Intel Raptor Lake details teased, including 6GHz stock clock speeds for 13th Gen CPUs

Intel Tech Tour 2022
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What you need to know

  • Intel shared a timeline of its CPUs from throughout the years at its Technology Tour 2022.
  • The chipmaker also teased its upcoming 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs, at least one of which will have a stock clock speed of 6GHz.
  • One processor from the lineup hit a world record of 8GHz when overclocked, though Intel didn't specify the category that the record was set in.

Intel's 13th Gen CPUs, also known as Raptor Lake, are set to come out at some point in 2022. They're expected to compete with the best CPUs on the market, including those from AMD. While Intel hasn't confirmed full specs for its new chips, the company teased some details at its Technology Tour 2022 in Israel.

A timeline of Intel's chips from the last few decades was shared, illustrating how processors have evolved over the years. The end of the timeline shares two details about Intel's 13th generation of CPUs. At least one of the new Raptor Lake chips will have a stock clock speed of 6GHz. Additionally, one set a world record with an overclock speed of 8GHz, though Intel did not specify which category the record was set in.

The 6GHz speed is noteworthy because it beats out the Ryzen 9 7950X, which has a boost clock speed of 5.7GHz. Real-world testing is the real metric for CPU performance, but having a higher clock speed certainly won't hurt Intel.

Intel CPU timeline

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Intel's timeline is a broad brush stroke that's not meant to detail the chipmaker's full set of plans. We don't know how many, or which, of Intel's 13th Gen CPUs will have 6.0 GHz clock speeds. 

We expect a lot more out of Israel from its Tech Tour 2022 event in Israel and the company's Intel Innovation event that runs from September 27 through September 28, 2022.

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