emblem
GriffinSpartan Emblem
WindfallSpartan Emblem
InfinityArmor Emblem
BanishedArmor Emblem
GriffinArmor Emblem
WindfallArmor Emblem
BanishedWeapon Emblem
GriffinWeapon Emblem
BanishedWeapon Charm
DogtagsWeapon Charm

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It's one of the best Xbox shooters ever made, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot.

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