Best Surface Pro 8 cases 2023

The best cases for the Surface Pro 8 provide ample protection to the 2-in-1 PC while still allowing for normal operation. That means the kickstand can still fold out, the ports remain accessible, and the cameras can still shoot video and stills. If you plan on using your Surface Pro 8 outside of an office or you often pass it back to the kids on a car ride, adding one of these cases early in the PC's life will help keep it undamaged. Here are the best cases right now for the Surface Pro 8.

If we're making some further suggestions ...

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The Surface Pro 8 is one fine 2-in-1 PC, and adding a case is a fairly inexpensive way to keep it running. We've tested and reviewed plenty of Kensington's Surface accessories, and its BlackBelt Rugged case should be a great general pick for most people who want lots of protection without a ton of bulk. It's not the cheapest option on the list, but it's also not out of the affordable range.

If you do want to go all-out, the UAG Plasma with shoulder strap and 360-degree hand strap is also a top pick. If you're primarily working in the field, it should prove itself invaluable in keeping your Pro 8 pristine.

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