Halo: Spartan Assault for Windows Phone 8 will come to Verizon first in the US

Halo: Spartan Assault will be a landmark game when it launches on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 later this month. It marks the first mobile entry in Microsoft’s Halo franchise, something fans have been clamoring for ever since Windows Phone 7 debuted back in 2010. While it took a long time for the game to actually be revealed to the world, the wait between the June announcement and Spartan Assault’s undisclosed July release date will be relatively short.

It turns out that some Windows Phone 8 users will need to wait a bit longer for the new Halo game than others, however. Today Microsoft and Verizon revealed that the Windows Phone 8 version of Spartan Assault will launch first on Verizon phones in the US before eventually becoming available to all domestic customers. This timed exclusivity does not affect countries outside of the US, nor does it affect the Windows 8 version of the game.

Verizon’s announcement

The official announcement came through Verizon’s website (opens in new tab). In a story titled “Halo: Spartan Assault coming to Windows Phone 8,” the subtitle clearly reads “First to Verizon Wireless.” In the body of the article itself, the exclusivity bombshell is almost casually mentioned:

“Halo fans and new Spartans will soon be able to download “Halo: Spartan Assault” on their Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and Verizon Wireless customers will be the first ones able to do so in the U.S.”

The story goes on to mention which Verizon phones will be compatible with Spartan Assault:

“Halo: Spartan Assault” will be available for $6.99 on the Windows Phone App Store and will be playable on the Nokia Lumia 928, Nokia Lumia 822, Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Samsung ATIV Odyssey from Verizon Wireless.”

All of those devices have 1 GB of RAM, because that’s all Verizon carries. But we have confirmed with Microsoft that Spartan Assault will also be compatible with 512 MB Windows Phone 8 devices as well.

Patience is a virtue

So what does this all mean? Well, for one thing it shows Verizon’s support of their Windows Phone 8 devices and how much they want those phones to succeed. The US carrier’s lineup of devices is second only to AT&T’s. Verizon customers who play games will be happy (or at least not disappointed) by the announcement.

As for non-Verizon users who live in the US, the timed exclusivity IS sort of bad news. Microsoft would not confirm the duration of Spartan Assault’s exclusivity: it could be as little as a week or as long as a couple of months. I’m placing my bet on 3-4 weeks. International Windows Phone 8 users will not be affected by the Verizon exclusivity.

However, this announcement doesn’t mean that no Americans without a Verizon phone will be able to play Spartan Assault when it launches. Windows Phone Central has confirmed with Microsoft that the Windows 8 version will launch simultaneously with the Verizon and international Windows Phone 8 versions of the game. So if you don’t have a Verizon phone but do have a Surface or other Windows 8 device, you can still get the tablet or PC version right away.

The US hasn’t seen a carrier-specific Xbox Windows Phone game since ilomilo debuted for free to AT&T users back in holiday 2010. ilomilo later became available to everybody in January 2011. Halo: Spartan Assault will definitely not be free for Verizon users: they’ll pay $6.99, just like everybody else.

Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 (amusingly enough, a clone based on the Halo console games) launched for free in India but at a price of $6.99 in the rest of the world. The Indian version was extremely buggy, however, and quickly got pulled from the Store. It’s a safe bet that Verizon’s US exclusive offering of the Windows Phone 8 version of Halo: Spartan Assault will not be plagued by similar problems.

via Phone Arena

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Well, that's the fastest way to make a sad Sam. I'll just be playing on Windows 8 then. 
  • What about international maybe You Can change your region settings to get it :)
  • Couldn't you just use trick phone dupe trick to get it?
  • I think you still can, but the real question would be: Would you be able to purchase the full version.?
  • what is this stupid shit?  Yesterday we had an exclusive app for one phone, now we have an exclusie app for one carrier.
    ilomilo doesnt really count because in 2010 ATT was pretty much the ONLY carrier at launch (T-mo was and is a joke).
  • att is a joke.  youre paying 20 dollars for unlimited text. LOL
    It's 5 for Tmobile.
  • Then again, AT & T users have way, way more phones to choose from than T-Mobile, including the upcoming Lumia 1020. Each carrier has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • You can also buy an AT&T phone, have it unlocked by AT&T, and then use it on T-Mobile, though if you don't have the right antennas you may get reduced speed, and you have to be a former AT&T customer, and you can only do it 5 times - but other than that... :) http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB414532&cv=820#fbid=dJx8ONSARfF
  • I don't know about that, Blackberry sent me an AT&T Q10 and I had AT&T unlock it for me and am not a customer (former customer, but I didn't give them info that could identify me as a former customer).
  • That's cool.  I'm just going by the info on the link.  They verified my former status before unlocking my 920s.
  • $20 for Text is a joke, but here I am - quit Sprint, and am happy with the speed I get on AT&T. Paying through the nose tho...
  • im paying 36 for unlimited everything on ATT network.
  • give me your methods.
  • whatever your secret is to unlock that achievement must be shared.
  • You must have "grandfathered" the unlimited plans from a few years ago.
  • @onysi...Well, it's Inteller's money (or anyone else for that matter); ATT users can spend their money however they chose.
  • You're a joke buddy...... Awee, that wasn't nice.. Are you mad at me now... I ♥ U❕❕
  • Use whatsapp. $1/yr
  • That is what I will do. I think this type of game will be better on a bigger screen anyway. I just hope it just buttery smooth on my Surface RT!
  • Hell yeah to my 928!
  • But I have a 920❔.. Seems the tables have turned.. Screw you❕.. Lol..
  • As a Nokia 920 owner I guess pay back's a bitch. Can't complain, I'll just play day one on the Surface.
  • I just hate all exclusives, because at the end of the day the only people that get screwed are the consumers.
  • You're so right it's like what happened to the options why Nokia stop selling unlocked version of they phones? I blame apple made everyone greedy
  • Is it really that hard to go on expansys.
  • No, but who wants to spend an extra 50%?
  • A lot of people, just not in US as they seem to be unable to calculate the total cost of the phone. Only thing they are doing with no real unlocked market is giving all the control to operators. Even going so far that operators select the phone you can buy.
    That's impossible idea in continental Europe. 
  • Agreed!
  • Unless you have a Nokia and in this case Verizon... which I do. Love it.
  • At the end it will help the plattform to develop becaues exclusivity means that not only the producer is a part of the deal but also the business that has the exclusive rights - so they either pay for it or promote it further 
  • Get over it..... Just joking❗❕
  • OMG Verizon gets goodies first! Between that & have a Nokia I feel loved by the MSFT phone gods! PINCH ME, IM DREAMING!!!
  • +822 on that!
  • Finally, Verizon showing support for its WP8 customers. My 8X is ready for your presence, Sarah Palmer.
  • Hey, you don't happen to know Laura Palmer .... ;)
  • Say hi to dale cooper for me
  • what just happened.
  • She's a hard-ass bitch
  • No, they aren't. This is simply MS whoring out on advertising. If Halo is not carrier-exclusive, NO carrier advertises it. If they grant an exclusive, VZW will print one flyer, which will be filed on the trash can in the back room at the store which is where they keep their other Windows Phones.
    All MS is accomplishing here is screwing their early adopters.
  • Add in the fact that no WP devices on VZW's homepage are highlighted and you have to wonder why they got the exclusive.
  • I can only imagine that Verizon approached Microsoft and offered them a lot of money for the exclusive. Or maybe promised that they'd actually start giving a flying crap about WP and training their employees to do something other than mindlessly shove Android down everyone's throat. Either way, Microsoft's relationship with Verizon is still on the mend, so saying no (even if they wanted to) probably was never really an option. :(
  • If you change to a different region, would it let you download it?
  • Probably. You'd have to pay with PayPal though.
  • Can't even with MS dollars/points from bing rewards? Or does that become invalid if your region is canada?
  • Not sure! Let us know when it comes out.
  • I doubt that this will work.  We don't have the Bing Rewards Program in Canada.  At one point I somehow signed up for Bing Rewards, but then they closed the account when they found out I'm a Canadian resident.  If you are going to try to use Bing Rewards, I suggest trying a country where the Bing Rewards Program is offered (I don't know which countries these are).
  • Yeah, gonna pick up my Spartan Assault as one of the first in Finland :p Already have 7€ in my Microsoft Account, due to participating in XBOX 360 Beta (they transferred my MS Points to real money) :)
  • Nice move, MS. Way to $crew your best WP8 customers in the US (I.e. Your LAUNCH customers). I'll instead now get only the Windows 8 version. Another "win" for the failing WP8 platform! (ATT 920 launch customer)
  • Wouldn't say that WP8 is failing, we recently took 3rd place and are gaining traction among big name devs and have more and more official apps coming out by the week it seems
  • I am not so clear the statistics say WP8 is gaining at all. But, like the Apple Mac back around 2000, it's easy to talk about percentage growth when you have a tiny sliver of the market.
  • According to Kantar, Nokia's Lumia line just crossed 10% marketshare in UK. We're seeingd double-digit marketshare sprout up in several regions now, with the U.S being a weird holdout. Maybe giving Verizon the big guns is seen as a way to drive WP growth (esp. Lumia 928) with that carrier. It might work.
  • Shhhhh... (we) Americans love to think we are the center of the universe! If you look at the big stats, most phones sold world wide are quite low end and virtually dominated by Android until the 520 was released. Of course, people outside wealthier countries that are truly price sensitive aren't about to go out and buy a new phone until their old one is truly dead. Even then, Android is available in more markets than Windows Phone.
    World wide statistics are terrible when you start looking at the details. Sadly, the countries where you can have skewed stats world wide by dominating are also two of the less wealthy in the world (India and China). The significance to this fact is that you better have a bunch of light weight free apps because (a) the main phones sold aren't exactly killing the spec sheet and (b) the average person in those countries don't have the disposable income to be buying apps left and right. WMPoweruser just made a post about WP marketshare by phone in the UK.... top is 800. Next two are 8S and 520. It took Android how long to finally have Gingerbread or whatever lose its lead? Well, use that as a scale for how long it will take for Windows Phone to catch on after it reaches ~13-16% (look up the law of diffusion of innovation for the significance).
  • Pretty sure Froyo(2.3.3) is still about 30% of the install-base, which makes it the biggest piece of the Android pie.
  • This makes no sense whatsoever. It would if it was coming to Android or iOS first. But since it's still WP8 only and it's a move to get more people that use Verizon to switch to WP8, which will hopefully increase market share, which will hopefully increase developer interest, which will hopefully get more and more quality brand apps...why is this not a good thing?
    You're just pissed cause you are quite used to being the spoiled ATT/Nokia customer getting everything first. I'm right there with you. But lets let them get a little love and it will make our entire chosen mobile platform that much stronger!
  • How in the world does the fact that only VZW WP8 customers can get it make more Verizon customers want to switch to WP8? Why would they care what other carriers it is on?????
    Yes, I am a spoiled Nokia customer. But I also do not agree with their exclusive policies, either. You take a 3% market share for WP8, and then you carve it up into even smaller segments. Does nothing to help the platform grow whatsoever.
  • Well, it really does nothing to hurt the WP8 ecosphere. People who are on T-Mobile/ATT or whatever else in the US that are ending contract and looking at Verizon may consider WP8 instead of anything else because of that game.
    Ya, its going to be annoying that you cannot play a stupid game for who knows how long. But so what?
    Also, I don't understand the whole "carve it up into smaller segments" bit. Do you think people would be so shallow over a timed exclusive, that will eventually everyone on WP8 will get, that they would feel slighted and jump ship to another mobile OS?
    If someone is going to leave WP8 for another mobile OS, they've already been thinking about it. I cannot fathom a simple game making that much of a difference...much less one that they'll NEVER get on a different OS.
    It doesn't hurt and can only help the overall WP OS ecosystem.
    And, like you said, go play it on Windows 8. Probably be better there with a larger screen and you can plug in an Xbox controller as well. But don't get a heart attack over something so...so...infantile.
  • In all fairness, us AT&T 920 and even 820 customers always got everything first. The flagship phone, app exclusives, and more. Verizon gets its turn, it is fine. Feel bad for T-Mobile though.
  • GDR1... My poor 822 was the last US set of phones to get it.
  • Verizon and T-Mobile were fully capable of getting the phones sooner - THEY DIDN'T CARE, and so ATT was granted an exclusive. Which, by the way, was a joke. I have NEVER seen an ATT store do anything but steer customers away from WP8 immediately. They even tried to do it to me. Despite the fact that they have 5 broken Lumia phones on display, and only a single iPhone in the far corner with no marketing.
  • If you're trying to grow the platform you use, one might think it is unwise to bad mouth it. Perhaps you are no longer in growing the platform you use over a slight wait for one app. Just throwing that out there...
  • Why shouldn't users criticize it?
    We don't work for Microsoft or Nokia.   But hey, if Ballmer or Elop want to start sending me a weekly check (*) in order for me to regurgitate happy-talk, I'm game.
    (*) Checking account provided to interested Microsoft HR personnel, upon request.
  • I agree, there seems to be no good argument for this move. Not the end of the world, but pointless fragmentation nonetheless.
  • Given how big a deal they make of console exclusives, I shouldn't be surprised. But I'm still quite annoyed.
      Sounds like another one of those situations where stupid marketing managers think eroding long term good will is worth some short-term marketing campaign. It's not like we're experiencing a deluge of new games or anything.
  • They make a big deal out of console exclusives as related to XBox vs. PS3 vs. Wii.  I've never seen where if you bought your XBox at Best Buy, you'll now be able to buy this game.  Maybe Best Buy might get a game first, but every XBox owner can walk into the store and get it. This is Microsoft owned game to be played on a Microsoft powered device inside of a Microsoft operating system.  Why on Earth would they not make it available to all Microsoft mobile operating system (Windows Phone) customers?  smh  
  • Ever heard of pre-order bonuses? The ones you get from GameStop are different from Best Buy are different from Amazon are different from Walmart are different from Target.
    Right now I'm trying to decide whether, for Assassin's Creed IV, I want GameStop's Cpt Morgan costume, ship, and missions, or Amazon's Stede Bonnet costume, ship, and missions.
  • I have heard of those, but maybe I'm missing something.  If you would please explain to me how this is at all similar to a pre-order bonus on a game console, I'd greatly appreciate it. Are Verizon customers getting Halo as a pre-order bonus for buying a new phone?  Are pre-order bonus games on a console not available for purchase by anyone other than those pre-ordering the console?  Are the "bonuses" you described just decorative variations of the same game, but you still get to buy/play the game, regardless?? From my understanding, there is no hardware pre-order scenario that qualifies for this.  There is also no option for non-Verizon customers to BUY this game at launch.   It is as if Microsoft said "Office" will be released to AT&T and Skype to Sprint.  Each carrier will get different parts of Microsoft's portfolio.  
  • It's similar in that specific add-on content and missions are only available from specific retailers for a specific amount of time, after which they're (usually) opened up for purchase as DLC.
  • Nicely said; they are indeed similar in that respect.
  • I disagree. The entire game is unavailable in this case, not just a mission or special weapon. Also, Halo mobile isn't tied to a hardware purchase. Finally, an individual game can be bought at any of the retailers you listed. You have a choice. In the Halo/mobile example there is no option as one can't go to Verizon to procure the game.
  • Strange move. It is not like this one game alone is going to sell phones. Dont get me wrong it looks awesome and I am sure it will be awesome but I cant see people running out to buy a new phone because of a 7 dollar game.
  • I have to agree with you on this one.
  • I think you have a valid point but, I think you would be surprised at what people would do. Crazier things have happened when it comes to these type of scenarios. Just saying hopefully its for the better.
  • Agree - this will not sell a single Verizon phone. Worse, it ticks off existing supporters of the platform.
  • What will they do? jump ship for a competing OS that will never get the game? seems like a real smart thing to do.
  • Say whaaaat? More exclusive bs? When will you learn MS?!?!
  • This is actually the FIRST MS exclusive that I can think of.
  • The first carrier exclusive. There are dozens of exclusives for Nokia mobiles
  • There are no other Microsoft exclusives....at all. We can all get Excel and Word and Skype and Photosynth. Nokia exclusives are the result of Nokia investment to support their paying customers. We are all Microsoft customers. I hope Verizon helped make Halo possible or at least paid a significant fee.
  • Sure hope VZ actually promotes it, otherwise it'll be a waste.
  • Stupid crap, so early adoptees on att can go sit and spin huh.....great way to keep your customers happy Microsoft!!!!
  • As opposed to everyone else waiting for AT&T exclusives to come their way... did you forget the 1020 already?
    1 exclusive for Verizon (the nations largest carrier) and AT&T customers forget every exclusive they've gotten.
  • The 1020 is NOKIA product.  They are looking out for their brand.
    Halo is a MICROSOFT product.  They SHOULD be looking out for their brand.  
  • Yes because att has the biggest WP8 crowd.
  • Sadly that's how it works, they get used to the good treatment and when us non-at&t/nokia exclusive people finally get something first its the end of the world.
  • Verizon DOESN'T CARE about WP8, or they WOULD have the 1020. Does VZW ever have trouble getting a Galaxy or an iPhone product???
  • You're taking all this a little too personally, Bsd. You should calm down. Verizon obviously does care about WP8 more than Sprint and T-Mobile, and it's good that they offer a selection of 1 GB WP8 phones. Can verizon afford to outbid AT & T on device exclusivity? Very doubtful.
  • The 925 doesn't look too bad (although no wireless charging is kind of a let down).  At my local T-mobile they even have the 521 displayed and advertised right next to the iphones.
  • Kind of surprised about this, but guess I shouldn't be.  I was hoping that it would be available in time for my road trip but now that is def. not happening.  Oh well, they saved my $7.00 lol!  Enjoy Verizon WP owners!
  • I have one thing to say:
      All the fault of those sh*t US carriers! We do not have more frequent updates because of them too! And because of them the rest of the world is affected!
      I hate you American carriers!
  • They just called me, said they hate you too.
  • I dont fear they!!
  • Even though I'm on Verizon, I do admit that sucks for other customers :-\
  • When?
  • I wonder if it will let me download it if I pop in my roommate's Verizon SIM. I unlocked my phone already...
  • Interesting...
  • Yeah, it should. If I put a Telstra SIM in I get access to their apps (not that it's worth it)
  • If anything, they should have given it to them exclusively early. And then rolled it out to the rest of the world.
  • People would still complain because they are not favoring the at&t early adopters. That's what I'm gaining from the comment section so far.
  • Well this is disappointing!
  • Uh, what is the release date?
  • First paragraph.
  • Nice, I'm getting this for my Lumia 928 when it launches. What is the release date though?
  • Usually, its Nokia... now, unbelievably, Verizon is hooking me up. BOOM!!!
  • I feel a little better now since only AT&T is getting the 1020 phone. Only a little.
  • What do carriers have to do with games??  Did Verizon PAY for this?  I wouldn't think so, or they'd invest more in advertising it. This "exclusive" seems more troublesome than what Nokia (or any OEM) does, for the following reasons: 1.  Microsoft IS the ecosystem and thus we are ALL their customers.
    2.  Nokia takes care of THEIR customers with apps that they either make or are instrumential in getting made.
    3.  Halo is a big deal for XBOX on WINDOWS PHONE and thus should be leveraged as a carrot to get more users on the platform. OEMs do the exclusive thing to retain and attract customers to their specific brand.  Microsoft isn't an OEM and should be agnostic in supporting and promoting the Windows Phone brand.  This seems silly and I hope they have some really smart people who know what they're doing, because it doesn't make sense to me.  
  • What's the point?...Nobody in their right mind will switch to Verizon because of this game...You switch carriers for preferred hardware and preferred operating systems but not for a $6.99 timed exclusive...Exclusives for consoles is fine but this......Ridiculous.
  • Agreed
  • Maybe attract people on Verizon (the nations largest carrier) that have other phones to WP.
  • People are kind of carrier "sticky" these days. Verizon would not lose many (if any) customers if this was released to all Windows Phone. They also aren't going to gain many (if any) customers for a time-exclusive game. I don't really see how this benefits Verizon other than bragging rights, and they aren't even doing much bragging or advertising of this.
  • Seems its mostly for VZW lovers to run around proclaiming how their network is the best, etc. Good luck to them, the 1020 on att and other GSM networks makes this pretty trivial in comparison.
  • Nobody would switch, but it might help with customer retention.  Show their WP subscribers a little love so they're not tempted to jump ship to another carrier.
  • This really sucks, I was really looking forward to playing this game this or next week! I guess I will be playing more order and chaos.
  • So, someone start looking into a workaround, there better be a way on release date.
  • Man here WE go with this bs....why is it exclusive to Verizon?? Why not just release the damn game to everyone...so damn stupid. Again consumers get crapped on...
  • Jesus Christ. Exclusivities Are one of the biggest negatives about Windows Phones. Fix this crap or continue your slow death Microsoft.
  • Agreed.
  • For WP8 it'll be a fast death...
  • No, you are hopelessly exaggerating.
  • Glad I'm not a Halo fan.
  • I wonder if they expect this to make it more attractive to buy a VZW WP8 device. Misguided perception IMO, but lets hope they promote it accordingly. Going by the track record of both companies though, I doubt it.
  • WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Whole lot of crying in here.
  • These exclusives are a real pisser. I got an HTC 8X as at the time t-mobile didn't have a high end windows 8 device. Anything new or exciting is only on Nokia, and now Verizon (who has only just started even supporting the platform) gets the only real game release beforehand. Enough!!!... with exclusive apps that detract or delay the experience for other loyal Windows Phone users.
  • Oh well, I guess they will lose my money on the mobile version. I will only be purchasing it on my surface. They lost my money on mobile version for this move, or maybe I just won't purchase either.
  • If you were interested in the game and have a Windows 8 device, skipping the game entirely would be a silly move. And you can still get it on WP8 if that's your preferred platform - you just have to wait a little while.
  • Enough with these software/hardware exclusives!  Even though I am a Verizon user this hurts the Windows Phone platform.  It better just be a week exclusive.
  • WPcentral check your tips inbox and you will find out the release date.
  • Appreciate the tip, man. We're aware of the launch party but we can't report on the release date until Microsoft confirms it. Also, you should send Xbox game tips directly to me via Twitter, PM, or email. :)
  • The thing is, I don't think mobile game works like game console. I don't mind which carrier get it first because eventually other will be released.
    Lumia 1020 is a different case as far as exclusive. Lumia 925 is still weeks away from release. The reason I move to AT&T was Lumia 920. To me those exclusivity is worth paying.
  • I understand many of Nokia's exclusives as they are the ones pushing for many of those apps, and even go so far as to help develop some. But I can't imagine Verizon had much to do with Spartan Assault's creation. I call this bull***t. OEM exclusives I understand. Carrier exclusive on a game is just annoying.
  • Verizon finally showing that they really want to support windows phone, and everyone complains. If anything this shows how carriers are starting to see windows phone as a serious contender, enough to make a game release a timed exclusive, pretty awesome.
  • ^This.
  • ATT being "The Premiere Windows Phone Partner" is a worthless and full of crap title!
  • I will laugh my ass off if when it leaves exclusivity it goes on sale of some sorts! Muhahahahahaha. That'll piss Verizon people off for sure even though they once were happy :). Me I'll wait for a sale price anyways.
  • I stick to the prediction in the Verizon father's day limited edition thread. VZW could finally release red & cyan (blue) colors of both the 822 & 928 along side the Spartan release to play off the Halo Red vs. Blue theme. This exclusivity plays right into it.
  • The most RIDICULOUS thing about this is that when Halo is releases for non-Verizon customers in the US, whatever little buzz there is in the gaming world over this game will be long gone. So, no new WP8 users to be gained outside of Verizon. With games, it's all about capitalizing on initial hype. After which nobody cares.
    MS FINALLY makes the Halo game we've been wanting to pull more people to WP8, and then they completely blow the opportunity in the US?????
  • It's not that bad, the exclusivity will be for 6 weeks at the most.
  • If the exclusivity is only a few weeks, then what's the point? Why is Verizon doing it? I imagine they had to do something for Microsoft in order to get the exclusivity (probably a certain amount of advertising and in-store promotion), but why would they do that for just a few weeks of exclusivity? What's the benefit to them in that case? It would be what, to entice the tiny number of consumers who have contract renewals up at other carriers in the few weeks of exclusivity and want to play this game so badly on Windows Phone rather than Windows 8/RT that they'll ditch their family plans on other carriers and jump over to Verizon? Doesn't make sense to me. I'm a Verizon customer and I've long been critical of Nokia for its inane exclusivity deals with AT&T (especially with the Lumia 1020, which is such a unique device that it doesn't need the "benefits" of carrier exclusivity) and this exclusivity deal with Verizon doesn't make much sense to me either, especially if it is only for a few weeks. If it is for a few months, that makes more sense (but I still think it's a bad idea).
  • 1020 exclusively for att is ridiculous, and I am on att. If they kept it free to everyone, Nokia could make moar money from all the ppl ditching apple, Samsung and HTC. Exclusivity is crazy in my opinion.
  • Game will old, old news 6 weeks later....
  • Not even, unless there's a sequel coming out 6 weeks later which is highly unlikely.
  • I'm sure its only going to be exclusive for 1-3 weeks max.
  • What is this? The console wars? Stupid carriers.
  • Hahaha I hope not one Att customer who defended Nokia & Att exclusives are complaining. Everyone else has a free pass. Now Att customers know how everyone else felt when Att got all the exclusive stuff. Poetic Justice....
    Being on T-Mobile with a Rogers 920 I say all this exclusive crap is BS
  • This is why I like living in France, not much exclusive, all app, all phone...
  • all these exclusives with WP is really making me consider switching back to android....carrier/device exclusive apps are pretty much unheard of anywhere else besides WP, correct me if i'm wrong.
    I have the lumia 920 so i'm pretty much always in the loop for exclusives but carrier exclusives are just plain silly.
  • Do you prefer WP8's OS to Androids? Is the reason you left more than just the apps? Does it really matter whether you get the game now or later?
    Consider that you'll never be able to play it if you switch back to Android. Consider that you'll go back to mobile OS that you left for whatever reason it was and is still going to be that way.
    Seriously, if a single timed exclusive is going to make you switch to a completely different mobile OS, time to rethink whats most important.
  • not this app in particular but just the whole app scene in WP...
    the limited app selection i can deal with, the apps being there but not being available to most WP users because of exclusivity contracts is a bit more concerning...
    really i guess it's just microsofts pattern of meddling too much, i had to wait 5 months to get the 920 because of the exclusivity contract with at&t, theres a ton of apps that can only be used by nokia users/certain carriers, and there's so many annoying bugs/limited functionalities with the interface which all seems to lead to microsofts developing restrictions.
  • I don't think switching to Android would make this game available to you.
  • I don't even see how this could work. Can the store detect which carrier you are on? Perhaps by ip address? Which wouldn't make sense since they could have used that method for disabling access to apps only available in specific regions.
    If not that then there's really no way they could restrict it and it would like just be as easy as changing the region.
  • Probably the same way it can detect what phone you are using for Nokia exclusives. The OS knows what carrier you are using and probably cross checks it with the marketplace for listing apps available for your phone manufacturer, and now carrier.
  • What's strange is why anyone in the uses T-Mobile or AT&T. Lol@them. Idiots. Verizon clearly has the superior network or Sprint has truely unlimited plans. Both are superior to the other 2 networks.
    Perhaps people just need a better paying job? Who knows.
    Anyhow, it's about time for good god damn news. Now give me my Nokia Drive, GDR2 and get back to work.
  • Krighton, I'd appreciate it if you didn't insult like, the majority of the staff and our readers. All of the carriers have their own advantages, and it's up to each individual consumer to decide which one is best for them - not you.
  • Thanks for the tip. I'm entitlted my opinion. Your only solution is to ban me so that I do not express my opinions. As we're all entitled to here in America.
  • Since you wanted to be banned so much, I'm happy to oblige. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom to be an ass in our comments section.
  • You showed him.
  • Now who's the idiot? ;)
  • Lol, awesome response!
  • ...because my t-mobile service works just fine for me and costs about half as much as what you're paying every month?
  • Lol, you aren't entitled to stuff like Nokia drive. You must "earn" them. :D
  • wtf....i want this game like within the next week.  this better not take more than 1 or 2 weeks at the most to get to att. 
    man im pissed.
    ms, i'm right here and ready to fork over 7 bucks for hsa and you're giving verizon users first hands??!  ugh..
  • Lol. A cell phone game gets you this riled up? I wish a cell phone game not coming to my carrier was my biggest problem in life.
  • LOL, strangers on the Internet talking about a game gets you riled up?
  • He makes a fair point - a few of the reactions here are hyperbolic and not constructive.
  • I disagree. His statement that displeasure means that this is the most-important thing in people's lives is more hyperbolic (and equally unconstructive, if not more so) than anything else said. The guy's comment is basically on-par with "UMADBRO?"
  • I am not from the US and this does not affect me but I still think this is ridiculous. Verizon did not bring this game to Windows Phone. The game was announced months ago to be released on ALL Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices sometime this month. If Verizon customers can get it a bit earlier before the official launch date then it's at least acceptable but punishing your ATT and T-Mobile customers by delaying them access to the game in favor of Verizon makes me sick. Since the Xbox one debacle you would have thought that Microsoft has learnt something about not screwing up with the majority of their fanbase. And in US they will probably be on ATT and not Verizon.
  • Ok, how about, Verizon bad
  • Heh, that's better.
  • Well for the first time, I get to fell what Verizon customers have been felling everytime AT&T gets an exclusive. Good thing I can still play it on my Surface!
  • Windows Phone is in no position to be granting exclusive like this as if Halo is still popular.
  • halo still has one lf the strongest fanbases of any game, just because easier games come along and are popular doesnt mean halo still fell off the planet.
  • Yep. Alijahg's dig at Halo was silly.
  • For every AT&T and T-Mobile customer who wants Halo, why don't you borrow a friend with Verizon's SIM card, pop it into your phone, turn on WiFi, go to the Verizon store section, buy it, and then give it back. What do you think the chances they actually validate sim cards to play the game are? If it's not zero, its close
    I've experimented with T-Mobile and AT&T sims in my phone (L928) and every time i do the other store pops up. Now, you're going to probably need to unlock your phone first, but that shouldn't be a big deal if you have AT&T now that exclusivity on the 920 is up, and may be more of a problem for T-Mobile.
    Also, everyone at AT&T, quit whining. I don't have a choice and am stuck on Verizon, and AT&T had high end Lumia exclusivity for 6+ months. I bought the 8x at launch, but it pales in comparison to a Lumia 
  • There are alternatives to the 1020 on Verizon that are just fine. There isn't another Halo game on AT&T as an alternative.
  • That's kind of a bs response tbh. Hardware exclusivity is much worse than game exclusivity, especially when we're talking 6+ months vs a likely few weeks. If AT&T wasn't getting the 102x 6+ month before Verizon/T-Mobile was getting the same phone, the game would not be exclusive. Let's just hope this means they do this in conjunction with a Red vs. Blue marketing push and launch a Red and Cyan Lumia 928
  • I'm not saying that it's a GOOD excuse, just saying that: 1. This exclusive's worse, because there are no alternatives to it, really, where as the hardware has quality alternatives.
    2. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Exclusives from AT&T doesn't defend exclusives for Verizon, it just means that both are being jerks.
  • But there is an alternative in this case: waiting. No amount of waiting will get Verizon to carry the Lumia 1020 or whatever. Carriers might eventually get unique iterations of existing phones like the 920, but they'll never get the exact phone, and you never know much in advance if that's even going to happen. Plus the wait for Spartan Assault is likely to be just a few weeks or up to two months, whereas it took much longer for the different carriers to get their 920 equivalent handsets. Waiting a few weeks isn't fun, but it's not that bad, either.
  • No, not an alternative. That's simply the primary option. The variants released on the carriers other than AT&T were considered minor upgrades on the 920, so it would be expected that anything that came to Verizon as a 1020 variant would be the same or a little better.
    But again, there are feasiable alternatives to the 1020 as it stands. The 928 has almost the same internals as the 1020, except the camera and RAM (same CPU/GPU and storage). With Halo, there's not "we have another Halo game that is comparable while you wait."
    Honestly, if they take 2 months to put this out on AT&T, and I cannot get it through unlocking my phone (or something like that) beforehand, I won't buy it. This crap of defending poor treatment of customers for short-terms, monetary gain is dumb, in my opinion. As it stands, Verizon can brag that they are the only mobile Halo source. That takes potential customers from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, all of whom could have had the game as a selling point. However, having the game exclusive to Verizon doesn't sell customers on the OS (I get that Verizon can claim that they'll push the OS more with this exclusivity, but look at what they did with the Kin...not trustworthy at all).
    I would argue that Microsoft hurts itself more here. In my opinion, Microsoft (in ints Surface/tablet commercials especially) and AT&T (with that guy and the kids) make better commercials that make you notice the product better than Verizon. Having no exclusivity and having a Microsoft-made commercial run on TV for this game would likely top ANYTHING that Verizon comes up with as a weak ad campaign. On top of that, said weak ad campaign (which will liekly exist in-store only) coudl still have existed in Verizon stores without exclusivity agreements.
    Now, what we have is Microsoft hurting arguably their best mobile partner in AT&T, as the lack  of Halo is a BIG point to be lacking when AT&T's customers are deciding between the (relatively-) underpowered MSM8690 Windows Phone devices and the Snapdragon 600-packing Galaxy S4 or HTC One.
  • But do Verizon customers even have SIM cards?
  • I believe the 928 does since it can access a HSPA+ network.
  • Verizon 4G is LTE, so all their phones now have SIM cards (only difference being the radio frequencies they support). Verizon's LTE bands (750mhz band 13 and soon AWS 1700/2100) are not compatible with AT&T, but the phone/OS should still recognize the SIM as Verizon branded. Blackberry sent me a Q10 (on AT&T unfortunately), and when I put in my VZW SIM it changed all the branding from AT&T to VZW (but wouldnt connect because it doesnt have the right 4g LTE frequencies). Interestingly, T-Mobile phones may likely work on Verizon in the near future when they launch their AWS LTE service (since T-Mobile runs their LTE on AWS).
  • Ok makes sense as they adopted WP first not, wtf?
  • I don't think this is so bad. As someone already said, this actually shows Verizon's support for Windows Phone, which is good!
  • So, for all of that "the Xbox drought's not that bad becuase Halo is coming" talk ended up a bit rubbish, eh? I haven't had a game to buy since NBA Jam, and was stoked to get this next week. Now? Looks like the streak of nothing worth purchasing will continue.
  • Order and Chaos!
  • Qonqr
    my name is Urbangentlemann (byw, this comment was not about recently added games)
  • Yeah, I downloaded the demo of that recently. I haven't given it a try, but it sounds like heat and power consumption are HOORID on it. I'm going to check how much money I have for my Microsoft account through Bing rewards. If I hit the $12 or so necessary (have some money on the account already), I'll probably give it a buy, assuming the game works well (not sure how a game described as WoW on a phone will work with a touch screen).
  • Heat and power are the same as any other Gameloft WP8 or graphically intensive game. It's just the price we pay for playing fancy and deep games instead of simple casual ones. Why do you always mention budgetting Bing rewards as opposed to just buying the games you want that would exceed your rewards with real money, may I ask?
  • My school schedule is currently keeping me from working, and personal matter have taken up most of my spare funds.
    Also, I download demos for most of the games I mention I am interested in. However, in most cases, they end up not being very good. As I mentioned, I didn't like the way that Doodle God's developers refused to fix bugs. I tried out Order & Chaos earlier (got to level 3 or do), and I'm just not sure it's for me. I played and liked WoW, but it's a bit on the cumbersome side to play that game on a smartphone (might work on a tablet).
    A lot of times, it ends up that I like a game, but it doesn't work for me on a smartphone. I wanted to check out Modern Combat 4 and N.O.V.A. 3, and I did, but I didn't like playing with the touch input. If they got controller support, and I got a controller, I'd buy more games. I'm just not one to play smartphone games for long stretches, so Order & Chaos doesn't work all that well, at least for me.
    As much as I want to get more games, there just aren't a whole lot that are worth it. I mean, I DID get Asphalt 7, and I finished it. I also got NBA Jam, which I'm still only in the second iteration of the campaign in (going for all of the Achievements). I got Skulls of the Shogun, but I've only finished 3 or 4 levels (I'm one to play my games one at a time). I got Tiki Towers as a Red Stripe deal probably a month or so back (forgot I got that after NBA Jam). That ignores the free Xbox games I've gotten and played (Wordament, Gun. Bros., Jetpack Joyride, and Shuffle Party) and not yet played (Angry Birds, the 4 free Miniclip titles).
    But I mean if I REALLY started doing the whole "buy all of the games I might like" thing, it'd get expensive. If I swallowed all of those pills, I'd be spending probably $50/month for 3-6 months. It'd also help if we got more dedication from big developers, though. I'd LOVE to get those board games published by EA/Nokia, but when they have no online play...what's the point?
  • Buy Carcassonne! We can play online! It'll be a blast. Scout's honor.
  • I already have that game on my Xbox, actually. If it becomes a $1 Red Stripe deal, I'll almost certainly get it, but it's not worth a repurchase at $3, in my opinion.
  • Sooo.... Still no launch day announcment?
    or did i miss something?
  • Knowing MS, they'll release it on Verizon Android/iOS before ATT WP8.
  • I'm generally surprised by the anger around this. Its a timed exclusive, a promotion. Almost every WP8 owner will be able to get it after a few weeks. I think the promotion is not meant for people who already have Windows Phones, it is to stir up interest in the gaming community. Want to play the new Halo first? Get a Verizon Windows Phone. For angry customers on AT&T, Tmo and Sprint... it'll come. You've waited 3 years for Halo on WP, what's a few more weeks?
  • I read in all the Nokia exclusive reports and see all the Nokia people bashing everyone that has another windows phone saying well you should just get a Nokia. Now all those same Nokia people are complaining about this. It's rather hilarious. Guess you all should have gotten Verizon.
  • Nokia paid money to get the games ported to the Windows Phone which otherwise they won't be getting. Verizon paid money to stop others from getting a game which they were supposed to get anyway. Your brain must be way up your arse if you can't see the difference.
  • And Nokia people say chill out you will get it in 6 months anyway. Now others have something first. Chill out you will all get it in a couple extra weeks anyway. Regardless of who pays for what. Nokia paid EA. Halo is MS and they decided what to do with it. Just because their decision disrupts the Nokia perfection ecosystem it's not ok? Ha people....
  • I see where your brain is at so no point talking about it anymore.
  • If you say so. Its a game of who has the money and just because it wasn't Nokia putting the money forth its wrong all of a sudden. Everyone needs to just be thankful we have such support for the WP community in general and everyone needs to stop acting like children who complain because they don't get everything they want when they want it. Society today. Just be happy with what you have. Why does there always have to be more more more.
  • Wise words, GR3EN. Much appreciated!
  • What an inpatient society we have turned into. I dont ever recall anyone going "we get it first? That not fair, I don't want it if everyone can't have it at the same time as me"
  • As a Verizon HTC 8X user, is this what it feels like when exclusivity works in your favor? I'm pretty sure this is the first time this has happened, haha.
  • BS... Verizon sucks. This is a stupid idea, sick of waiting...
  • So whoever decided this on MS part should probably be fired.  This could be one of the dumbest things i've ever heard. 
    I think it is one thing where nokia gets app exclusively on their phoens vs HTC and Samsung since Nokia invest in them while HTC/Samsung sits on their asses 
    This halo game is a 1st party IP from microsoft, they must be delusional to think this game will move phones, this will not at a level that it will make an impact.  Why MS would even consider this is beyond me to fragment your own game, this is pretty absurd. 
    They are doing this for a carrier that was hesistant on going wp8 and to make a game exclusive to a carrier when it is developed by your 1st party studio?  Logic is clearly missing in this decision. 
  • This is one of the few things that makes me grateful to be on Verizon and a Windows Phone user. AT&T gets all the good phones and we get Halo for a month exclusively. My only concern is the fact I'll have to delete everything off of my L822 in order to buy/play this game. Storage bug makes me very sad...
  • Well this new is a little odd, but I suppose I don't mind so much. As long as it comes in time I'm happy, I can be patient. Good for Verizon customers, they deserve some goodies!
  • Well I haven't been able to buy anything for the last 2 months anyway since my billing account got messed up and microsoft hasn't been able to figure out how to fix it.  WARNING:  If you move, DO NOT update your address with microsoft or they will lock you out of your account and you won't be able to add new cards or buy anything.  Maybe by the time this comes to non-Verizon phones I'll actually be able to buy it.
  • Hope you can get that taken care of, Evilrobot. Keep calling or initiating chats with them at least weekly and you'll eventually get someone capable enough to fix it.
  • I've never really bitched about the Nokia exclusives.  In my mind, it was Nokia paying 3rd party devs to bring their apps to WP, so of coarse Nokia should try to take advantage of that.  However this strikes me as crazy since its an app from Microsoft themselves.  In my view, thats like MS saying only phones on carrier X get Rooms.  Of coarse they did actually do that with DataSense...
  • Man peeps get all mad n stuff
  • Wow, that sucks. It wasn't long ago that Verizon was largely ignoring Windows Phone's existence (Trophy or nothing - pretty much why I left for greener pastures)...now they're getting timed exclusives! Oh well, I just hope it's only for a couple of weeks.
  • AT&T users whining about Verizon getting an exclusive? You got the 920 months before us. I wasn't waiting that long so I have an 8X and am out of all the Nokia exclusives for the rest of my contract. Verizon customers always get the shaft on things and it's about time the tables turned.
  • Why would any customer need to "get the shaft"?  I consider myself a Nokia and Microsoft Customer well before and ATT customer.  ATT is just a dumb pipe as far as I'm concerned, just like Comcast.  One is mobile and one is not...   Exclusives just seem to make no sense to me.  I coudln't imagine a game or app begining released for my Surface and being exclusive to customers that purchased it at Best Buy....  Or Staples.... And not everyone....  I understand getting something special or exclusive at th point of sale such as free charger or a free "whatever" but after the sale???
    Just make no sense...
  • I feel like I got shitted on as well.
  • The painful thing tho is that NOBODY, NOBODY at ALL that I know has a WP smartphone that is contracted to Verizon, much less a close friend or relative. I'm paranoid that if I get the WIN 8 version, it will not be compatible with my att 920. Bec my ultra book cannot run games very well. I glad for u though. That is worse to not have a Nokia for all of the other exclusives.
  • Wrong - NOBODY should be getting the shaft.  This does nothing but hurt WP8 (and therefore all WP8 users)
  • Give it a rest, dude. You've said the same thing in 20 different ways already.
  • okay... but WHEN?
  • Yeah naw, this is beyond stupid.
  • Big red rocks, thank you!
  • Wow they're doing something for Verizon for once.
  • VERISON EXCLUSIVITY?!?! NO. Aggh. Almost nobody uses veri. on where I live. Will i be able to sync. It to my att 920 if I buy it for my xps 12??? X_X
  • No, the Windows ecosystem does not support universal apps.
  • I'll deal with it its all good for wp8
  • Paul,
    When did Gameloft make NOVA3 free for India? It has been Rs. 360 for the game since launch, and its still available.
  • It was free on the day of launch and advertised as such on Microsoft India's website. But they repealed it the very same day because the free version was ultra buggy. Also, it seemed like a poorly constructed deal.
  • If I wasn't on Verizon, I'd be pissed. I guess this is their way of trying to appease all of us who are going to have to wait six months for the 1022/1028.
  • I think this blindsided everyone. Ouch!
  • I personally am not that upset about this. I do want Halo as bad as everyone else. It just gives me a little more time with Order & Chaos Online. Which by the way is a killer game.
  • I wonder if this will work with AT&T on an unlocked Lumia 822? Most likely depends on if they check the APN or if they just check the device ID. Good chance of it being the last one, since it's going through the market, but then that would mean anyone could spoof it.
  • This thread is a Trip... We have AT&T users "crying" because it's an exclusive to Verizon for a short time....Dudes and Dudettes, get the F over it.
    You had Windows Phone 6-8 MONTHS before us. Never mind other Exclusive apps over the time with BETTER phone choices all the time. Even the 928 is a sort of hand-me-down...
    Sorry, I dont feel bad for you at all, Get the F over it and move on...
  • 3-4 weeks? I can deal.
  • because people are going to change their carriers?