Microsoft is about to release a new feature update for Windows 10, known as the "Spring Creators Update" (that name's not official yet, but we're confident it's right), that has lots of new features, enhancements, and changes. Microsoft likes to release two major updates to Windows 10 each year, and the Spring Creators Update is the first release for 2018.

As always, we went deep into the upcoming Windows 10 update and made an in-depth video walkthrough showcasing all the noteworthy new changes and features that are coming in the update.

The biggest noteworthy changes include updates to Task View that add a new feature called Timeline, which lets you resume apps and documents across devices up to 30 days in the past. There are also lots of improvements to Microsoft Edge, the UI of Windows, and the Settings app.

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The Spring Creators Update isn't a huge one, but it has enough small improvements that it feels really well rounded. This is an excellent update to Windows 10 that improves things a lot, and users are going to appreciate it.

What are you most looking forward to in the Spring Creators Update? Let us know in the comments.