Samsung's newest AI-infused laptops powered by Intel Meteor Lake processors are available now

Samsung Galaxy Book4 in use.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Book 4 series of laptops.
  • Rumors of the laptops began swirling late last year, speculating that the devices would utilize Intel's Meteor Lake processors.
  • The Galaxy Book 4 series will be available in select markets on February 26. They will be powered by Intel Core Ultra 9/7 processors, which combine CPU, GPU, and NPU into a single processor. 
  • The Galaxy Book4 Pro is available at Costco and Amazon, while the remainder of the Galaxy Book4 series will be available from and Best Buy.

Update (Feb. 26): The Galaxy Book4 series is now available in the U.S. via select retailers. The Galaxy Book4 series will include 4 Meteor Lake-powered laptop variants.

The Galaxy Book4 Ultra will come in a 16-inch size in the Moonstone Gray colorway, starting at $2,400. The Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 will also feature a 16-inch size in Moonstone Gray starting price at $1900. The Galaxy Book4 360 will feature a 15-inch size in Gray starting at $1350. All three Galaxy Book4 series devices will be available from and Best Buy, as well as additional U.S. B2B distributors such as D&H, Ingram Micro, MaLabs, and TDsynnex. 

Samsung Galaxy Book4 series is available now from select retailers in the U.S. (Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy Book4 Pro will be available in both 14-inch and 16-inch options in Moonstone Gray and Platinum Silver colorways and will start at $1450 for pricing. The Galaxy Book4 Pro will be available from Costco and Amazon. A more budget-friendly 15-inch Galaxy Book4 will also become available on March 28, with a starting price point of $900.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro | $1450 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro | $1450 at Amazon

The latest Galaxy Book from Samsung is available now, featuring a 3K AMOLED display with touchscreen support, advanced security, and Intel's powerful Meteor Lake processor. 

Price check: $1450 (Best Buy) | $1450 (Samsung)

Original story: Rumors of a new series of Samsung Galaxy Book laptops have been making the rounds since the end of 2023, with the Galaxy Book 4 series making its official debut in Korea in early 2024. Samsung has recently confirmed a release date of February 26 in the United States. In a press release, Samsung announced that the new series of laptops will be AI-focused and confirmed that Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs would provide the processing power for the new line-up. 

The Galaxy Book 4 series from Samsung will include the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Galaxy Book4 Pro, and Galaxy Book4 Pro 360, launched in Korea in January.  According to Samsung, the Galaxy Book4 series outsold its predecessor 1.5 times in the first week. 

In our Samsung Galaxy Book3 Pro review, we gave the laptop high marks for excellent design, good performance, and its brilliant AMOLED display.

The Galaxy Book4 series delivers the powerful performance and multi-device connectivity that consumers expect from a high-performance PC in today’s market.

TM Roh, Samsung

AI continues to encroach on laptops and PCs, with hardware manufacturers and software developers attempting to bake in artificial intelligence into as much tech as possible. The Galaxy Book4 series is no different and will feature Samsung's Galaxy AI technology for what the company calls "intelligent productivity supported by robust hardware performance."

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Book4 Ultra will be powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra 9/7 processor, which features an all-in-one CPU, GPU, and NPU. NPUs are specialized processors that are better optimized to handle tasks relating to AI algorithms. Offloading processes relating to AI technology to a dedicated NPU allows the laptop to be more efficient.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 series in Moonstone Gray. (Image credit: Samsung)

In addition to the latest AI technology, the Galaxy Book4 series will benefit from Samsung's Galaxy Connected Experience, allowing users to keep their devices connected easily while also being protected by Samsung's Knox security chip. The Galaxy Book4 Ultra and Pro versions will feature dynamic AMOLED 2X touchscreen displays with anti-reflective technology. 

Speaking about the new line of laptops, Samsung Electronics President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business TM Roh stated, "We’re excited for users to experience the intelligence, connectivity, and productivity made possible by the Galaxy Book4 series, taking our premium PC lineup to the next level."

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    I don’t understand. They could be selling their laptops with the best of them. The design rivals the best. But they STILL have the terrible off set trackpad that no one wants. For goodness sake come on. I’d buy this in a heart beat with those designs if the trackpad was centered.